300K Miles, Still Passes Smog: 1984 Toyota Supra

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

Toyotas certainly have a reputation for being long-lived, but often times those high mileage accomplishments occur behind the wheel of a Camry or Corolla. That’s why you’d be forgiven if you did a double take upon seeing one of the company’s most performance-oriented models take home an incredible high mileage prize with 300K miles on the odometer. Check it out here on eBay with an asking price of $6,500 or the option to make a best offer. 

While the Supra is no supercar, it’s still not the usual suspect when it comes to vehicles that owners like to drive a lot. Commuter cars are built for repeat trips to the same destination, back-and-forth, for decades at a time. But the Supra has always been up there with the 300ZX or turbocharged Mopars as weekend grand tourers or autocross machine. But even if it’s a sports car, it’s still a Toyota – and ‘Yotas of this generation are impressively dependable. The interior on this 300K mile example is surprisingly clean.

The seller brings up an interesting point about the powertrain: Toyota issued a recall for earlier 5M engines regarding poor oil circulation issues with the camshafts. Therefore, this Supra had its camshafts replaced at 68,000 miles and then benefitted from a complete headgasket job due to the shop choosing to make other pre-emptive repairs “while they were in there.” The headgasket, rocker arms, HLAs and more were also replaced at this time, and the motor has been healthy ever since with no circulation issues.

This Supra still wears it classic decal kit out back, making for a more in-your-face rear end than other cars of the era. The two rear spoilers, chunky fender flares, loud “Supra” lettering, meaty tires – it all adds up to make for one of the more exciting sports cars to come out of Japan in the 1980s. The high mileage on this example is a testament to its reliability, but will it scare bidders away? I do think the price is ambitious even with its incredible condition, but for a car this old and with this many miles that still passes California’s stringent smog requirements – well, it’s safe to say that this Supra has been loved.

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  1. Steve R

    It’s one flip past a good deal. The original owner must have loved this car, he took great care of it.

    From the look of the sellers other auctions it seems like he might be selling off the spare parts that came with the car.

    Steve R

  2. stumptowngeo

    Does hitting 300k make qualify it as a “SUPER SUPRA”? Because it does look pretty super to me. I would love to see if i could get another 100K+ out of it. As long as the fluids and maintenance are kept up, and the foot stays out of the radiator, i dont think 500K+ out of it would be to difficult.

  3. Steve65

    There’s “passed smog”, and then there’s passed smog. I’d want to see the test sheet, and how close to maximum numbers this car tested. Just saying it passed doesn’t tell me much about what to expect. Depending on when exactly in March it was tested, it probably needs to be tested again to be registered in CA (smog test is valid for 90 days). Not including a photo or scan of the test sheet in the otherwise extensive gallery of photos and extremely detailed description of condition is one of those things that makes me go “hmmm”.

    I just smogged a 200k Volvo, and its numbers are super clean. All but one (of six) test data points far cleaner than average (four tested at zero detected), and the other only one point above average, and a long way away from “fail”. Assuming nothing breaks or is neglected, there’s no reason to think it’ll be significantly dirtier in another 100k miles. I put a photo of the test results sheet in the ad.

  4. Flmikey

    This car makes me want to start searching for one….with half the miles and for around 5k….love these cars…

    • Joel

      Not going to be easy, at least in decent shape. Tin worm was not fair to rockers and lower quarters on these cars. The metal under the rubber trim goes bye bye too. I’ve owned a few of these. I would love to have another but I have yet to find one with no major rust for less than 4500.

  5. Sam

    Cool body style!

    I don’t live in California but whats the big deal about passing smog when there are thousands of semis crossing from Mexico everyday.

    I grew up in Northwest Indiana….same deal when they had vehicle inspections and emissions. Lots of truck traffic across the state between Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. Not to mention the steel mills, refinerys, etc.

    How about a 25 yr exempt rule for smog? Its kind of like getting older….the longer you live…you should enjoy some vices.

    My grandmother lived to 103 with a before dinner Manhattan and evening bottle of beer.

    Sorry for rant. Very cool Supra…they were the bomb at that time.

    • Matt

      No 25 yr exempt rule here in CA. 1975 and prior years are the only exempt vehicles, that is why those vehicles bring premiums $$$$ here.


    Import enthusiasts are kind of like the old Rabbbit and VW diesel enthusiasts. No one really cares about miles. It is the overall condition. Mileage seems to be an afterthought.

    I know of a local who has a Scion xB (Toyota) with 450,000 miles on the original drivetrain. It is an Automatic. I drove it and if you threw out the pod on the dash no way you could tell how many miles on it. Doesn’t rattle knock or smoke. He doesn’t baby it and has only reasonably taken care of it. It should reach 500K by the end of the year.

    This Supra is just such a car. Very clean. I figure the seller will get damn close to his asking price. The miles are a testament that it is a great car.

  7. sparkster

    After seeing this Supra I went searching up and down the pacific coast from San Diego to Seattle. Found a couple of 85′ models going for $6000 – 6500 range. Next stop , Texas and Florida. My brother had a 1982 Supra. Fun cars

  8. Superdessucke

    I’d consider taking it if I was looking for one of these. Why not? The price is a little high for the mileage but it’s still a nice looking and obviously well maintained car that probably has at least a couple hundred thousand left in it – which means it will probably outlive you unless you drive it 15,000 miles a year!

  9. Mr. TKD

    I’d like to buy it and document the run up to 500k and then 1 million miles. The price is a bit steep, but it seems to be a nice example.

  10. sparkster

    Couple of very low mileage Supra’s on craigslist San Diego. A 1984 with 35,000 mi and a 1985 with 47,000 miles. Cheap ? No but very nice to look at.

  11. JimmyJ

    Talked ta cabbie with a Prius 800,000 k he said it’s starting to leak some oil!

  12. Horse Radish

    Just passed up on one of these running and driving for $300 at auction.
    I did not know if anyone cared.
    No rust CA car, but not quite as nice as this….obviously.

  13. dwilson

    very nice car and that kind of mileage from a Toyota is not uncommon. Brother drove an 05 camry 4cyl up to 335,000 before tranny blew with little to no service. I drive a 05 sienna pushing 200,000 with no issues other than regular service.

  14. Rustytech

    These were by far the most fun driving Toyota’s ever! Though the mileage is high, this car looks great. Emissions wouldn’t be a problem here, we have none!


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