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4-Speed 273 V8: 1964 Plymouth Barracuda

1964 was the first year that the Plymouth Barracuda was offered, and coincidentally, this one is a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda. I’ve talked about boxes being checked before, and sorry to have to repeat myself, but, this car checks at least a couple of boxes: it’s a 4-speed car with a 273 V8! It’s listed on eBay with a current bid price of just $2,700 and there is a Buy It Now price of $4,500! I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that’s a great price for a V8 4-speed car.

The fine folks at Hagerty seem to agree with me, they list a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda in #4 “fair” condition as being worth, can this be correct? $9,100!? More than twice the asking price of this car?! Car-flippers, here ya go, don’t say that we never gave you any killer finds here!

This car has more options than normal on any ’64 Barracuda that I’ve seen for sale in a while. The seller says that this car has “factory original 4 speed, factory bucket seats, factory optional disc brakes, 273 V8 engine, factory Formula S mag wheels.” Do some work on this car and Hagerty lists a #3 “good” car as being worth $14,000! And, there is some work to do on this one. The passenger rear floor will need to be patched or replaced, and there may possibly be some other bodywork but they say that it has minimal rust. This was originally a white car so, as always, I’d personally change it back to that color, but that’s just me.

The interior will consume some of your hard-earned money and a few weekends, too. But, come on, you’re already $10,000 ahead on this one! The headliner looks like it’s kaput, but the rear seat backs look good. Hey, anything will help. The carpeted rear cargo area looks good but there’s a lot of stuff and parts and things back there so it’s hard to tell. And, the photos aren’t the best, as you can tell, so it’s hard to really see any detail.

Here’s a freshly-rebuilt 273 V8 with 180 hp that’s just relying on that invisible force that we all know and love (gravity) to hold it in place; it’s not installed, it’s basically just being stored there. That would come out under my watch while the car is at the paint shop being turned back into a factory-white beauty. The seller is including a “new clutch/ new pressure plate/ new aluminum radiator, belts, hoses, etc.” This seems like a great project car and one that you wouldn’t be upside down on, price-wise, once you were done with it if you did the majority of the work yourself. Have any of you restored a first-generation Barracuda? What do you think of the price of this car?


  1. KeithK

    You’d have me down, down, down to my knees
    Wouldn’t you, Barracuda?
    (Couldn’t resist)

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  2. dan

    Argggggghhhh ! My first car was a 65 Cuda, same color and motor as this one. I want this so bad but I’d have to sleep in it.

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  3. Rustytech Member

    If only I had room in the garage! I love all the early Baracuda’s, this looks like an easy project. Its Not too far away but the wife would kill me if I brought another one home.

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  4. Rocko

    This is one cool car~ even like the old paint. I noticed it has later model calipers!

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  5. boxdin

    These wheels came much later right? Factory was hubcaps w fake lug nuts on them?

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  6. Warren

    I always wondered about Hagerty’s vehicle values being a bit on the high side….

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    • JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

      Could that be because they base the value on high end auction prices to justify higher insurance premimuns?

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  7. racer99

    Wonder about no pictures of the right front of the car (left front pic seems to show a different color fender on that side or one that’s been repaired) and left front wheel that doesn’t seem to be centered in the wheel well. As you mentioned seems to be very fairly priced if it’s all as described but the questionable mechanicals (“rebuilt” means lots of different things to different people and note it’s not listed as the original engine) and lack of good underneath pics would make me wonder just a bit. If it’s solid and the mechanicals are all in good shape then it’s a bargain but ……..

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  8. RNR

    Orange LA engine, disk brakes of questionable lineage, front seat covers badly replaced, 1966 ‘cuda back seat, spray bombed black instruments, and whenever it was painted they took the “Valiant” badge off the back panel – this poor thing’s been whooped. The ’70’s small bolt pattern Ralley’s are worth a couple hundred toward what it will take to get it running. I have one, and this is too much money for a ’64 in this condition.

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  9. cyclemikey

    Uh, guys, the problem isn’t with Hagerty. Read the condition descriptions. This car is nowhere NEAR a #4 (fair condition) car.

    This is a project car, and it may well be that $4500 is all the money and more for this one.

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  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Correct – 1970-71 wheels – 1972 has a different 1 year only center for these small bolt pattern wheels if they are small bolt pattern wheels – correct late disk brake set up – they would offer disks latter in 1965 – they would be the 4 piston type. The brake booster bracket on the fire wall is also late model.
    Incorrect on the factory caps – they had chrome wheels nuts that came through the cap…13″‘s at first then the 14″ which are the harder to find.
    Kinda on the fence with out better pictures of what cha got…nice grill…since some assembly required thinking better buy at $2500….show us what you got !

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  11. John

    I looked at one of these brand new back in the day. My girlfriend’s father told me that his daughter would not go out with me if I had one of those things that had fold down seats. I bought a Corvair. I married his daughter anyway (and stayed married to her for 40 years till she passed away). If that Corvair could talk…..

    Nice car.

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    • Dave Wright

      Great story…….

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    • scottymac

      Pop the caps off the upper sear pivots, pry them off the lower seat posts, and a Corvair bucket reclines just fine. Or maybe that’s what you were trying to say?

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  12. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    No Mopar cars or trucks were available with disc brakes until 1967, and then only on the Imperial and New Yorker. [There were a few VERY late 1966 Imps and NY cars that came thru with Disc brakes.]

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  13. Rando

    White would be nice, but it looks likehte blue was done thoughtfully. Trim at door tops, engine compartment. Would want to see the details of the rest of the paint before committing to go back to white. How do we know for sure it was white? The listing pics have a very “aged” looking fender tag. No white showing in any of the pics. Rallyes aren’t original to the car. Nice car, though.

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