428 Genuine Miles? 1965 Ford Mustang

This 1965 Mustang has led a sheltered existence, having been in storage since the early 1970s. That’s not the most extraordinary part of this story, because the owner claims that the car has only traveled a genuine 428 miles since new. Whether this claim is true or not will undoubtedly be the source of quite some debate, so we’ll look at the car and consider all of its various attributes as a separate issue to the mileage claim. The Mustang is located in Northern Virginia and is listed for sale here on StangNet. The owner has set an asking price of $11,000 for this classic pony car.

The back story for this car is apparently that the original owner purchased the car, but was forced to sell it due to his divorce. The next owner was originally interested in scavenging some parts from the car but finished up purchasing the entire car from the original owner. It then underwent a color change before it was then placed into storage in the early ’70s. That is where it has sat until now, with the car finally being dragged back out into the light of day. The Mustang was originally finished in Prairie Bronze, but the second owner didn’t like that color, so had this changed to its current color. During this process, all of the badges were removed, and the Mustang was treated to a set of GT lights. The paint is peeling away in a number of places, and this is particularly obvious on the hood. It is hard to be sure, but there doesn’t appear as though there are any obvious issues with rust. The owner does say that the Mustang is rust free, but of course, nothing beats a good personal inspection, especially of the underside of the car.

The interior trim of the Mustang was originally Palomino vinyl, but the seats and other trim have been dyed black. Many of the painted surfaces have also been repainted to match the exterior color, except for the wheel which has been given a partial coat of red for some obscure reason. The interior generally doesn’t look unattractive, but given the low mileage claims for the vehicle, it would have been nice if it had been left original. There are a few nice features to be seen in the car, including the factory air conditioning, and the Rally Pac gauges. The interior trim is basically in good condition, albeit the wrong color, with the only real wear and tear issue being a small crack in the vinyl on the driver’s seat.

Being an A-Code car, what you get under the hood is a 289ci V8 that produces 225hp. That is hooked to the 3-speed Cruise-O-Matic transmission, while the original owner ticked the boxes next to power steering and 4-wheel power drum brakes on the option sheet. What isn’t clear is whether this is actually a numbers-matching car, as the owner gives us a lot of stories, but he does neglect hard facts in vital areas such as this. Now is where things get even muddier. It isn’t clear whether the car runs and drives, although the owner does mention that some of the normal tune-up items and the shocks have been changed at some point. Looking at the condition of the engine, and especially the engine paint does raise an interesting thought. If that is original and untouched, it is probably in the sort of condition that you would expect from a car with this claimed mileage. However, that alone is a pretty weak argument on which to base things so it would be nice if the owner holds some form of documentation to verify the claims.

If this Mustang is rust free and is a numbers-matching car, then at the $11,000 asking price it could be a very good buy. It would require a fair amount of restoration work to return it to its original condition, but it should be economically viable to do this. However, if those incredible mileage claims can be confirmed beyond any doubt, then that would make this a very special car, and that would make the asking price look like a real bargain. Like any classic car, the real value is in the documentary evidence that can confirm the claims.



    If it is indeed rust free than it may be well worth the asking price. 428 miles, my donkey.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I’m with you Jack. And the second owner buys it as a parts car? Maybe something seedy during the divorce, sugar in the gas tank?

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    That shifter looks like it’s been used quite a bit. Along with the rim of that spare tire. Asking price may not be too far off tho. Car presents well. Sounds like it’s never really found it’s identity (color) tho.

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    • OhU8one2

      I would toss the mileage claim right out the window. Now looking at the car as a whole, what kind of person would take a extremely low mile museum piece and paint it a different color? And change out the interior color. Plus add GT lights and such, then never ever drive the thing? This history story has more holes in it than a block of Swiss Cheese. Anyone believing the owners story raise your hand. I thought so.

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      • karl

        And he says the transmission had a leak so he rebuilt it – with only 428 miles ? No one in their right mind would believe this guys story

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      • Steve R

        How can anyone argue with a picture of the speedometer as proof of mileage. You guys are too cynical.

        Steve R

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    • 36 Packard

      If that car has 428 miles, then I have an eleven incher. The car owner has only fudged a little on the numbers, just like I do.

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    • Bill Wilkman

      The odd colors and n the engine bay, grille surround, and interior suggest a car that’s been monkeyed around with over a long period of time.

