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1969 Ford Mustang Sportsroof 428 Cobra Jet Survivor!

With the overwhelming popularity of the Ford Mustang in the pony field and the sheer number of cars produced, finding a vintage offering in the marketplace at any given time is rarely a problem.  But running across one that ticks so many of the right boxes across the board like this 1969 model for sale here on eBay is a cause for celebration, and there’s so much good stuff going on with this one it’s kind of hard to know where to begin.  So for starters, how about a numbers-matching 428 Cobra Jet and 13k miles?  If you find this initially intriguing, there are plenty more positives left to go, so make your plans quickly for a trip to Canoga Park, California to check the car out in person, and expect to pay more than $45,600 as that’s where bidding is up to at the moment.

The seller mentions that he acquired the Mustang only a few years ago, but prior to that time it had been off the road since 1976 and garaged under a cover for more than four decades.  All of the metal is said to be from the factory and in great shape, with no past or present rust issues, no body filler, and no serious accidents, although one minor casualty occurred in ’94 during the Northridge earthquake when a motorcycle fell over and hit the passenger side door.  The majority of the paint is stated as original, with just a few small touch-ups here and there made throughout the years.  Ford changed the name of the Fastback in ’69, and it officially became known instead as the Sportsroof model.

Under the hood is the same 428 Cobra Jet the Mustang left the factory with, including that cool ram-air topper protruding through the hood.  Yeah, it’s not quite a Boss 429, but it was second in command among engine choices for ’69, and the owner praises the big block’s performance.  It’s said to start and idle perfectly, with no unusual noises, smoke, or leaks, plus the C6 transmission also gets a clean bill of health, as the automatic shifts firmly and at proper intervals with no hesitation.  Another noteworthy feature is underneath, with a 3.50 traction lock rear axle in place, which the seller claims is 1 of 1 according to the Marti report.

Things inside are completely in stock form and all original, according to the owner, with everything claimed to be in working order in there.  More good news is we get several photos of the door jambs and different areas from the underside, all of which seem to show a solid car all the way around.  This one appears deserving of the term survivor, as the seller has deemed it, and I’m curious just how far past the $50k mark the Mustang may be headed.  Any thoughts?


  1. Charles

    I would think that beautiful car should top 100 grand.. I had a 428 Torino cobra 69 I owned it in 1976 and that was a beast so I can imagine what this beautiful Mustang is like..

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Interesting Mustang. In a nearby post we have a very eye-catching 1969 Mach 1 (might be a clone?), with a 351. Here we have a fairly basic Sportsroof, in a soft yellow, but with a 428. The whitewalls and no wheel covers adds to the “plain” look. I guess it illustrates how widely cars could be configured back then.

    Looks like a good survivor, with lots of interest (and bids).

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  3. Howie

    I can only see 4 photos, not crazy over that color.

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    • Joe

      Wimbledon White, I think. I remember LTD’s in this color, but might be the first Mustang. That said, I think it could grow on me with the right rims or hubcaps. Kind of sleeper, looking.

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      • 19sixty5 Member

        Meadowlark yellow is the color. It is so bland looking as is, needs at least some hub caps. But what a cool old basically un-molested Mustang!

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      • DON

        Wimbledon White was a popular color on all model Fords ; my 67 Falcon was the same color. ..that, and rust

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      • Bill

        That is not Wimbledon white.

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    • Howie

      I can see the many photos now, the seller has it listed as yellow.

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      • shelbyGT500 Member

        Wher do you see more photos ?

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      • Howie

        There is a box to click on that says See full item description.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Here’s a link to the 200 photos.

      Very impressive car and could have that low mileage.
      This might sound crazy, but the wear on the keys indicates that the car has much more mileage than that.

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  4. TorinoSCJ69

    Very Nice!

    Why PS was disabled with pump belt off, and Radiator fan shroud removed (past broken motor mount – shroud damage?) – who knows…

    This Mustang is in stunning shape for a survivor. So expensive and difficult to bring back 50 yr old cars with all the time and SCARCE NOS parts needed. And here you have a 428 mustang spared the abuse and time that all those years bring. Color is a not another red shade everyone likes but the condition is the point here.

    This Ram Air CJ 428 needs a good Home but full history would help explain the Survivor and power steering status.

