40 Genuine Miles! 1990 Peugeot 205 Style

French manufacturers have developed a reputation for producing small cars with performance that belies their modest power outputs. One of these legendary vehicles is the Peugeot 205, which has developed a dedicated following over the years. This 1990 Peugeot 205 Style is one out of the box. The dealership ordered the vehicle but never placed it up for sale. Instead, they stored it away. As a result, its odometer now shows a genuine 65 kilometers (40 miles). They recently passed the vehicle on to a collector, and he has decided that it needs to go to a new owner. It is, therefore, listed for sale here on Benzin Auctions. The Peugeot is located in San Colombano al Lambro (Milano), Italy, and the bidding has reached €8,500.

Peugeot produced many derivatives of its iconic 205, and this one is the 205 Style. It is based upon the entry-level offering but features a few extras that the company hoped would entice potential buyers into their showrooms. Externally, the changes were limited to yellow bodyline stripes, matching inserts in the bumpers, “Style” decals, and white hubcaps. It wasn’t a lot, but it did lift the presentation of the 205 a notch or two. The selling dealer ordered this little pearl in 1990, but instead of placing it on the lot or in the showroom, they squirreled it away in storage. The environment must have been close to ideal because there is no hint of corrosion anywhere on the vehicle. The owner supplies a vast array of photos featuring every aspect of the car, and it wouldn’t be stretching things to describe it as being in as-new condition. The original White paint shines beautifully, the panels are flawless, the glass matches, and there’s no evidence of plastic deterioration. The Peugeot rolls on its original tires, making this a car that could comfortably wear the “time capsule” tag.

Peugeot offered a variety of engines in their 1990 205 range, and this car features the 1.1-liter four-cylinder unit that produces 50hp. The power finds its way to the road via the front wheels and a five-speed manual transmission. That output figure might sound modest, but with the car weighing a mere 1,686 lbs, it still manages to keep up in the cut-and-thrust of city traffic. The journey down the ¼ mile would take a relatively leisurely 19.6 seconds, but this little gem would still be comfortable cruising all day at highway speeds while sipping from its fuel tank. It will easily top 40 mpg, making it easy to understand why these cars were popular for commuter use. This one may have been in storage for decades, but that doesn’t mean that it has remained neglected. The dealership has performed regular maintenance throughout its life and even installed a catalytic converter in 1994 to comply with current Italian emission regulations. Its odometer shows a genuine 65 kilometers (40 miles). The seller says that the vehicle runs and drives perfectly and is ready to hit the road for a spot of French motoring pleasure. The only thing that I might be tempted to change would be the original tires. They’ve now got three decades under their belt, and I’m unsure whether they would be safe at highway speeds.

I referred to the 205 Style as an entry-level vehicle, and nowhere is this more apparent than when we look at its interior equipment levels. The buyer will receive cloth seat upholstery, a heater, and a rear defroster. If you crave a radio, air conditioning, or power assistance for the windows and locks, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place! However, the interior’s condition makes up for the lack of luxury. The yellow exterior highlights that are an integral part of the “Style” package continue inside, and they offer a welcome contrast to a sea of gray plastic and cloth. There is no evidence of wear or physical damage on any surfaces, and none of the plastic shows the type of deterioration that can be common in these classics. It looks like it has just rolled off the showroom floor and would suit a buyer seeking perfection.

We’ve seen a few cars over the years here at Barn Finds that carry the “time capsule” tag, but this 1990 Peugeot 205 Style is something different. It is unusual to find what is essentially an entry-level small car that falls into that category. However, this little gem does, and the fifteen bids it has already received suggest that people like what they see. I’m not sure how high the bidding is likely to go, so this is an auction that should be worth watching.


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  1. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Interesting. I had a 1:16 scale version of this car as a kid. I wonder why this was put on mothballs by the dealer? It doesn’t strike me as all that special even when new.

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  2. DelBoy

    A friend bought a two door soft top coupe of this year’s model a few decades back for two hundred US$. It had barely 14,000 miles on it, was loved and in near perfect condition. It was a hoot to drive too. He sold it equally cheaply to his friend who badly neglected it, parked it outside and cared not when the soft top rotted and soaked the interior on a regular basis. Went to the scrapyard thereafter and I was disgusted that such an iconic car was treated this way.

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    • Ralph

      That’s part of why I won’t sell a “better” car to a friend or relative anymore. Saw too many good ones go to crud because the other person did not see the same value in the ride that I did. It’s very hard to see a fine example go to hell just because someone doe not give a flip.

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  3. Howard A Member

    A”Poo-Joe”, like my old man called them. 40 miles, dang, and the warranty ran out at 39 miles ago. The only “Poo-Joe” we knew of, was Columbos 403. French cars weren’t very big, they didn’t have a dealer network, even though, the old man DID have a 403 once. It was the 1st car I rode in with a sunroof. It stands to reason, Peugeot( pronounces Pijeau, dad) would have an “econobox”, our term for what was already standard in Europe, even though, I never recall seeing one like this. Seems, you’ve seen one econobox, you’ve seen them all.

  4. Gary

    I find it amusing that all of a sudden writers call out decent MPG numbers. How long have I been telling anyone who would listen that Americans would sooner or later regret that 10 year loan on that 12,000 pound truck that gets 3 MPG. Did the idiots really think that gas was going to stay at $2/gal forever?

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  5. Daymo

    The 205 is truly classless. Engines from sub-1 litre to the 1.9 GTI. They all handle like the original Mini and a real hoot to drive. Starting to become rare in the UK and prices here are going up as a result. Still loads in France though!

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  6. MikeH

    I don’t see yellow headlights on this car. If it has yellow headlights, it would be from France. Italy never used them. The 205 drives like a Mini. Fun car!

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