426 Wedge/4-Speed! 1964 Plymouth Belvedere

The opening image of this 1964 Plymouth Belvedere had me before I bothered to read the description. And the description, brief as it is, just pulls it all together. There is, what appears to be, some authenticity here so let’s dig in and see what’s what. This Belvedere is located in Reno, Nevada and is available, here on craigslist for $23,000. Thanks to Steven B. for this tip!

Some of you may recall this ’65 Plymouth “Super Stock” post from two weeks ago and this ’64 Belvedere is in keeping with that tradition. The difference here appears to be the originality, especially as it relates to a decode of the trim tag. Let’s look at the bottom row:

  • SO (Shipping Order): 1227 December 27th
  • Number: 0340 (340th produced)
  • Body: 322 (Belvedere two-door hardtop)
  • Trim: M1Q (Turquoise)
  • PNT: LL (Dark Turquoise Metallic)

But the real action is further up where the code “14” is listed under columns AB, which equals a 426 CI wedge engine. I believe that the “3” under the C column equates to a four-speed manual transmission but I wasn’t able to run that down completely but research indicates that’s the column for transmission identification. The seller refers to this Belvedere as “all original”, it sounds like he’s right.

The 426 CI V8 engine was new for Chrysler Corp. in ’64 and over 6K cars among the Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth brands saw fit to receive one. Horsepower flavors included 365 (this example) or the “Super Stock Max wedge Stage III at either 415 or 425 HP. This four-speed manual transmission-equipped example, according to the seller, “Runs and drives great“.  The engine actually looks unmodified without a chrome, open-element air cleaner, or yellow spark plug wires – how refreshing!

Outside we find a straight, rust-free body, faded paint, and some missing trim – the perfect street brawler vibe! The seller advises that he has the detached trim pieces. I always liked the almost triangular shape of the C-Pillar on ’64 Plymouths and Dodges, it’s a real signature styling theme. All in all, the body/finish of this Belvedere could be left as is, it works perfectly with the doggie-bowl hubcaps and black painted steel wheels.

The bench seat interior and the geeky steering wheel are perfect for the era. The seller has really tried to keep the original character of this Belvedere with the only interior modifications being the extra gauges and the rather oversized tachometer – all in keeping with the concept of day-two mods. You can tell that the carpet is obviously new and I imagine the seats have been reupholstered – they look too good to be 57 years of age. Of note is the missing passenger door panel.

This is a really cool streetcar and the combination of the engine and the overall originality is what makes it. Whether or not the seller will actually get his price is unknown, but assuming that it sells, someone’s going to get a perfect ’60s hotrod, wouldn’t you agree?


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  1. Cadmanls Member

    Back in early 70 a coworker found a 64 with bench seat and 4 speed car with a 413 it was a tire smoking beast. We worked at a Shell station, he would dig in the used tires to keep rubber on the back. Cars like that were cheap then as the 69 and 70 models were so much more popular.

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  2. Jim Martin

    Ahh youth, WHERE DID YOU GO? In my youth I had the good luck to buy a 62 Valiant from MELROSE MOTORS in Oakland. This got me into being an extremely minor cog of the origination of the famous MELROSE MISSLE. We campaigned the 426 wedge then the 426 Hemi even an altered wheelbase. ” Quicker then stink” Tommy Grove once remarked.

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  3. billtebbutt

    Funny how our tastes can change over time….

    As a kid, I disliked the look of these, a LOT. Yet I look at this today, and get all dreamy about it. Loving it….


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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Back in 1967 I rented a place from a family that bought a 64 Fury Convertible with a 426 Max Wedge and 3 speed purely for the engine. The engine was swapped out for a 413 in a ski boat. The boat was reworked many different ways and it was a true beast on the water. You wouldn’t believe all that was done just to make it idle through the inlet and not leave a huge wake, but boy could that sucker move once it was out on open water. This one looks to have the regular 426 due to single carb, but I assume it’s a mover too.

