383-Equipped: 1967 Plymouth Satellite Hardtop

This 1967 Plymouth Satellite Hardtop has spent the past 28-years parked in a pole barn but doesn’t appear to be any worse for the experience. Of course, the fact that the barn in question was in Arizona will have helped just a bit. It has now been brought out into the light of day as part of the process that could allow it to find its way to a new home. If you would like to take on the restoration of this rust-free classic, then you will find it located in Tucson, Arizona, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Satellite has reached $8,600, but at this price, the reserve hasn’t been met.

The Satellite has come out of the barn looking pretty good. The Soft Yellow paint is generally quite good, although it does sport a few chips and scratches. The body also wears a couple of scars, and these are both on the driver’s side. There is one on the front fender and another on the rear quarter panel. Both should be easy to repair, but neither require urgent attention. What there isn’t a lot of is rust. In fact, apart from some surface corrosion, this is a very solid classic. One of the truly impressive aspects of the Satellite is the condition of its external trim. This can so easily be damaged during day-to-day use, but not only is it all present, but it should all look very nice when given the once-over with some polish. In addition, the Plymouth is fitted with factory tinted glass, and this is all in very nice order. The reality seems to be that if the Satellite was returned to a mechanically roadworthy state, then there is no reason why it couldn’t be driven as it currently stands.

As is the case with the exterior, the interior of the Plymouth presents well, but it isn’t perfect. The covers on the seats aren’t original, but at least they appear to be free of rips and tears. The dash and cap look really good, and while the carpet looks to be slightly faded in spots, it still remains presentable. As far as problems go, these appear to be limited to little more than some damage to the armrests on the doors, along with some cracks on the steering wheel and wear on the lid for the glove compartment. The rest of the interior remains original, right down to the factory radio, and the air conditioning.

Technically speaking, the Satellite is not a muscle car, but when equipped with the 325hp version of the 383ci V8, it is not a car that could ever be considered to be slow. As well as the 383, this Satellite also features a 3-speed TorqueFlite transmission, along with power steering. Having been off the road for decades, the Plymouth is going to need some mechanical checking, and undoubtedly some work, before it could be considered to be roadworthy. On the positive side of the ledger, it appears that the 383 might be in pretty reasonable health. The fuel system will need to be cleaned and flushed of old gas, but using an external source, the owner has been able to coax the engine back to life. Part of the Satellite’s secret when it came to performance was its weight. Plymouth hit on a winning formula because the car weighs a relatively light (for its size) 3,410lbs. With the 383 onboard, this allowed the car to get from 0-60 in 6.7 seconds, while the ¼ mile was a memory in 15 seconds.

Finding a rust-free classic in a barn is never a bad thing, and finding one that would seem to need relatively little in the way of work before it is ready to hit the road is even better. This Plymouth Satellite isn’t perfect, but with really nice examples commanding prices of between $18,000 and $25,000, this has all the makings of a great restoration project.

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    I was surprised at Hagerty’s values on the ’67 Satellite. But, this era of Mopars are good quality cars, and the 383 is gold. I’m not sure about a light yellow car with a red interior, though. Nice find.

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    • Angrymike

      Another nice car on Saturday morning. The red int needs a black paint job, I’d be perfect for me in black !

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    • jerry z

      To me It’s more of a cream color. Perfect car would be a 4 speed version.

  2. Dusty Rider

    Dual snorkel air cleaner and 325 HP? I think that qualifies as a muscle car.

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  3. Paolo

    The seat covers aren’t original. Was probably gold vinyl. I like this car and would switch the wheels to Magnum 500s.

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  4. William Hall

    I had an Uncle with one like this he had for a while, Neat car and fast.

  5. SMDA

    Had a friend with a 67, think the engine was a 273 (?) What a sweet ride, handled like a dream, just sipped gas. Idled smoothly, dependable. I recall being pretty jealous at the time.

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    • Roger

      Our postmistress when I was a kid owned a ’66 Satellite with the 273,it was cherry red with black interior,they traded it in for a new Dodge Camper Special in ’71 and never saw it again.

  6. stillrunners Stillrunners Member

    Nice….yes the 273 was the base…..and not sure if the dual snorkel was added…should have a Commando emble if it is the high horse 383…let’s see what it gets to.

  7. TimM

    Looks plush inside!! I bet she’d do 80 on the highway all day long!! Nice ride!!!

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  8. Steve Bush Member

    It’s always been a sharp car but agree a black interior would look much better. Richard Petty won the 1967 NASCAR Championship with 27 wins in a similar 1967 Hemi GTX. There’s a nice video of him driving it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2014 on Bangshift.com.

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  9. Del

    Do 80 ?

    This baby will run all day at 100 mph

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  10. Patrick Lopes

    With bias-ply tires, this is a car that separates the reckless driver from the gentleman stuntman. Most of the kids around might feel the necessity of those wide 255/60s radials, but, this is where the fun begins. How much can you drive with those narrow ones? How far and good can you sustain the weight, the rolling, the lateral stability and the fishtailing? Yep, the car is a full size, it has some good power but still far from the classic fancy muscle car. Three-speed automatic? This is not for fancy kids anyway… now kid, go find yourself a purple ’70 barracuda and keep your mucky fingers out of this orbiting beauty, right.

  11. Robert

    This was my first car from my great grandmother. Loved this car and when I would search for parts at the part stores I would always get, I’m a Mopar guy and the 66 didn’t come with a 383 that is a truck motor. I loved proving them wrong and taking them to my car and saying, not so much a Mopar guy after all. LOL

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