300 HP A-Code 4-Speed: 1965 Ford Mustang GT

This is one tough-looking car, and I say that in a good way. It looks like something that Burt Reynolds would have driven in a 1970s movie. This one is listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $9,998 and there is no reserve after that. There are 6 days left on the auction. It’s located in Newport Beach, California, where I should be located.

It’s like going to the eye doctor: “Is it better with a white wall, or better without a white wall? White wall? No white wall?” I can’t quite decide, I like both looks. I would not change the “rims”, as we used to say before they turned into being wheels, I’d leave the black steelies right where they are. The seller says that “car w/the exception of the roller tires could be driven/used and enjoyed now!!” So plan on some new skins, as we used to say before they turned into being tires.. no wait..

Ok, maybe no white walls. This car was originally burgundy and unfortunately it was painted blue at some point. The seller says, “California black plate cars are the most sought after. This is a very rare combination of a 65 Mustang with it being a factory GT 4 speed deluxe interior burgundy/parchment car.” For some comparison on the price, Hagerty lists an A-Code Mustang GT as having a #4 value of $11,100 so the seller’s starting bid seems like a steal if it would actually sell for that number. They have added a great YouTube video showing this car and listening to that engine rumble makes me love it even more.

There doesn’t appear to be a lot of work to do on the interior other than maybe some dash work. The seats look great and other than maybe the steering wheel and some arm rest issues things look great inside. The “Front seat covers and frames w/cushions” as well as the carpets are new. I wonder what the trunk looks like? Here ya go. It has a new “Gas tank and sending unit w/hard lines front to rear.”

Here’s the A-Code 289 V8 with formerly 225 hp and it looks great in there. It has had a full “rebuild w/less than 300mls have all paperwork 300HP+/-.” That’s not a bad upgrade in power. This car has had a ton of work done on it including “New clutch pressure plate trans checked” and “New hard and soft lines front to rear, reservoir, power brake booster, rotors, calipers, pads, drums(rear) bearings, Full Magnaflow exhaust w/hangers, 4 core radiator and all hoses, Pertronix ignition, Holley carb w/fuel pump and hardline, Plug wires, Engine compartment wire harness, Battery and cables, Belts, some suspension bushings.” The price seems great now. I wouldn’t change a thing about the exterior of this car other than adding new tires. How about you?

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  1. Classic Steel

    California and dry Montana types are best for the nicknamed “rustang” car.
    Not sure on hood scoupe as it takes away on a coupe but overall looks good . I would add the Ford 500 rims 14” or 15” all around the car. I probably would put original paint code back or go with black paint and new black carpet.

    If you like the coupes over outrageous fastback pricing or mid priced verts then this is your car!
    Put an 8track in and play California Dreaming each day and cruise!🤠😎😎


    I don’t think Mustang’ s have a regular frame (do they?) but a couple of the underside pics look a bit scary. But its just my phone I’m using
    Looks to be a fun car, with a reasonable price, for the fun level. Uhhh black walls stay, white walls go. I think I would return it to the original color

    • JW

      No full frames under Mustangs just unibody but frame connectors take care of any twisting issues along with a shock tower support and monte carlo bar.

    • Matt Trummer


      Mustang’s have uni-body frames.

  3. David

    Upgrade to all wheel disc brakes, ad a/c and drive it

  4. Steve R

    I give him credit for showing the pictures of the rust repairs on the floors, too many sellers won’t even do that. They then use verbal gymnastics to skirt the issue, This seller didn’t even bring it up in the ads text, which is a mistake and will probably cost him money in the end. Overall this car seems like a pretty decent starting point.

    Steve R

  5. whmracer99

    It’s bones appear fairly solid although some of the patchwork in the trunk is a little worrying and the inside of the lower rear quarters looks pretty rusty. It sill looks fairly priced for what you’re getting assuming the the drivetrain is healthy. I’m not a patina fan but that’s easy to fix. Be interesting to see what it ultimately sells for.

