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25 Years In The Barn: 1973 Triumph TR6


Occasionally we run into a car that hasn’t left the barn yet! This is one of those cars–thanks to reader Olaf E. for sending it in! The seller tells us in the ad here on craigslist that the car has been in the barn it’s currently located in for 25 years. And Howard, after blowing up this picture to extremely high resolution, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have the overdrive stalk on the steering column. The barn is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and the car is currently priced at a very optimistic $4,750.


This style of Pennsylvania license plate was used through 1982, so even with the corner stickers whited out by the flash, we know it’s been off the road at least that long. So, possibly, the 25 years in the barn may be an understatement. The car is said to have 75,000 miles, which would be appropriate if it has been off the road that long. The seller doesn’t mention any rust, but it’s pretty easy to see that there are a lot of bubbles above each tail light on the side, and even the rear bumper looks to be rusty. Triumphs had pretty decent chrome quality, so that has me worried a bit about what we’d see underneath. Of course, it would help if the seller included a picture of that…or under the hood…or even a good interior shot!


The reversed TR6 union jack decal (how could you not figure out that orientation was wrong?) tells me that the car has been repainted at least once. The seller reports that “if the car was washed and cleaned, it would show the luster of the finish/paint under the grit/dust.” If they brushed off the dust and grit off that rear fender with their bare hand as it looks, it will be plenty scratched up from that action alone. However, if you like the Magenta (and that is a factory color) there aren’t many of them that come around.


This is what it could look like once it was completed. Are you the person to take it on? Let us know if you’re interested, even at a much lower price, and I can help with some tips to look for if you are going to view the car.


  1. Howard A Member

    Hi Jamie, yeah, 2 strikes agin it right off the bat.( as if I’m in any position to say that) The O/D being imperative and that hideous color. I’m sorry, it’s BRG for me. Seems pretty consistent with prices for these in this condition ( whatever that is, not much said about it) I can only hope that top, or what’s left of it was up. And pardon my TR6 ineptness, but what’s wrong with the TR6 decal?

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      The slant of the flag should match the angle on the wrap around part of the tail light. They installed it (probably them) on the wrong side!

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  2. Moparman Moparmann Member

    How hard is it to park a convertible, and put the top and windows up for an extended storage period?? I’ll never understand why potentially valuable cars are left in this condition.

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    • Nick Member

      Who plans on leaving a car 25 years moparmann? I would be nervous on add. Seems like all scammers use “greetings”!

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    • Olaf E

      Moparmann, the first on my mind too when I read the ad. Why store a car indoors and leave the top down?

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  3. Joe Muzy

    Why didnt the seller wash and clean it to show its luster? Some sellers amaze me

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    • Jeffro

      Some people must think 25 yrs of dust adds to car value.

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  4. kodathedog

    The seller has no clue what this car is about. After sitting 25 years, all the hydraulics are shot, fuel is sludge which means both carbs need to be rebuilt along with the fuel pump. Any paint bubble on the surface guarantees there is plenty that can’t be seen underneath, especially the trailing arms on the frame.

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  5. Coventrycat

    They make right and left hand decals; interestingly, the pic of the restored one doesn’t have them. Of course, it could have left the factory with its rare Barney purple paint job, and maybe Monty had one too many pints at lunch before going back on the decal placement line. Making it an extremely valuable and rare TR6 with both those glaring defects…

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      BL quality control was bad, but I think the dealer would have caught that one. Maybe.

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  6. bcavileer

    Bad colour, bad year. Ugg.

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    • Mallory

      The color is only ’73 & ’74
      Which makes it only a small percentage of the 94,000 TR’6’s produced over 8 years.
      The ’73’s are the 1st of the last series and have fewer anti-pollution
      parts. Makes tune-ups simpler and performance a little better.
      Next to the first and last (’69’s & ’74’s) I think 1973 was an excellent year and the last good year for many things automotive.

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  7. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Honey….where did you store the TR6 and was the top up ?

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  8. Dan

    Aarrrghhh…it drives me nuts when I see the top just shoved back like that. RTFM!!!

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  9. Pete

    I would be very cautious about a car sittin on a dirt floor with flat tyres for that amount of time. Expect lots of rot in floor and chassis.

    Btw in the flesh any TR looks really good in that colour.

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  10. pogo mojo

    Notice that the pictures were from 2013. Hummmm….

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  11. Petey

    Hi guys I know some of you are picky about how people leave their car .I.m a Bodyman who loves rust.what you all wouldn’t touch I will.just to fix them and drive and sell them after a hard year’s work.check it out my to be scca 73 tr6 to be merry Christmas

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  12. Petey

    Hi merry Christmas here’s my 73 tr6soon to be this spring

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