    Way past $50K would be my guess.

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    • Grumpy

      Looks like it’s an air pump with no belt? I don’t remember seeing any with a painted p/s pump or a chrome coil. I could be wrong.

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  5. Edward Burke

    $72,000 car…

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  6. Grape Ape

    Sportsroof with a warranty tag of fastback lol marketing.
    Let the debate go on.

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  7. Stan

    Id put centre-caps on the steelies, and cruise it. 🏁

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  8. JCA Member

    Nice car, but I’m not sure about it being 1 of 1 with the 3.50 axle. I don’t see that on the Marti either. I think if it was a SCJ 428 Drag Pack car with the 3.50 axle it would be about 1 in 4. With the standard Cobra Jet 428, having the 3.50 axle isnt unusual. SCJ 428’s were supposed to come with only higher drag gears and you were not supposed to be able to order a 3.50 axle. However, some cars built at San Jose put them in anyway in error

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    • Jeff

      They seem to be saying it is the only yellow 428CJ with black interior and an automatic that also has a 3.50 rear. Splitting hairs at that point!

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    • Stan

      Cool story 😎 , got to love the older way of business. The assembling of so many specifically optioned models JCA 🤝

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  9. JohnfromSC

    Mild correction. Technically third, not second in the engine lineup. The 428 Super Cobrajet was 2nd, and it was different from the 428 Cobrajet, delivering more HP and with many non interchangeable components, even though the SCJ and SC shared the same displacement.

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    • C Force

      The 428 cj and scj are the same block,only difference is extra webbing in the main bearing saddles and the stronger”427 le mans”connecting rods.both are 4.13″bore and 3.98 stroke.heads are the same,the CJ has slightly larger intake and exhaust valves,and unlike the other “FE” engines the 428 in externally balanced and uses a steel crank.yes the parts are interchangeable

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  10. Big C

    I like the fact that it’s not a Mach 1. That paint is gorgeous, and I’m digging the steel wheels sans hupcaps look too!

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  11. Jeff

    Looks like a great car, but why was the VIN tag removed ???????????

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  12. TorinoSCJ69

    SCJ was only with 3.91 or 4.30 rear gear, those gear choices were what triggered the SCJ upgrades.

    SCJ would have the engine oil cooler and big hatchet balancer behind the harmonic balancer which this one does not .

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  13. bone

    Looking at the Marti report, it looks like this car was ordered by the dealership for their lot, and not a special order. Can you imagine walking onto a Ford lot in 69 and taking this for a test drive ?

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    • WOOM

      Yep. And it would come home with me too.

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      • Christopher Gentry

        I believe Wimbledon white been around since st least 65. Any who , this one is not. Pitty as white is my favorite. But yellow is a nice 3rd place finish. Any who , yeah MAYBE factory wheel covers if they’ll stay with all that torque. No stupid after market wheels on this girl please

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    • JCA Member

      The most interesting part of this car, that the owner doesn’t even mention, is that the dealership this came from was Foulger Ford. Chuck Foulger was the manager of the Ford Drag Racing program before he opened the Foulger Ford “high performance” dealership. I believe he ordered a a bunch of ’69 Mustangs all the same way as this car, Q-code 428CJ, C6 Auto, 3.50 rear end and whitewall tires. He had them all in stock in different colors.

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  14. Azzura Member

    Had a 1968 Torino GT with a CJ428. Can’t imagine the difficulty of changing the sparkplugs on this one!

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  15. Homer

    Note to Azzura. If a person can afford the car, they can pay someone to contort themselves to change the plugs. At 83 years of age, I tried to change an under the dash fuse and screwed my back up.

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  16. Angus Mustang

    Nice, looks like the same Yellow as my 70 Cougar XR7 survivor which I say is yellow, but original title says green

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  17. Robt

    Loving the look just as it sits. Wouldn’t change a thing, leaving it with no hubcaps. Somebody is getting a really sweet ride.

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    • Robt

      Nice touch the story about Chuck Foulger and his dealership. 👍

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  18. Howie

    Sold $63,250.15, with 89 bids.

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  19. Robert Wilson

    How did it get high back buckets with a standard 69 interior?

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  20. Jim wilkinson

    Love all u color blind people. The color is called sea olive green. Ive owned five stangs in this color geez!!

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