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  3. joe palmer

    There isn’t a chance in hell that 428 is the true mileage. More like 100,428. In any case, it doesn’t matter as the car has been butchered beyond redemption. Weird and spurious color changes (pl) and white underhood instead of bronze? Interior is just fugly and who paints the top of an air cleaner white? This reeks of cow manure and not in any good way. This a is a an $800 car needing an owner with taste.

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  4. joe palmer

    One more thing: if it was 428 miles; the tires would be the originals and the spare would be untouched; no pictures of either. Also missing are the many factory stickers and decals as well as paint markings applied during manufacturing; sellers who knowingly misrepresent cars like this give the business a bad name

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  5. don

    I smell something, and its not that new car smell, its something closer to what comes out of a bulls rear end – No way this car has that low mileage – and that story is the weakest I’ve heard in a long time

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    • Frank

      Engine color black block intake and pan gold valve covers and air cleaner

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  6. VWBussEd

    My guess is that it was redone in the 70’s and odometer was reset.

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  7. Mustang Magic Odometer

    Well it’s the Ford miracle miles and thats are so low.
    He needs to list more pictures and details ..
    Prior lineage of titles and services to validate the 428 thousand miles 🥴

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  8. Solosolo ken tilly Member

    Chancing his arm a little I would say. My ’67 Coupe had done many thousands of miles but still looked a lot better than this one with it’s supposed 428 miles only. Bulldung.

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  9. Will Fox

    You know, if a seller wants to BS his potential buyers he should at least make it somewhat believable. This one didn’t even try. “428 original miles”? He’s either drunk, blind, or the most gullible jamoke to come down the pike in decades.

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    I had no idea crack was legal in Northern Virginia. Because obviously this guy is doing it and he thinks we all are.

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  11. JohnD

    428 miles. Not. A. Chance.

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  12. normadesmond

    This car is dumb.

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  13. Stuart Rotan

    To the best of my knowledge. 1965 Mustangs came with a black engine block and gold colored valve covers and air cleaner. 1966 models started with the blue engine.

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  14. geomechs geomechs Member

    I thought the engines were painted gold in ’65. I didn’t see blue ones until ’66, and they were a lot darker blue than that. I’m wondering about this car…

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  15. h5mind

    Bring a magnet. It’s still in the Rust Belt.

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  16. Maestro1

    I agree with all of the above. It’s a tasteless and cheap looking car. You’d have to go back to Prairie Bronze, do the Interior, and you are North of $13,000.00. The mileage is not to be believed unless the Seller has documentation (which I would have trouble believing). All I can say is that there are some Mustangs of this vintage available on the Internet that apparently run and drive for less money. This is absurd.

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  17. CCFisher

    Are Mustang miles like dog years? Does one Mustang mile equal 700 regular miles?

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  18. Paul Hudson

    No way this is a low mile survivor. Three things immediately under the hood, Looks like replacement shocks, Replacement battery cable and also the radiator cap. The seats don’t look dyed either. They look like replacement covers and even look like they might be leather not correct vinyl. Mismatched wheels too? I’m sure an in person inspection would be pretty telling.

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    • Tom Member

      No offense Paul but who needs an in-person inspection when YOU CAN see SO much wrong in the photos (as you well pointed out). Who repaints a car and doesn’t take the trunk liner out and just over-sprays it?

      It was repainted because he did not like the original Bronze color…..and this paint job is better???

      Got rid of it because he couldn’t afford the paymentS…428 said miles, don’t you mean “payment”, like the first payment…? 428 miles sounds like the first month of driving it.

      I have to stop or I will go on for pages.

      OH, Hey I think I know where the title is……right next to the original odometer that reads 99,999 !!

      If the owner is “still looking for the title” ….well if it is stored in the same place the truth is, he’ll NEVER find it !!

      Ok, I’m done! Good Night! You’ve been a great crowd! I’m here all week! Tip your waitress and try the Veal !!

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  19. David Duivesteyn

    I think numbers matching can only refer to 68 and up cars when Ford started putting serial numbers on the block…..I think?

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    • Barney

      With a few exceptions such as the 289 K motor and the Boss 351 Ford did not put the vin on the block so technically there is no such thing as a numbers matching Mustang. Date coding the block gets you close but that’s about it

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      • CATHOUSE

        Wrong Barney. I have said it here before and I will say it again. In 1968 the federal government mandated that all new vehicles have their VIN stamped on the engine and transmission. So there is very much such a thing as a numbers matching Mustang. Don’t believe me? Feel free to get with me and I will show you the numbers on actual engines.

