4-Door, 4-Speed, 4-Barrel: 1967 Plymouth Fury

Sometimes when searching craigslist for a cool old classic, you will often be met by 4-door cars that are often not as desirable as their 2-door variants. But this 4-door left the factory with a 4-barrel 383 V8 and a 4 on the floor! Although having the appearance of a mild mannered suburban area runabout with a six cylinder, this Fury III is actually more of a surviving sleeper. Solid overall with some signs of age, this Fury is offered for $7,995. Check it out here on craigslist out of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Thanks are in order for reader Rocco B. for another awesome submission!

Beneath the 4 door skin lies the original 383 cubic inch V8 mated to a 4 speed manual transmission. Originally fitted with manual brakes and manual steering, someone along the way converted this Mopar to power steering. Although with the 383 and the 4 speed, I wouldn’t mind power brakes either. The engine bay is dusty and dirty overall, but there looks to be little in the way of rust. Wash and detail the engine and bay, and invest the time and money into a power brake setup, and enjoy.

Inside you can immediately see the one thing that gets your heart racing, the manual shift lever. With an ocean of red inside, this interior has aged rather well. The front bench is off color and is split on the driver side. Also the carpet is a little faded, but matches the interior nice enough. The dash and gauge cluster look good with no cracking or discoloration concerns. It looks as if you could get away with reupholstering the seats, and leave the rest well enough alone for this survivor.

This classic has nice looks, but it has a slow, family oriented appearance, that is quickly blown to pieces by banging gears in this surviving sleeper. The paint appears to be original, having some fade, and minor oxidation. Rust is a minimal concern, but is present in the lower portion of the rear quarters. Otherwise this Mopar is solid overall, and would be great to maintain as is. It would certainly get some looks when rowing the gears, and making that 383 sing a tune of performance. With a great look, and a cool combination, what would you do with this awesome classic?

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  1. Flmikey

    Looks like something Burt Reynolds would drive in one of his bootlegging movies…this is one 4 door I would love!

  2. Ross892

    Drive it!

  3. Big Ed

    Ten miles down the road after putting on the Road Runner/GTX exhaust system. “But officer, it wasn’t me (rump, rump, rump). Oh that sound (rump, rump, rump), it needs a tune up”. (Cover the shifter with your leg) And that smoke coming off the tires Sir? ” I think the brakes are sticking officer ” (rump, rump, rump) Well go get this old car fixed! “Yes Sir Officer!” Whaaaaaaaaaaa, skirrrrrrrr, whaaaaaa!

  4. Big Ed

    Burt Reynolds wouldn’t use this car, but the Blues Brothers certainly would! They’d want the 440 cu in engine.😁

    • Ed P

      The 440 cop engine, no less

      • Hoos Member

        I hear Elwood would be willing to trade a microphone for it!

  5. John

    I’d buff it out ,then drive the wheels off it. I love it!

    • Marshall

      If Elwood’s got a mic worth 8 grand, fine. But don’t nobody DARE even THINK about jumping a drawbridge with this baby! Or I’ll personally sic Sheriff Buford T. Justice on his ass! BTW, had I known this car was in my neck of the woods in time, I would have gone to that car show mentioned on the Craigslist ad to see it. But I missed it (it was yesterday). Oh well, if Burt Reynolds or Dan Ackroyd buys this and jumps the Ballard bridge (in Seattle) in it and trashes it, it would serve me right for being so inattentive! If I had a garage to put it in, I’d be kicking myself a lot worse, as then I might well have bought it.

      A neighbor had a blue four door 1967 Fury III that he bought new. I don’t know what the drivetrain config was. But I’m reasonably sure that it did not have a four on the floor.

  6. brightman oldcity

    Consoles and buckets are cool, but there is something abut the shifter sticking out of the transmission hump in front of a plain bench seat that always looks great to me. Maybe because it looks non-nonsense, no money wasted. Affordable power for the people!

  7. John M.

    Anybody here who has built model cars in their younger days may remember that Johan Models put out a 1968 Plymouth Fury 4 dr police car that’s just like this full size 1967 Fury. I still have one from the late 1970s that’s sitting in my display case.

    As for the full size 67 Fury, I’d leave as it is but I’d upgrade the brakes to power disks in the front for reasons of safety and the price seems fair enough.

  8. Jeffro

    Certainly pushes all the right buttons for me. If I can just convince the wife that this is the perfect “family” vehicle.

