426 Hemi/4-Speed! 1966 Plymouth Satellite

Most people covet a Hemi ‘Cuda whenever the hallowed Hemi name is given, but give me a 1966 Plymouth Satellite Hemi any day of the week! This somewhat rough-looking project car is listed on eBay with bids approaching $30,000 (!) and there is a buy it now price of $43,000. It’s located in West Creek, New Jersey.

Yeah, it looks a bit rough. Or, maybe a lot rough when a person looks at the underside photos and the crispy edges. But, a first-year Satellite that happens to have a factory 426 Hemi and a factory 4-speed? Rough of not, Hagerty puts a #3 good condition value of $71,800 and a #2 excellent condition value of a cool $100,000! A lot of restoration can happen on this car for $50,000, but the next owner isn’t going to bring it in to a shop and expect for the bill to be anywhere near that low of a price. As someone living through a remodeling project right now, prices always, always, always go up from the original estimate.

Good grief, that’s one heavily-rusted underside! Hopefully it can be blasted and it won’t all crumble but be prepared for the worst. The seller says that this car has been “in storage since 1978. Has the original inspection sticker still the dana 60 under it. Has 9624 original miles. It is a true time capsule. All the original parts are there. Needs total restoration. was a old flash light drag racing car from pa has cool can headers and moroso oil pan tow tabs are still there and have the tow bar for it also. First owner was the dealership as this car was his demo car for his son.” Hopefully original parts can be found to put this one back together again, original is king for cars like this. Or, I would think that a first-year Satellite with a Hemi and 4-speed would want to be in original-spec condition.

The interior looks surprisingly good, despite being as dirty as (insert un-pc phrase here). And, that 4-speed! If this car doesn’t grow hair on your knuckles you aren’t alive! This was originally a blue car, I wonder if it was the same light poly blue as this gorgeous car that was sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction in 2012? That car went for $64,900, don’t expect this example to look like that for that price unless the next owner does most of the work her/himself. But, once it’s done it’ll be beautiful.

Oh boy, here we go. The next owner will drag this 426 Hemi with 425 hp out and go through it with a fine-tooth comb (who says that anymore?!) before putting it back into the restored engine compartment. I hope that the original parts can be found, or at least exact replacements. Unfortunately, this one isn’t running, the seller says that this “motor is complete have not touched it or tried to turn it over since its been stored for last 40 years.” What will it take to restore this car, $50,000? More?

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  1. Jimmyj

    I’ll take the done 67 gtx for $85000 all day long
    Looks like a bargain compared to this beater!

    • Dick McMack

      I don’t get all this super high price crap that get put up on ebay.

      • ACZ

        You can’t buy a hub cap on eBay for a reasonable price.

    • theGasHole

      LOL ACZ you are so right about Ebay now. I need a center cap for my 06 Crown Victoria….you know, a vehicle they made about 50 bagillion of over the course of 20+ years. Just the center cap not the wheel cover itself…$30 is as cheap as I can find it on Ebay. There are literally Millions of these floating around. Anything car-related on Ebay is insanely priced nowdays

  2. Nrg8

    Yeah um. Nice before Pennsylvania got its salty hooks on it. Maybe put this on by the Plymouth time capsule flooded vault car

  3. Karguy James

    It will cost you $25,000 all day long to find an original and correct Hemi engine with all the correct intake, carbs, linkage, brackets, etc. PLUS an original Hemi 4spd is worth at least another $1,500 and the same goes for the B-Body Dana.

    • Steve R

      Why not rebuild the Hemi that’s in the car? That won’t cost $25,000.

      The ad implies it’s the original, it might be. For the money the want, that should have been addressed in the listing.

      Steve R

  4. John D

    Love these cars but I honestly don’t think they are bringing those numbers these days . . .

  5. Mark

    Words have meaning. “In storage for 40 years”? Not the same as”parked for 40 years.” The Police Tow sticker on the window speaks volumes. This thing has been exposed to the elements for some time.

  6. Mike

    Surprised the actual motor is still in the car and didn’t get yanked 40 years ago.

  7. On and On On and On Member

    IMHO it makes the 1967 Camaro scream bargain.

  8. Superdessucke

    Someone’s 401k is about to be twitching on the canvas. Once he dies 15 years from now and the kids try to sell it, all they’re going to get is “what the heck is a Hemi?” from perplexed Millenials, who could never afford these cars.