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      • Jon

        Sorry Cathouse, but on 64 1/2-66 mustangs could only have approx date stamps. VIN and Marty reports on Stangs started in 67.

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      • CATHOUSE

        You are correct Jon. What I said was starting in 1968 the engines and transmissions are VIN stamped.

  20. Brad G

    1,000,428 miles?

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  21. Midnightdriver2

    What an insult to Barn Finds followers to even think for a minute that this vehicle is an actual 428 mile car! Come on….

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  22. WaltL

    More likely 100,428 mi

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  23. karl

    Maybe the reason its been repainted , had the interior color changed , hasn’t been driven in years and cant find the title is because the car was stolen years ago ? Its possible the whole cluster was replaced and the 428 miles is all it had put on before it got hidden away ….

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  24. snerd

    Nice “original” over spray in trunk…ha

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  25. Jack Quantrill

    Years ago, you could have a speedo shop put any miles you wanted on the odometer for $10! This seller, has a lively sense of humor.

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  26. Ted

    Judging by the way the advert is written I’m thinking the seller had his bare hands in the solvent tank for too many years.

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  27. Bernie H.

    Blue engine color started in 1967, as mine has from the factory since day one. I’d be really leery of any on those claims, in fact I’d pass on this one being a coupe at the low end of the value tree. Fastback a different story maybe.

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  28. Allen Member

    For that price, doesn’t a certain bridge come with it?

    If I had a car with only 428 miles on it for sale, I’d detail the daylights out of it before offering it just to show off the showroom-fresh aspects of it. What value is there in a car with but 428 miles on it if it shows like 300,428 miles?

    And what happened to that spare wheel? And have a look at those seats! If this was stored indoors, it must have been left with the windows open – and maybe on a dirt floor.

    And isn’t the 428 on the odometer interesting. It’s not 428.3 with the tenths indicator partially rolled to the next digit, or 428.7. It’s exactly 428.0. My guess is that it was disconnected just after it rolled over 100,000 miles. Or 200,000… Easy to do back then.

    I see absolutely nothing in the description or the pictures that would corroborate that odometer reading.

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  29. Allen Member

    I just noticed an ad on the same page for a Buick Grand National with just 3959 miles on it. Whether that’s accurate or not, I’d certainly expect a car with just 428 miles on it to look at least this good. Otherwise, what’s the point? If it is accurate, it only stands to show how badly a real pig can tear up a nice new car in less than 500 miles. In this case, I don’t see that it makes the car any more collectible or valuable.

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  30. Paul Hudson

    The crazy thing is that if it was brought up to decent original condition it would be worth 10-15K even if it had 100K miles on it. If it really was a 428 mile car it would be worth a lot more. I think cars should be driven. A time capsule car with little to no miles is just a museum piece or good for research. I once bought a 1977 F100 in 2002 and it had 35K miles on it. It was pretty obvious it was low mileage and completely original and rust free. I kept it for about 6 years and sold it with 50K miles for $500 less than I paid for it. The important thing is I used it and enjoyed it for 15K miles. Had I kept it it would be worth much more now but the economy dictated I sell to pay my bills.

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  31. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    One of the best colors offered that year, bronze, was covered up with pale yellow and a goofy stripe applied to the side? A black leather seat kit is installed but the carpet remains faded nylon loop? Car has less than 500 miles but some archeologists opened the tomb a few times since 1970 to attach GT lights, swap tires, and never polish the “new” yellow refinish? Totally implausible. I’m from Northern Virginia, where there was a firm in the 1970s buying all Mustangs and cranking them out restored, assembly-line style. All of them suffered from the heavy salt and snow (often measuring in feet during the wintertime in NOVA). Run away fast from this loser ‘stang.

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  32. bigdoc

    What person buys a Mustang, repaints it, adds GT lights, puts exactly 428 miles on it then puts in a garage for 40+ years? As others have said so eloquently Bull hockey.

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  33. Ron

    What a mess…

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  34. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    My brother bought a 65 mustang that had been sitting in a field for many years that was in better shape than this one. He spent over $30k having that car professionally rebuilt, rotisserie style. He gave it to his daughter for high school graduation. I think that was about ten years ago.
    God bless America

  35. TimM

    Hard to believe someone bought a car painted the steering wheel red and parked it in the garage after 428 miles!!!!

    • Del

      This thing looks like a bad Pizza

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  36. Bob McK Member

    Well said everyone!

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  37. Allen J Libecap

    Barn find my a**…… more like what you find on the floor of the bull barn….c,mon!

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