  9. James B.

    Did you say 383?. Dont remember a Dual Snorkal air cleaner on them .440 Yes. My Auntie in Detroit worked for Chryslers. And her job was to run the Asembaly Lines. Mostly Comercial . These cars were orderd for Fire Chiefs !. My Cousen and i own a Super Rare 66 Corornet 4 door like this. Except it Has a Fact 66 Street Hemi !!. 4 speed. with all the Fire Chief Equipment. Plane Jane Rapper. No frills . Just Pure Horse Power . I know of 2 wagons set up like this . one is a 3 door Polara.

    • cyclemikey

      383 with four-barrel used a dual-snorkel air cleaner in both C- and B- bodies, as did the 440.

      This car needs nothing. What a great sleeper. You don’t need a 440, that 383 in a C-body will lay down a hundred-foot patch of rubber. Don”t ask me how I know this.

      • James B.

        Is it the 4brl 383? Cuz then yes. but some one mentiond single carb.

  10. AMCFAN

    Rarity doesn’t always equate to value. I have to say though I would be in like with this!

  11. Rock On

    Would love to watch the expressions on the kid’s faces as you smoke their rice burners off the lights in this barge!

    • Bobsmyuncle

      At 3700 pounds and 270 HP 390 TQ one best pick their target wisely.

      • Matt Mattila

        383 head 335 horse stock

    • AMCFAN

      Rock On,

      Would love to see the expression on your face (and others) seeing that the opposite may happen. Making fun of kids who can drive what they can afford. Typically a beat Honda Civic with a loud exhaust that in no way could plunk down the asking price for this ride while working at the local Sonic. However pick your battle wisely as some kids and adults do have money and do drive rice.

      Hopefully you don’t make the mistake of pulling up to a Twin Turbo Mitsubishi 3000GT, EVO or a DSM Eclipse or AWD Talon. No chance.

      In my neck of the woods we have some of the fastest Rice Burners who love to put the hurt on any and all challengers. Don’t believe me you can google it all day. Some fun things to search a Hellcat get smoked by an EVO. One kid has an Evo that is a driver and runs low 8 seconds in the quarter mile.

      A Honda Civic with a Vtec B series or K with a junk ebay turbo isn’t something to mess with. An SRT4 is a super car right out of the box. Subaru WRX same.

      It’s called power to weight. Stick a K series motor in a 2 seater Honda Insight that weighs 1800 Lbs. Add a rear axle out of a 4X4 Element Massage and tune to 500 HP = AWD rocket.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Of course our mindsets are entrenched in the lore of yesteryear, but the reality is very few muscle cars of the past have the stock horsepower or the ability to put that power down that the modern car does. Musclecar or Tuner.

      They are loud, look aggressive, make us smile, and we love ’em, but know their limits before you embarass yourself ;)

      • no300ed

        Cars of yesteryear are not that fast. There are new minivans that would embarrass this thing. That said I think this car is terrific.

  12. no300ed

    Needs glasspacks for sure. Awesome vehicle.

  13. Luke Fitzgerald

    Demented – cannot be many ever made like this

  14. Maestro1

    I suggest that if you look very carefully at the steering column the car has been converted to a 4 speed, and may have been a 3 speed on the column, allowing for the two pedals on the floor. This is a sleeper. A 5 speed Tremec; Wilwood Disc Brakes, Vintage air & heat, Clean up the car and simply drive it. You’ll get performance and gas mileage improvement. And just wait for the next green light……..

    • S Ryan

      I looked. Nothing there. This looks to be a factory 4spd.
      I had a 1978 Malibu wagon factory 305-4spd bought from a farmer in Wisconsin.

  15. Bradley Clark

    This was back in the day when you could order a car with specific options. An amazing car. Plain Jane Plymouth with a 383 and a 4 speed. Too bad that we can’t do that today. Packages & Apps. Welcome to the 21st Century. A hot rod 4 door grocery getter with a 4 speed. I feel a stirring, deep within my loins…

    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      Agree 100% about being able to order ANY combination. In 1966 my folks bought a 64 Chevelle wagon that came from the factory with a 283 w/ 4 barrel, 4 speed, and Posi-traction. I doubt there was more than a couple ordered that way, unless someone was trying out something at the drag strip.I doubt that wagon is still around as this was in New England.

