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390 Equipped 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Finding cars that are for sale can truly be an entertaining process. If you are interested in this 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback, and “know” what you are looking at, then this will be fun for you. No price is listed because the seller wants you to email them. The car is claimed to be original and numbers matching. Thank you, Ikey H., for the tip. You can decide for yourself about the car on Craigslist.

The engine is listed as a numbers matching 390 cubic inch V8 and constructed for maximum performance and is connected to a manual transmission. A claimed brand new Flowmaster exhaust has been installed along with traction bars. However, it is hard to determine if this car is legal and can be used on the road because the listing says it was driven into storage 12 years ago and last licensed in 1970. Yet, later, it says as of last year it runs great and is very fast. That is perplexing.

Inside, the interior looks to be in absolutely stunning condition. The listing raises some questions though, about what might be original or not, when it was in or not in the car. According to the listing the car has been stored for 40 years and put back together just last year. In the listing, there is information about having the original hood, so that piece currently is apparently, not original. So many questions.

But wait, there is more. The photos you see are said to be of the car before it went into storage 12 years ago. There is indication that the seller will email you a video, or Facetime you, what the car looks like currently. To add to all of this, the listing says the car was originally Canary Yellow but the door jambs are red. Whatever you are about to get yourself into for the sake of trying to purchase this mysterious pony, ask yourself, is it worth it?



    Registration sticker looks like 2012 as most current. His every sentence raises an eyebrow. I don’t believe much of what he says. Posted from San Diego Craigslist but car is in Minnesota?


    Hmmmm….Originally canary yellow but door jams are original, but clearly they are not? I asked the seller for the VIN…just to settle down my own curiosity.

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    • TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

      The seller did reply, said he didn’t have it handy, asked about a clear title, yet no response. I’d be very weary of this one.

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      • Mountainwoodie

        I’d be wary too. Although I have become weary of all the losers on the internet. I’m thinking some young lad in a hut in Nigeria is having some fun.

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  2. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Looking at the door/trunk photos at their largest on my screen, it would appear to have some yellow under the red: perhaps the current paint is a lower quality job than even the previous low dollar red paint job looks to have been?
    The seller is certainly working on the mystery machine concept here, IMO, and most likely is a savvy salesman!

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  3. Ted

    This car raises a lot of flags, most people would walk on this one. Smart ones would run….

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  4. 8banger David Mika Member

    All mysteries aside, where are the shock tower braces?

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    • markp

      Do you mean the monte carlo bar? I thought those were optional equipment.

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      • Mike W H

        I’m pretty sure they were standard on a GT.
        First GT I’ve seen without one.

        Oh. Craigslist.

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    • Jim22

      All mustangs came with these braces. Some had the Monte Carlo bar which were a single unit vs two separate braces.

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  5. Chris M.

    The whole ad, being capitalized and full of blow hard claims stinks of a big steaming pile. And are you kidding?! “Leroy is my name and cash is my game” lmao! Douchebag alert!

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  6. Beaver

    I sent an email for VIN and no answer I said i have $$ if he had the info But no answer I think this is a lot of crap!!

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  7. the one


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  8. Keith

    Craigslist = SCAM 95% of the time!

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  9. papa bear

    Sad part about this is the pics of the car look great, but I would run very fast away from this one

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  10. PRA4SNW

    He’ll probably want you to pay him in gift cards.

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  11. Jack Quantrill

    Mebbe, the owner, is confused!

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    • Mike W H

      The owner doesn’t know this car is on Craigslist.

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  12. Bevis

    Maybe trying to get some “FREEBIE” prices and then post it on FeeBay or Bring-a-Trailer-Full-of-Cash

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  13. 1st Gear

    r u n ! ! ! f o r r e s t ! ! ! r u n ! ! !

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  14. 1st Gear

    Just took a quick peek and spied slobbed in bondo on pass side top wheel well .Polished turd with a Earl Scribbler paint job. No thanks, not this one.

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  15. Mike

    The car being tagged in MN…I can imagine it was a Rust-stang at one time in it’s life…

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  16. 71Boss351

    Run away as fast as you can. VIN not provided. I do see yellow under the red paint in places.

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  17. TimM

    If you look at the trunk picture on CL you can see what looks to be a huge chunk of bondo on the outer wheel well up against quarter panel!! The red door jams make me think it’s a pig with lipstick on!!

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  18. Ron Bajorek


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