340 4-Speed: 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Many of us like to harken back to the “good old days,” especially when it comes to “coulda/shoulda” car buying opportunities. That may be the case here, as I recall in the “good old days” – 20-25 years ago for me – cars like this and in this condition weren’t terribly difficult to find, but now they are. This one was sent to us by an anonymous Barn Finds reader who found it here on eBay in Pompano Beach, Florida. This no reserve auction has received 56 bids, pushing the current bid to $19,700.

This 1972 example was from right in the middle of the 3rd generation Barracuda model years. Ultimately a victim of the 1970s energy crisis, interest in pony cars was waning by 1972. Even though production was up slightly from 1971, Plymouth manufactured just 18,490 1972 Barracudas. Of those, 4,163 were 340 4-speed equipped ‘Cudas.

The seller’s description is brief, to say the least, so hopefully we can draw some conclusions from the included photo. The paint is faded, there’s some paint that looks to have peeled that is now showing surface rust, and there appears to be corrosion in the rear quarters. While I think these look best with an original wheel, the period correct mags don’t look out of place. The black side stripe on the dark blue paint offers a subtle “go fast” look. The seller provides a phone number for making a buy-it-now offer, but maybe you could use that number to get some answers on the rest of the car.

The black interior is not ready for a concours show, but looks like it has plenty if life left in it. The inclusion of a floor-mounted pistol-grip shifter and absence of a console gives the interior a raw feel. I’d personally leave as-is, but I’ve gathered I’m of the minority with such a preference.

There are no pictures under the hood, so I’ll show a picture of the back seat. The seller tells us the 340 cubic-inch engine and 4-speed manual transmission are numbers matching and says you can “Jump in this car, turn the key and drive it anywhere!”

I still regret not buying that 1967 Dodge Dart GTS convertible I looked it in the “good old days”. If you’re looking to make up for one of those “coulda/shoulda” buys, could this ‘Cuda be the one for you?


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  1. Bmac777 Member

    Very appealing, especially with no reserve.
    It’s probably closer to 146k than 46k 0n the mileage, which might be why there’s no underside pics.
    I’d like to see those along with engine and trunk before feeling comfortable about buying something like this, but I do like it.

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  2. Robert Davis

    NO engine pictures LOL

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  3. Steve R

    Surface rust can be removed with steel wool or sandpaper, this car has significantly worse rust than that showing around the rear wheel wells.

    I really liked the car, but as I scrolled through the pictures and didn’t see any up close photos of the engine compartment or rust prone areas, my initial enthusiasm waned. Then I read the description and it disappeared entirely. This is a dealer with 108 other cars listed on eBay, one can only assume the lack of a detailed description and pictures was an intentional oversight.

    The car looks nice enough to drive and enjoy as it sits. It has loads of old school charm with the faded and chipped paint as well as the dish mags. However, the way the ad is composed makes me think it’s in far worse condition than suggested.

    Steve R

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  4. Keith

    One would think for the coin that it’s bid up to there would be some pictures of the engine…..318 maybe? Just saying???

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  5. Jim in FL

    Sub in cragars and this reminds me of our 73 cuda, except my brother and I stuffed a 440 out of a wagon or something in ours. Little tin can with traction bars, had to run the high beams at night because of the rake, pep boys carpet with the insulation pulled out. Hot rodding in the early 80’s. Good times. I wish the cars were as affordable as they were back then. Would love to have a beater ‘cuda or a sad faced Challenger now. Back then we had four at one time. They were disposable, more so than early Firebird and Camaro.

    I wish these had stayed low in value, but I’m glad they are getting saved.

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  6. TimM

    A car worth saving for sure!! Love the pistol grip four speed and it’s a running driving car!! Visible rust is conceding but there is still something there to work with!! Price is getting up there and just because it’s in Florida doesn’t mean it can’t be rusted!!! For that kind of money I’d be flying in to see it in person!!

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  7. ras_austin

    It’s perfect. Just as it is.

    Hopefully (more like, probably) the exhaust pipes have some corrosion holes, making it sound extra nasty.

    I’d drive the hell out of this car just to scare the crap out of everyone.

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  8. Steve Bush Member

    Agree with Steve R that this one probably has some serious rust issues. Write up should always make it clear whether or not the seller is a dealer.

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  9. Dave

    The more complete and rust-free a car is the more options you have. Assuming that the motor isn’t trash, you could drive this as is and start playing with it in the fall. I’d start with a set of Magnum 500s, then move to bodywork and paint. But as Yogi said, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

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  10. John

    If this is really a 340, then it is the most satisfying of all the Barracudas to drive. They got really close to Z/28 territory before they stopped making them. If my memory is not playing tricks on me (very likely) the pistol grip shifter was actually a Mopar option. If its not 90% bondo or 90% rust and if its motor is still there (they say its numbers matching) this could become a really fun little car for someone.

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  11. Moparman Member

    I wanted one of these SO badly (sans 340 & 4 Speed, though; Insurance!!) and I came close to getting a 73, as I preferred the side striping on it. Unfortunately, the deal fell through….*SIGH* $20K large is a lot to pay for this one with all the unknowns. A personal inspection FIRST would be the only way I’d even think of bidding!

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  12. George Louis

    As I recall there was no 1967 Dodge Dart GTS. The GTS Model came out in 1968.

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    • Timmyt

      There was one on CL in Iowa 4 months ago better everything,340 4 gear 23,500

  13. Millenkneeil

    You know, 20 years from now when this car will run you $60,000, today will be your woulda/shoulda time.

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  14. 370zpp

    Regardless of the potential rust, that pistol grip gets me every time.
    This aint no 2020 made-for-tv muscle car.

  15. Bmac777 Member

    It sold for $27,600 wow
    Amazing, even on a no reserve auction people will over pay.
    It sucks for any enthusiast looking to get a decent car to build or restore as a hobby or just cause you like them

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