  16. Bill McCoskey

    Here’s my take on the car; Chrysler Corp was shipping what was known as “Loss leaders”, stripped down cars the dealer could advertise at low prices, for example: Plymouth Fury III V8 for as low as $2,650.00!

    I remember seeing ads for Al’s Chrysler Plymouth [Arlington, VA] listing these low price specials, I remember looking at a light blue 67 Newport sedan with floor shift 3-speed, 383, 2bbl, P/Steering, Am radio, heater, and clock. Al’s also had a 6-cyl Fury I sedan with no options, and if I remember correctly, it was $1,700. It didn’t even have carpets, just rubber mats. They probably sold it to someone who drove it as a taxi.

    Fury III sedans came standard with AM radio, clock, 383 2 bbl carb V8, P/Steering, and 3-speed trans, either column or floor shift, same price. This car was likely equipped with a 3-speed. It’s a VERY easy swap to put a 4-speed trans into the car. Note that the valve covers and block are the correct Mopar blue color, but the intake manifold is GOLD. This car likely had a 2 bbl manifold/carb, swapped out for the more powerful setup. Suddenly you have gone from a car no one wants, to one that has a little bit more panache.

    If this was a Fire Chief car, there would be way too many holes in the lower section of the center dash area, or on the trans tunnel, from the Motorola emergency 2-way radio system and speaker, microphone bracket, etc. Plus evidence of a previous install of a long whip antenna in the rear fender.

    • Ed P

      My Dad had a 67 Fury III. The base v8 was the 318 not the 383. VIP maybe.

    • no300ed

      383 2bbl had a single exhaust. I owned a 67 VIP with this engine

  17. glenn

    never seen one with a stick

  18. gbvette62

    I love any 4 speed car, without a console, but especially a 4 door, bench seat one.

    We had a family friend who had a 68 Malibu 4 door hardtop, that he ordered with a 327/325 and a 4 speed. He was a car guy that had three kids, who still wanted a fun car. Besides the 327 and 4 speed, it also had duals, gauges, rally wheels and red line tires. He got rid of it around 72, but it sure would be an interesting car to have now.

    There was a 62 Bel Air 4 door post, with a 409/409 4 speed, that was sold at auction, not long ago. The car originally belonged to a farmer from western PA, who ordered it that way. I had seen it a couple times, and it was a very cool car.

    I’m not a Mopar fan, but I think that Fury would be pretty cool to own.

  19. Tom

    Used to own this one and it is absolutely an original 4 speed car and was ordered out of the Seattle area.

  20. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Hard to pass off a factory mopar 4 speed hump….the biggest of all….carpets like wise are hard to replicate the fit from factory…fender tag will confirm….have no issues with this car…even has the factory dual pipe at the bumper…see that little dip….man that’s sexy right there..!

  21. rumpfox

    my dad bought a 72 fury one x va. state police car that was totally striped. no carpet, radio. one sun visor , armrest you get the idea. bought it at a flea market for$150. and yes it had glass packs on it. would absolutely rattle the windows in the morning when he left for work but had a big 780 Holley on it that got 4 miles to the gallon a real 150 speedo that would hide the needle on a long street. I junked the car and kept the drive train for years.

  22. Miguel

    Does the 4 speed really raise the price that much?

  23. Howard A Member

    I agree, it’s an odd combination, but in the 30’s and 40’s, lot’s of vehicles had floor shift. This isn’t an overly fancy or high performance car, so in ’67, some old timer, that was used to floor shifts, probably ordered this. Quite frankly, if I had a car like this, I’d just want to sit and cruise, not row through the gears at every stop. If you’re burning rubber in every gear, a 4 speed is fun, but trust me, for driving in traffic, it gets mighty old. I knew right away, it could never be a Wis. car. Pretty cool find, I guess the 4 speed does increase the value. Can’t be many like this.
    Another thing, people always panic when they see those archaic, non-assisted, drum brakes. Relax folks, they worked fine. A skidding wheel is a skidding wheel, no matter what stops it. I never had a problem with drum brakes, really.

  24. Brent Mazur

    NHRA Stock Eliminator, here I come! If I win the lottery.

  25. Rustytech Member

    I remember seeing quite a few of these in my rear view mirror. They were either black&tan or blue&white with a flashing red bubble on the roof ug.

  26. Roy Robinson

    I believe that my father bought this car in 1967 in Renton WA at Bryant Motors. I picked the options for the factory build. I embarrassed many a GTO and 442 in that thing. Would be curious to know what happened to it

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