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4-Speed With AC: 1966 Chevrolet Corvette

I’m starting my day off this morning with a great find courtesy of the hard-working Barn Finds staff — this 1966 Corvette convertible that checks a lot of boxes for me. It’s listed for sale here on eBay.  There’s no reserve and I as write bidding is up to $39,100. This near-survivor can be picked up in Merrick, New York if you are the lucky winner.

If you are a frequent Barn Finds reader, you will already know that I write up a lot of C3 Corvettes, generally defending them from folks that don’t appreciate the price/performance/looks bargain many of them offer. However, my absolute favorite Corvette would be a C2 convertible, small block, 4-speed, air conditioning with the optional hard top; nice enough condition not to be embarrassed but not perfect enough that I’d be afraid to drive it. Guess what we have here?

One puzzlement for me is that the seller describes flat-spotted tires but the left rear tire appears to be different in some of the pictures. Regardless, the story goes that the car was parked for no good reason back in 1985 and has recently been put back on the road by the seller’s shop. Some parts were replaced including the front carpet, battery, alternator, and plugs as well and all fluids were changed. Additionally, the brakes were rebuilt including all 4 calipers, the master cylinder and some of the lines.

If anything, the interior looks nicer than the exterior, which is understandable considering the seller points out that most if not all of the paint is original. They also describe a hole in one of the bumpers and a headlight that won’t pop up, but those are relatively minor things considering we’re talking about a Little Red Corvette, right? Power windows that actually work complete this vintage find that’s almost ready to drive!

The air conditioning is intact and it even still has a belt on it! The seller explains that it is the L79 factory 327 cubic inch V-8 which was rated at 350 horsepower — plenty for me to enjoy. The ad also explains that the “birdcage” and top frame are in perfect condition, the body panels are all original and that they purchased the car from 52-year ownership (I hope that owner or at least their family are still around for more history research). I can’t find a reason apart from the price not to buy this C2 – can you?


  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Good eye on the tire Jamie, looks like the photos were taken in different areas also. And a cool area for sure from looking at the nice iron in the background. This rig will really put a smile on the new owners face. Nice find.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      I’m guessing one was right after pulling it out of the garage, the other might have been after the work. Maybe the spare got used due to a perpetual flat? Yeah, I know, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, but the ad was written well and included far more info than usually is the case. Or maybe I just really like the car! :-)

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    • George mattar

      This is a beauty, but this car is still 53 years old and truth be told, these cars rusted badly across the windshield, the frame and caps and the swing arms. I am sure the brake lines are full of water and it will need all four calipers rebuilt and I would be afraid to look in that radiator and see the crud in there. But still I would sell my near mint 73 coupe to buy this car and go through all the sweat, time and money to make this car road worthy.


    I wonder who’ll be riding with private malone

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    • Ralph

      Yeah that song gets all the beer belly guys all blubbery at the cruise in but part of me wonders how a private could afford a $6000 car……

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      • robert semrad

        Not all GI’s are broke. Some come from, actually, wealthy families, or, at the least…..well-to-do ones.

  3. bob

    That is a disireable car, but I do pretty much dislike anything painted red.

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    • OhU8one2

      I’m with you Jamie, the ccar has a great motor,the right transmission, great options and the colors work well. My only beef is the white convertible top. IMHO if the interior is black then so should the top. Wish I was in a cash position to bid, but that isn’t going to happen.

  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Hits all the right marks for me except one: $$. Very desirable car there, not without it’s defects but definitely desirable. Fix some paint and a few other things then go out and drive it.
    No telling what the final price on this one will be, but whatever it is someone will have a great toy to play with.

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  5. TimS Member

    Red, 4-speed and A/C. If it had a big block we could call it an auction show special, since they like to make you think that’s how every car was built..

  6. whmracer99

    I’d be curious about why there are no underneath shots. Just keep in mind that it’s been garaged since 1985 also means that it was driven on the roads in NY for almost 20 years. There’s just a passing comment on the condition of the chassis and birdcage but no pics. Seems to be an obvious omission from what is otherwise a pretty thorough ad.

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  7. Ralph

    From what I understand the L79 and the a/c is kind of a cantankerous combination, clean car good options, no one has put side pipes or knock offs on it. The thin stripe white wall on the left rear looks really good, a set of repro versions would look great on it, but thats kind of a rip off.

    At this price your’e still less than a new Corvette and you can still drive this anytime you want.

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    • robert semrad

      With no depreciation, and with no problem ever selling it for what you have in it….unlike new cars……new cars are money losers, big time.

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  8. Ralph

    This car also reminds me of the red Corvette roadster from Goodfellas in the scene where Karen’s across the street neighbor gets pisto whipped by Henry for throwing Karen out of his car after he tried put his hands on her.

  9. Bing

    Regarding Pvt. Malone. I bought a 60 Vette 18 or so years ago. It was out of Beamount Texas. I did some research, and the car was driven to Texas from California, titled and licensed there. Owner was a Captain …….., name is unimportant. He was based at Fort Hood Texas, and sold it to an attorney when he was deployed to Nam in 67.
    I often wonder about him, especially on fall evenings, tooling through the countryside of East Texas. Hope he made it home and had a great life.

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    • robert semrad

      I’m out of Whitehouse, just south of Tyler…..howdy.

  10. TimM

    Another great find!!

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  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    A school buddy I get tired of helping find another – dream car – is down in Flint,Tx….he’s hunting another Vette……

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