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  5. Ralph

    I recall seeing Richard Petty race one of these, and win a ton.
    That’s what got me into MOPAR performance and cars.
    Rode in an identical model with our paper boy as a 10 year old. Scared the snot out of me, but made me a believer in MOPAR power.
    Neat car here.

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  6. Terrry

    The’64-65 Belvedere had a nice body style. My dad owned a ’65 with a 318 and a neighbor owned the same, only with a slant six. Ours was a hard top, the neighbor’s a four-door. The hardtops looked much better.

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  7. PaulG

    1964 = 4 years before the Roadrunner.
    This was perhaps it’s cRaZy Uncle, and once you compare the 2 it’s pretty obvious.

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  8. Slantasaurus

    This is a 1965, not a 1964. The street wedge 426 wasn’t available in 64, just the Max Wedge. Also compare the pics with the other 64 Plymouth on the site today and you’ll see the difference between 64 and 65, 64 front fenders come to a point, different taillights, etc.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      Attached is the ’64 Plymouth sales brochure for the Belvedere, it looks like the exact same car. Note the trim, the ’65 is completely different.

      Further in the ’64 Brochure, on another page, there is a reference to the 365 HP 426 street wedge engine being an option.


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      • Jim ODonnell Staff

        Here’s the brochure for the ’65 Belvedere II, it doesn’t look like the subject car, again trim and fender crease differences.


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      • Robbie R.

        Yes, Jim you are correct… 1964. My first car was a 64 Ply Belvedere w/ 318 engine Bought in 74 when I was 16. Great learn to drive car with the push button trans. Served me well for a year or so until I got the muscle car bug.

    • Buddy Holt

      I do believe it is a ‘65 due to the lack of side moldings (which could have been removed). a full frontal shot would confirm; however, the 426 Street wedge was available in ‘64. I know because I have one which now has a cross-ram race Hemi residing under the hood.

      • Greg Hoover

        There are additional photos in the Craigslist ad that confirm this to be a 64.

    • Gary

      There was a 426 street wedge available in 1964. And again in 1965.

      There are several examples of these here on the barnfinds site.

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    • rick

      the 426 was a 64 option and this is by all means a 64 model i don,t believe the shift linkage handle is correct for the 64 bench seat also i didn,t see the 426 hood ornament

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  9. ADM

    THIS….is the car to have.

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  10. marlon w smith

    This is a 64 my cousin had a 65 Belvedere III 383 Speed .The front end is completely different

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  11. JoeBob

    This is a really nice 64. Like all old vehicles, it probably has some surprises. I also liked the Mopar V shaped c-pillar. I thought it made Mopars LOOK
    The current $23k ask for a running, driving 64 Belvedere 426 4-speed seems fair.
    If this Mopar was yours, would you go for originality or drive-ability? The brakes this 64 was born with but be very marginal today. Paint it or let it keep its stealth vibe? I think the softball size tach would come off first.

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  12. 433jeff

    I think its priced to cheap myself, i bet we see this with an altered price in a few months, at least thaT what my crystal ball says, 4 speed big block= history.

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  13. B-Boy

    I like this car.

    Is that Bondo on the passenger rear wheel well? It looks like chipped paint with Bondo underneath.

  14. Troy s

    Great Mopar, just like the black Sport Fury posted elsewhere. It captures Chrysler early in the horsepower race of the sixties where power ratings were getting more alarming than ever before, no doubt big brother took notice as well questioning the “reason” for such high horsepower cars on public highways.
    There were a list of cars I really wanted as a kid these ’63-’64 two door Mopars with big engines were near the top. I drooled over them at Carlsbad Raceway as there were still plenty in active duty in the early to mid eighties…even later.
    For me this is what a MOPAR is, plainfully sinister.

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  15. Paolo

    I like it. I’m in the process of selling two cars now and I’ll probably be too late for this one.

  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Not all original – air cleaner and shifter just at a glance – but a nice car…..

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