29K Mile Targa: 1993 Honda del Sol Si

The Honda Civic del Sol Si is one long name and if you break it down, at least the last part, it’s “of the sun yes” which makes no sense. I’m kidding, of course, the Si isn’t meant to be yes in Spanish. And, the Civic part of the name would disappear on later cars. This 1993 Honda Civic del Sol Si can be found here on AutoTrader in Baltimore, Maryland and they’re asking $12,500. Thanks to John L. for sending in this tip!

It’s almost impossible to mistake this Honda del Sol for anything but a 1990s car. The unmistakable jellybean and/or melted bar of soap design was all the rage back then. The del Sol was based on the ever-popular Honda Civic and it would be a welcome addition to the Honda family after the CRX went away in 1991. The seller includes a couple of underside photos which is always nice.

The company added quite a bit of weight in designing a targa-top style car in order to make it as solid as possible. Some purists (yes, there are Honda del Sol purists) actually prefer the non-Si cars as they came with basically nothing fancy at all other than standard power windows. They were lighter and easier to modify in order to make them a little livelier to drive.

The seller says that there are no leaks at all from the removable roof and that’s nice to hear. The interior is missing one very important fun-to-drive item, though. Yes, you spotted it, there are no heated and cooled cupholders! No, this one has an automatic transmission instead of a 5-speed manual. It’s not the end of the world but Honda makes some of the best shifting cars in the business. The seats are even sculpted in somewhat of a 1990s style and everything looks to be in fantastic condition. There isn’t much storage space available but it should be enough for most people to take a cross-country trip without too many worries.

The engine in the Si version is Honda’s 1.6L inline-four and the seller says that the timing belt and water pump were replaced in 2015. With fewer than 29,000 miles on this car the next owner should have many years of fun. Have any of you owned or driven a Honda del Sol?

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  1. Mr.BZ

    Another stellar write-up, Scotty! An Si 5-speed would be a ton of fun in this little car, but not sure if my “large” frame would fit. Some people might say I’m an over-opinionated grandpa with a bad attitude, but if I would change anything in your article:
    “The unmistakable jellybean and/or melted bar of soap design was a pathetic cop-out by stylists back then…”

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Mr.BZ – you’re way too kind, thanks much. And, I literally could not agree more with your addition!

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  2. Dan

    My aunt had a red one with a OEM trunk spoiler then traded it for the same only black. Both were 5 spds manuals. FUN cars these!

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  3. Superdessucke

    This car represents the end of a golden age of Japanese hot hatches. This appeared as the replacement for the beloved CRX Si for 1993. That same year, Toyota introduced the E100 Corolla, which spelled the end of the hot GT-S models. Then, in 1995, Nissan replaced the wonderful B13 Sentra SE-R with the heavier, uglier and slower 200SX SE-R.

    Sure, there were a few great Japanese hot hatches after this, such as the Integra GS-R/Type-R and various Civic Si models, but the 1984-92 the true great era for that type of car.

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  4. Tim

    Ah, the “Dull, slow” as it was fondly referred to in early miata circles! Looks like it could be fun.

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    • stephen nolan

      As the original owner of a 1994 VTEC del Sol, I can attest that it was neither “dull,” nor “slow.” It certainly was fun to encounter Miatas of the period who were willing to “play,” as my del Sol never failed to leave them behind at any distance or any speed. The del Sol is still “fun” and “quick” 26 years later, and I continue to enjoy the occasional “interaction” with Miatas, SLK 230s, MR 2s, and other cars of a “sporting” nature.

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  5. chrlsful

    it’s a daily. Surprised U say “Ok 4 a long trim” but we’re used to that in the lill ones. 1st I spied it I said, “Now there’s a Scotty car”…

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  6. Popawfox

    Why would the timing belt and water pump need to be replaced with only 29,000 miles? Age?

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  7. Dorian

    Bought one brand new in 93. Was a super fun car to drive and the targa top storage in the trunk was just brilliant engineering. So easy to store and still have a full trunk, a much as a little car could have. Traded it in on a Subaru SVX. Still wish I had the Del Sol.

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  8. Daved

    Ambitious pricing for a slushbox. Besides, you could likely procure the much more interesting JDM TransTop version which can now be imported stateside, for less than $12.5k.

    As evidenced on BaT awhile back:


  9. Erik Tisher

    Automatic (facepalm)

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