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1978 Ford Mustang II With Only 30k Miles?

1978 was the last chance for new car buyers to drive away in a Mustang II, as big changes for Ford’s pony offering were on the horizon for the following year when the third generation got an all-new body style.  But the second-gen Mustang’s timing couldn’t have been any better, as it was introduced as a ’74 model right before the first oil crisis hit, and the reduction in size from its predecessor kept the sales going strong.  Even though the seller of this 1978 Ford Mustang II here on eBay is the fifth owner, he claims the mileage has only reached 30,000, and judging from the condition that could very well be true.  This one’s in Mount Vernon, Ohio, where the current bid has just barely exceeded the seven thousand dollar point.

The late seventies were not exactly an optimal time for performance under the hood, but the ’78 Mustang II offered the choice of either a 4-cylinder, a V6, or the 302 V8 and the good news here is this one’s equipped with the latter.  In regards to the 30,000 miles, the seller mentions he bought the car at an estate sale, with all previous owners being in the same family, but the story goes that their attorney marked the mileage as incorrect for protection against liability, although the seller’s convinced it is actually correct.  The 5.0 is topped with an aftermarket air cleaner with a missing bolt, and lots of maintenance records are said to be present.

The Ford is stated to be rust-free with no dents on the outside, though the paint is said to have some scratches and a few dings.  The seller doesn’t mention whether or not that’s still the original finish, but if there’s ever been a respray it seems to have been of decent quality and the exterior appears in reasonably good shape for a driver.  That’s a new set of wheels and tires, with the original hubcaps saved in case the next owner wants them, but unfortunately, the factory rollers were not.

Having a look inside is what makes me believe the mileage could be as claimed, since I don’t think a 45-year-old interior with an extra 100k miles would have survived this well.  We also get to view the platform and under the trunk mat, both appearing solid, which help back up the seller’s statement that this really is a no-rust example.  What are your thoughts on this 1978 Ford Mustang II?


  1. Hall-z Member

    I can’t look at one of these without thinking of Jacklyn Smith and Charlie’s Angels. This one is even the correct color. Thanks for the memory.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Clean Mustang II. I’d guess the mileage is correct. Not many of these around in good shape, and encouraging to see that it has been maintained in mostly stock condition. I’ll be curious to see the final bid price.

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  3. Big C

    I Like the dual exhausts. Those weren’t factory.

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    • Bill B

      That’s a tight squeeze of the left side exhaust between the gas tank and the leaf spring. The first two years of the V6 ran factory duals both over the right side of the axle into a dual input muffler to avoid the off center gas tank issue. The V8 never had factory dual exhaust. This is a rare time capsule of a car that most threw away when they were done with it.

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    • Car Nut Tacoma

      I was way too young at the time to drive a car, but I remember cars like this being driven.

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  4. Nelson C

    This is kinda fun. Clearly from a simpler time. The original owner took some liberty with the colors and options. White and camel/orange are unique even for 1978. Automatic, V8 and no air mean they only bought what they felt they needed. Cars back then had better ventilation through the cowl and could be reasonably comfortable until the heat and humidity reached the 80s. Drive and enjoy.

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  5. Davey Boy

    Pretty nice for a coupe. A 5 speed and a 4 barrell carb would have been perfect.

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  6. Robert Atkinson, Jr.

    This one’s a keeper! the only way it would be better would be if it were a fastback/hatchback, but otherwise, a very clean, mostly original example. I’ll allow them to replace the tires, I don’t think I’d trust nearly fifty (50) year old original rubber, either. Yes, the 1970’s era smog gear is a pain, but a little machine work on the heads, combined with either a four-barrel carburetor or EFI can fix that issue in short order! Otherwise, just cruise and enjoy, as you daydream about Farah, Jacklyn or Kate, LOL!

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  7. JoeNYWF64

    Odd no redline on the tach.

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    • Dave

      I’ve never seen a redline at less than 6000 RPM.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        The later ’70s firebird 400s with cat converter had a 6000 rpm tach with redline starting at 5000 rpm, & yellow line starting at 4500. Oddly, in ’74, the same basic motor had a redline of about 5750 & yellowline of 5250 rpm.

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    • Jim z

      See no redline on many tachs

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  8. Jeffro

    Is the air cleaner lid upside down?

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  9. Jonny

    Most embarrassing car ever built by Ford, and the II is a disgrace to the Mustang name!

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      I like them , had one as my very 1st car. They were the only thing that kept MUSTANG going through those 70s years

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  10. Mustang390

    Deal breaker

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  11. Rixx56 Member

    Certainly it’s NOT ‘most embarrassing car’
    Ford ever made! Perhaps because it being
    named Mustang and not Pinto is cause for your belief. But helping the nameplate exist thru today… many are pleased.

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  12. Buffstang

    Hard to tell if this is 30K or 130K. I can see evidence of both. The carpet and upholstery is original, but the odometer isn’t lined up and there is a lot of dirt or wear on the horn pad. Tell tale items of low mileage cars like the original exhaust and hood blanket are missing. Personally I’ve seen higher mileage examples of Mustang IIs have a cleaner engine bay and undercarriage. Hand written mileage documentation is nice but easy to fake. What will be the best provenance is dated, mileage marked maintenance receipts from service shops.

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  13. Lance Platt

    Car appears to be a survivor in good shape after 45 years. The 5.0 engine and automatic transmission in a light body combination should be excellent for cruising any paved city road or highway but not the drag strip. One thing I have been warned against is leaving a car undriven or rarely used for years with fluid sludge and rotting tires but the low wear and tear offsets that concern. Nice looking Mustang!

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  14. luckless pedestrian

    I suppose… if one wants to re-visit the malaise era…

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