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29k Miles: 1972 International 10-Door Travelall

I’m not sure if this 1972 International Travelall 10-door limo would be a good wedding limo or what a person would really use it for, but man, it sure is cool and unusual. The seller mentions possibly using it for winery tours. Yes, please! It can be found here on Hemmings with a $22,500 asking price. It’s located in Redmond, Oregon.

We have seen a few Stageway limos here in the past but I haven’t seen too many I-H Travelall versions before. Josh showed us one back in 2013 here on Barn Finds and there are others out there but they don’t seem to come up for sale as often as other Stageway limos do. Given that they now call wagons or hatchbacks “5-door” cars now, I guess this would technically be an 11-door Travelall limo.

As if a regular International Travelall wasn’t heavy-duty enough, this ten-door limo had to have been beefed up by Stageway in order to carry, what, at least twelve people plus the driver? I’m not sure if anyone is allowed in the front seat in a vehicle like this but maybe. A couple of the doors must have been resprayed over the last few decades, they’re a shade off. Given the asking price, I don’t know if anyone will want to spend another $5,000+ on a full and proper paint job unless they have some sort of business in mind for this thing.

Now that’s a padded dash. The seats look comfy and easier to take in both summer and winter than vinyl seats would be, although keeping them clean would take more work than vinyl seats would be. The rear cargo area is still huge which would come in handy if the next owner has to carry 10-12 passengers worth of luggage back there. Is the headliner fiberglass insulation? I hope not, I’m itchy just thinking of that.

This former airport limo was restored in 1998, according to the seller, and it was used by the former owner’s son’s baseball team and was put into storage after the son quit baseball. It has undergone a major mechanical inspection, according to the seller, and it’s ready to go. There is no word on which V8 is in this beast, any thoughts? Whatever it is, it looks pretty clean and hopefully it runs as good as it looks. The seller says that this I-H has just 29,000 miles on it. What would you use this Travelall ten-door limo for?


  1. Kenneth Carney

    Could use this here in Florida. Add a coat
    of cammo paint, and use it for redneck
    weddings, proms, or funerals. The
    engine looks to be 392 CID version of
    the V-8 that should make about 275 HP
    and maybe 300 foot pounds of torque.
    In their regular form, these things
    weren’t fast but man could they pull!
    My folks had one that pulled a 32 foot
    travel trailer through the Smokey
    Mountains with no trouble at all!
    Bring along your own gas station,
    you’re gonna need it!

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    • William Hammond

      The original engines were built by Continental Motors in Muskegon, MI.

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  2. Euromoto Member

    Would carry the band and the equipment quite nicely and room for the groupies, too.

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    • Bill

      There is another one you just don’t see everyday of the week

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  3. Mike

    It’s like a photoshopped truck come to life.

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  4. Steve R

    It doesn’t have air conditioning, it’s a dark color and has a black roof, that sounds like the type of limo people will be fighting over for wine country tours and prom night rental. As a party bus, he’s got to be kidding. Oh, it needs paint to. This is the epitome of luxury. I’m sure it rides well with the 3/4 ton truck suspension and flat bench seats. It may have been acceptable in the early-70’s, not today. The asking price is is a joke. It’s potential market is that of a low buck people hauler, there is nothing high end about this. Unusual, yes, but that doesn’t mean desirable or valuable.

    Steve R

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    • GMcG

      Whaaa whaaa whaaa.

      Be as negative as you want but this thing is awesome. Drop some artermarket front and rear AC and load in 20 of your friends and you’ll have a blast. If you want practical this ain’t it, but who wants practical when having fun?!

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  5. local_sheriff

    Cool yes, however completely useless vehicle unless you need the seating capacity. It’d be a terrible vehicle to paralell park and in T-crosses – not to mention if you have to leave early from an over-crowded car meet parking lot .

    If memory serves me right IH had major sheet metal issues in the time – here you have no less than 12 frikkin’ doors that are potential rust traps.

    As much as I love vintage pro-car conversions there’s little doubt their market is marginal – though rare and cool this IH ought to be priced accordingly

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  6. Howard A Member

    29K miles, let’s say, 3 miles from the airport to the hotel, that’s a lot trips to the airport, and I’m sure that’s exactly what this truck did. Looks like an IH motor, which one isn’t clear, but it’s not an AMC motor. That didn’t start until ’73. Airport limos generally aren’t good for anything except an airport limo.

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  7. 8banger Dave Member

    Just to ask, and I’m a mechanic, how does one make a driveshaft that long?
    Is it uni, or maybe in sections?

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    • rod444

      It’s got to be sections with multiple hanger bearings? Can’t imagine a 30 ft shaft wouldn’t be heavy enough to bend due to its own weight.

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  8. GeorgeL

    That’s the same kind of limo they used to transport the hostages from the bank to the airport in the movie Dog Day Afternoon. I’ve never seen one of these anywhere else but that movie!

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  9. Sal

    I started drooling over this thing before I made it past the first picture.
    Wine tours, car club adventures, and other nonsensical uses filled my head. So much so that I somehow missed the asking price. Had I not skipped over that sentence, I would have immediately closed my browser.

    This is one of those vehicles that’s worth more then its purpose.

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  10. Bar

    Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek MI had one they used as a team transporter, instead of a bus.

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  11. David Rhoces

    smuggling illegals ?

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  12. Jack Quantrill

    Had a ‘72 4 door version in metallic-pea. Would tow anything. Homely, but reliable. Bought for $1000, sold 5 yrs later for $1000.

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    • local_sheriff

      That one would be a lot more useful vehicle; an IH with ‘Suburban’ style body will carry the family and their luggage, have enough pulling power to tow most trailers and some off road capability.
      The Stageway version is overloaded OOTB, has enough seats for your local religious cult and would lay its belly onto the very first crest on any trail

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  13. xrotaryguy

    I remember a mountain bike team in Oregon using one of these. They’d show up to races around the Portland area with a out 20 riders and 20 bikes on the roof.

    I seem to recall it was green with the team logos and sponsors painted on the sides. The article says this red Travelall was restored in the late 90s. The green one I saw was in the early 90s and it looked great so I doubt it’s the same one.

    Small world though!

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  14. john c

    I’d get those back seats out of the way and it would serve a carpenter/painter type really swell. Easy access to tools and materials, and a convenient reach to tie down ladders on the top.

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  15. KevinLee

    No a/c, no heat (hoses disconnected from heater core), no thanks.

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