  6. dave

    So who knows when the inst. cluster changed? This one has a ’66 one for sure, but was there a build date changeover from the sweeping style to the pod style?

    • Jbones

      All 1965 GT’s came standard with this 5 gauge pod.

  7. Glenn Merithew

    My dad bless his heart bought a new 65 mustang hardtop, silverblue blue and white pony interior 289 automatic air and short console I loved that car, the story goes that in the fall of 65 my parents decided that they needed a new car, they were living in new England at the time and well rust as was a big problem. so my mom who was pregnant with my little sister sent dad out to the local ford dealer to get them a new car, hue comes back with a new 65 f100 4×4 my mom took one look at it and said james larence merithew how the hell am I suppose to get in that thing. you take that back and get me a car I can get into so the rest is history of course the car didn’t last and ink 69 my dad traded it in on a torino but that’s another storie

  8. Brian

    Still needs a lot of work. Interior must have been trashed. Headliner rear shelf, kick panels, all missing. dash and armrests are trashed. Dash has been repainted, it looks to nice. Lot of floor pan rust for a full life California car. Both front and rears have been cut out and just pop-riveted in. Complete floors need to be done. Front stub frame looks fabricated, which means it was rusted out as well. Briefly looks at bottom of one quarter, and you can see the bondo under the paint and over the rust. I’d be suspect of a lot more rust issues on this car.

    • Richard Ochoa

      Yep! Just ONE more to put back in the barn!!!

  9. Beatnik Bedouin

    Black CA plate predates 1965 issue. The chassis rust would require further investigation, I’d suggest.

  10. Rustytech

    I like it but, there’s lots of work needed here. I think by the time you got this to driver quality you will have spent more than the value of a driver quality fastback or convertible. It’s a $5000 car as is ( IMO )

  11. michael h streuly

    Zero bids no longer available

  12. Mark Radtke

    My father had a 64 and a half convertible that was burgundy. I would repaint it back to the burgundy color and put on some better Wheels maybe wires.

  13. Vince

    The car is in Newport , where I should be.
    What a line , I’m in agreement

  14. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Man-O-Man those pedals are torqued pretty good !

  15. Redragula

    Cal black plates began in 63, and all cars were required to have them. By 65 the first letter would’ve been way past C. I had a 61 Olds original Cal car and it’s black plate began with an M. Cal now allows you to put any black plate on any car 63-69 as long as the numbers are clear, which is what this car likely has

    • Mountainwoodie

      As to the plates not exactly. The new black plates that Cali is doling out have number sequences that mimic modern plates. In other words, seven digits, numerals or letters all jammed up. these plates look to be original…at least issued back in the early sixties.

      As to the car……I must be cheap….kinda pricey for a Frankenstang

  16. steve

    Ten grand for this MUSHORSE???? Worth EVERY NICKEL……


    Motor already rebuilt new gas tank is a bonus. The bones of this car are solid #’s matching factory 4spd A code. Interior looks decent and the pics are good enough to see the floor repairs you need to do are minor. The original maroon on these cars was ugly. 9″ rear end can handle all the abuse you would like to give it. Black walls for sure and enjoy the hell out of this for that price.

    • Norman Wrensch

      No 9″ under this one, that is an 8″, which would be the right axle for a 289.

  18. Anthony Richard

    Auction ended. Says no longer available.

  19. Oscarphone

    I like this car. The look is perrrrfect with the exception of the wheels and tires. I like the scruffy, workman-like look but well cared for important places (under the hood and interior. Low key but serious. If this came up on me at a light, slight rumble of the exhaust, I’d decline rather than be embarrassed. Wheels and tires-wise I’d go with the black steelies and blackwalls (ala’ the left side) but as wide as the wheel wells would take (no tubs, please!) and with serious rubber. Better make that: I LOVE this car.

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