$2,500 5-Speed! 1984 AMC Eagle Wagon Sport


I’ve seen a few folks comment that they have been looking for an AMC Eagle Wagon – here’s one! It’s a 1984 AMC Eagle Wagon Sport and it’s a 5-speed model, cool! This one is located in beautiful Pollock Pines, California on the edge of the Eldorado National Forest, about an hour east of Sacramento. It’s on eBay with a Buy It Now price of just $2,500! Here’s your chance.


The first thing I noticed was that dang ding in the left rear passenger door. I didn’t even notice how unbelievably rust-free this car is, just that dent. This is an original California car and the seller says that it has zero rust on it. I’m sold! Did I mention this one has a 5-speed manual, too? Come on, you Eagle wagon fans, this is thee one. The seller has owned this wagon for over two decades and other than that dent on the door, and a run-in with a bear on the left front fender (no lie), the body looks great to me. Hopefully the bear made it out of that one ok but the fender will need some work. I guess maybe that’s why California has a bear on their state flag.


Good grief, it has a red interior! Ok, it needs a bit of work after 260,000 miles, but it’s red, and there’s that 5-speed. I wasn’t sure if I had mentioned the 5-speed part or not.. This car doesn’t have power windows which is a letdown, I’ve always liked seeing power windows on an AMC product, it seemed so decadent, they were supposed to be such miserly vehicles. There are a few issues with this car, however. As you can tell, the interior isn’t quite ready for Pebble Beach, or at least the driver’s seat isn’t, the passenger seat, backseat, door panels, and rear compartment looks super good to me. But, the AC doesn’t work and even worse, the clock doesn’t work! Wait, car clocks never work. Next.


This is the big one for AMC for these cars, the 4.2L, 258 cubic-inch inline-six and it needs a couple of things since you’re going to be tinkering with the interior and that fender anyway. The exhaust downpipe needs a new gasket and the computer-controlled carb could use some witchcraft, apparently it’s not as smooth as it could be. But, for $2,500; and did I mention that this car has a 5-speed manual?! I think this would be a great winter car for sure, if not a great commuter at 30 mpg. You wouldn’t have to worry about door dings, the traction would be fantastic in the snow, and it would be fun to shift in a wagon. Thoughts on this rust-free, bear-proof, 5-speed AMC Eagle Wagon?


  1. JW

    Well if I was looking for a daily driver for me this car would be mine but the wife needs one and she doesn’t like manual transmissions. I love the wagon versions of the AMC Eagles. As far as the clock our 70 Mach1’s worked when we bought it in 2005 and still does. But who needs a clock in a car anymore but the A/C here in Missouri ( Misery ) in the summer is a definite must. Nice find IMO !!!

  2. alan

    An AMC quattro avant. What fun!

  3. redwagon

    nice car dents and all.

    i wonder if it has the 5-speed manual? 😉

    • Bingo

      The story on the street is that it has a 5-speed.

      • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

        Ha.. sorry about that, I was just so surprised to see that it had.. a non-automatic.. (cough)..

  4. Howard A Member

    Now, now, Scotty, calm down. For me, and possibly others that don’t care to shift anymore, this ain’t the one. Keeping in mind, I had a friend that bought a brand new ’83 Eagle SX-4, same setup, and the 5 speed was a nightmare. Not sure they fixed that for ’84, but I’d stay away from it. The automatic would be a much different story. Rural letter carriers used these for several years, and they were a hit with the elderly, a 4 wheel drive you didn’t need a step ladder to get in. This one looks a little tired, but could still deliver 4 wheel drive in comfort( and it’s a comin’), if the transmission still works, that is.

  5. z1rider

    That AMC 6 cylinder is very close to Ford’s 240/300 6 for durability. If that one is healthy you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Talk to Jeep owners with that engine for a second opinion..

  6. RichG

    30 mpg? Perhaps the 5 speed has you mesmerized.

  7. Allen Member

    I’d love to have this car, but only if it has a 5-speed transmission. Scotty, did you say what kind of transmission is in the car? If you did, pardon me, but I missed it. ;-)

  8. Rustytech Member

    Five speed? Are you sure? Ha Ha. Nice car even with the work needed. I’d rather fix dents than rust anytime. Too bad this is 4000 miles away, not enough vacation to go get it. Engine in these was very dependable, not sure about problems with 5 speed, I don’t remember having alott of these in for repairs, but then how many are there?

  9. JCW Jr. Member

    Price is not bad. Probably cheaper because it is a stick instead of an auto. One thing about the 80 Eagle I had the seats were very comfortable. My 80 Concord not so much.

  10. VHS Jr.

    Need some advice. In 1991, my dad parked his 1984 Eagle in the barn (not a joke). He has passed and now I’m stuck with it. I have the keys, but the title is lost. Shouldn’t be a problem getting a new title since its a single owner car and I am Jr. The car hasn’t seen the light of day in nearly 2 decades. I want it out of the barn (need the space). This Eagle is an automatic and has 97K miles. There’s a few dents and dings but nothing major and no rust. Interior is in bad condition. I cant seem to get the steering wheel to unlock and the key won’t turn in the ignition switch. I put a battery in it and all the lights work and the key buzzer works. Have the door lock and hatch back key as well. Now to my question. Any advice on this Eagles worth? Anyone want to make me an offer? Will junk it if I have too, but don’t want to. I know there are some AMC Eagle lovers out there.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Here’s more info on how to get it featured on the site: http://barnfinds.com/submissions/

      • VHS Jr.

        Jesse, thanks for the assist. However, don’t want to spend a dime trying to sell this 84 Eagle Wagon. Going to work it a little longer, then most likely will junk/scrap it. If you know of anyone looking for this car or in need of parts have them get in touch with me soon. Listed it today (22 Mar 17) with pics on Craigslist, Greensborough, NC, under Barter. Don’t be scared off by the dollar figure I ask. Just testing the water. May take as little as a cup of coffee for it. Thanks again.

  11. Sandra

    For Sale: I have a 1984 AMC Eagle Wagon 4×4 Limited, 4 door, with a new carberator, runs, has surface rust on body. $1,900 cash. Has been on a non op.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @Sandra – Please don’t list your car in the comments. Here’s info on how to get it featured on the site: https://barnfinds.com/sell/ Thanks!

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