    • Billy 007

      Yes, I have been saying that for a long time now. My 25 year old son could care less about this, give him a Honda Civic Si and he is all over it. BTW, the dealer gave this to his son to drive as a “demo”? How old was this “son”, sure hope he wasn’t in high school. Can you imagine a hemi 4 speed for a sassy 16 year old?

      • Superdessucke

        It would take some of the starch right out of him, that’s for sure! If it’s any consolation to the next owner’s kids, Millenials, and the next generation coming up now, generally only care about cars when it comes time to hit the Uber app on their iPhone or Android.

  9. Tort Member

    Like the Satellite’s styling of those years however it amazes me how an engine makes so much difference in value. Not only is the body a rust bucket but the car being raced and the engine not running it’s a big gamble that the engine is internally damaged beyond repair.

  10. Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

    Wow! I need this car, Scotty, though I’d prefer a Coronet only because I owned a ’66 myself. Someone with $43,000 (and not much more) might disregard the opportunity cost of their time for the singular chance to own an original Hemi car, but I agree with your analysis; the math doesn’t work for an investment. Still, if it checks out, that’s an amazing find. Nice one!

  11. George

    426 engine,4 SPD. Trans, manual, single system,(probably) drum brake system. Best of luck with stopping, especially at speed!!

  12. GP Member

    Why wouldn’t you pull the plugs, lube the cylinders, let sit awhile and see if it will turn over? If it does, more money, if not at least your honest.

  13. Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

    One down side to these big old engines is the amount of gas they will slurp down. Personally I’d rather have a 1966 charger with a 318cid and a refit overdrive trans. This thing will need so much new metal in it you might as well buy a repop body and start over. I also think the desirability of these cars is past its apex and as us boomers die off one one is going to want this car. Best of luck to the buyer I wouldn’t pay more then $5000.00 for it.

  14. Nova Scotian

    JUNK. Mostly. Beat and done. Sure buy it. Biggest issue is finding an affordable insurer for this pile. However … amazing that cars were built back then with little regard for safety! Not that they knew any better at the time. Lol
    Meanwhile back at decision making headquarters Cira 1965….”gentlemen this here model needs a competitive motor, and we have a motion on the table to drop this here Hemi into this here little gem, (snickers amongst group in background)…any objections?” ….crickets…..”Motion passed!

  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Heater delete car?

  16. Gary Day

    What the hell if you have the money. Try get the engine all lubed and free get it running do all the brakes so it’s safe and scare the hell out of some of these young kids who don’t know what the car is or capable of.

  17. newfieldscarnut

    If it had been stored correctly it would be worth $100,000 plus .

  18. james r burton

    here is a pic. of my buddies 66 satalite. an yes it’s a 426 4 spd. the same color of what this car was except a vinal top. he drives it to car show every weekend some over a 100 miles away. its turn key every time and trouble free for a hemi. 100 grand car and is not scared to drive it

    • Mike W H

      I’m pretty sure the color of this car was like the Satellite in the background

    • gene

      Beautiful car, my fave Mopar, and its BLUE :-)

  19. lawrence

    What Mark said…..looked this one over a day or so ago…..

  20. RoughDiamond Member

    Those header collectors sure got altered by something. I can’t see this price, no how, no way.

  21. Rspcharger

    Editor, have a gander at this “sentence”,
    “was a old flash light drag racing car from pa has cool can headers and moroso oil pan tow tabs are still there and have the tow bar for it also.”

  22. Troy s

    High dollar car when new, wonder how well it ran in those “organized” street races.
    Amazing this car remained stored and neglected all this time as hemi powered cars have been pulling big bucks for quite awhile now.

  23. GO-PAR

    Scotty, the first year for the Satellite was 1965, not 1966.

    • bigdoc13

      Amen,I had a ’65 Satellite.

  24. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Apr 14, 2018 , 5:22PM
    Current bid:US $32,600.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 35 bids ]
    Price:US $39,500.00

  25. David Hatch

    Everyone has the Rarest Car on earth and since Barret Jackson and Meacum Auctions started getting televised everybody thinks that their’s is the rarest on earth and in perfect condition just like this Pile of Rust I see the Hemi as the only good thing about it!

  26. Brian West

    Really people. This is a “HEMI” survivor. Apparently people don’t understand the significance of this statement. Along with documentation to go along with it. Simply amazing. I am in awe of such a car. This will be an amazing car when restored.

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