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42K-Mile 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport

The seller refers to this 42,000-mile 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport sedan as a barn find, and then they tell about all the work that’s been done to it, including new paint. I would have loved to see it in its “barn find” condition, it looks almost like new now. They have it listed here on eBay in Akron Ohio and they have an $8,500 buy-it-now price listed. Thanks to Larry D. for sending in this tip!

This car appears to be in stunningly-nice condition, and once you read the eBay description of the work that has gone into this car, that $8,500 asking price seems like a steal. Chevrolet made the Celebrity from 1981 for the 1982 model year, until 1990 at which point it was replaced by the Lumina. An unusual piece of trivia is that 1989 was the last year for the sedan but the wagon was offered in 1990, the lone body style for this model until it disappeared.

Chevrolet made just under 240,000 Celebrity sedans in 1985 and just under 355,000 total for this model in that year. Just 29,000 two-door coupes were made, so if a person were looking for a rare model, that’s the one to have. That’s not anything against this car as it looks like a winner to me. I don’t think I’ve seen a nicer one and it brings me right back to the mid-1980s again. In the mid-1980s, my neighbor bought a brand new Celebrity Classic that had a vinyl top. I remember being surprised to see a vinyl top on a new car in the mid-1980s.

There were several trim levels of the Celebrity, including the CS and CL, a high-end trim level for station wagons was the Estate, and then there was this version, the Eurosport. One level above this for the 1987 and 1988 model years was the Eurosport VR, which was based on the Eurosport RS concept. Our own Jeff Lavery showed us one here on Barn Finds a couple of years ago. A two-door Eurosport VR in a two-tone paint scheme would be my first choice, but I like them all, as usual.

The interior appears to be in outstanding condition here and it really does look like a low-mile car. Sadly, the seller doesn’t show an engine photo. I’ll never understand that, but it’s a multi-port fuel-injected Chevrolet 2.8-liter V6 which would have had 130 horsepower and 155 lb-ft of torque. This engine has new fuel injectors, new gaskets, and the list goes on and on. I’m sure the seller has more into this car than they’re asking for it. Have any of you owned a Chevy Celebrity?


  1. nycbjr Member

    I preferred the Pontiac version the 6000 STE

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    • Pk33

      Had this exact unit. I was in the fuel industry in, Florida. Mine was a dual fuel company car( gas/LP), Used same fuel gauge when switched over to LP. Propane is 130 Octane, ran like a Rocket. Brought a customer from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlano for meeting, at Airport. He asked me why we didn`t stop for gas. I told him car got 75 mpg. He never asked after that !😎

  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    I’ve never cared for the cheap plastic interiors
    on these ’80’s GM cars.

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    • bone

      Hey, it was the 1980s, what didnt have a cheap plastic interior ??

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      • Psychofish2

        What modern car doesn’t?

        It’s all cheap plastic. Petrochemical wizardry.

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      • Brad460 Member

        Actually I don’t think this interior is particularly cheap. There were some cars like that but I think GM actually had pretty decent interiors. In fact I MUCH prefer this to darn near anything made today for the color alone. Nowdays it’s either slit your wrist grey, or drab black. Bring back the “color keyed” interiors!

        If I had room I’d be looking into this.

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  3. Walter

    Rate does not automatically mean valuable. This is proof. A few thousand for cheap transportation? Sure. $8500? Not me.

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    • Walter

      Just read my post. It should be Rare not Rate.
      Not fond of autocorrect.

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  4. Emel

    I can assure you….no celebrities drove these heaps. lol

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    • karl

      And an Ambassador never drove an AMC , and a President, or Dictator never drove a Stude , or a Diplomat in a Dodge…etc….. ….probably not even a Matador drove a Matador

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      • Psychofish2

        An Impala never drove an Impala I would suggest.

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  5. Howard A Member

    Good one, Emel, maybe on the WAY to Hollywood. In case some weren’t there, in the 80s, car offerings were all over the place. In an attempt to sell these cars, all kinds of gimmicks were used. Here, for example, they took a mundane car like the Celebrity, and juiced it up with half baked ideas. Europeans didn’t seem to have the same troubles we were having, lets make a “Euro” edition.
    To be clear, the Celebrity wasn’t a bad car, I know plenty that drove the wheels off them, they were popular with municipal depts., that “visiting nurse” had one, some with hundreds of thousands of miles, properly maintained, that is. The common schmoe, who drove it like their old Impala, usually got poor results, hence they were bad cars in their eyes. But for $100 extra bucks over a base Celebrity, you too could be royalty,,they were good cars for a changing automotive scene.

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    • Brad460 Member

      These were made because normal traditional American cars were no longer consider “cool” and everyone thougth they had to have something exotic and european, thus the creation of all these euro wannabes.

      However, GM, Ford, and Chrysler sold millions of their more standard cars, and if they were maintained, most were acceptable. Its funny in the motorcycle market, the American bikes were considered cool and all the imported brands had to come up with bikes that looked like Harleys. It’s all based on what is perceived as being cool

  6. BrianT BrianT Member

    I had one like this. Same colors, everything. I bought it well used and drove it for years. The only thing I had to repair was a new water pump. I ran over a dead deer in the road and it bent the radiator and AC condenser but neither leaked, AC still worked and all. Rust started working its way up the doors so I sold it, thinking it had reached to he end. Two years later I saw it driving down the road, patched, inspected and registered.

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  7. David R Member

    My stepmom had a regular Celebrity in beige…by far the worst car color ever in my opinion. I saw a Celebrity the other day and took a picture! It’s been years since I saw one out and about

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  8. Psychofish2

    I didn’t have a Celebrity but it’s progenitor: a Citation. An 84 II notchback with identical mag wheel design as this Eurosport. Two tone champagne and dark brown paint.

    By 84 the Xs shared the improvements the As got in their development.

    My Father’s Oldsmobile Ciera generated my affection for the A Body…. that grew to the X, the Ns, the Js and GM in general.

    That Ciera was the trigger for the Citation, they were both quiet, well trimmed, rode like much larger cars, had a sensible size.

    GM doesn’t get the credit they should have for the excellent packaging and having been able to transfer that “big car feel” into much smaller products.

    Always hated Chevys as a kid. I’d love to have this Celebrity. The irony….

    If a current Malibu was as trim and practical I’d be looking.

    GM never learned a thing from their downsizing frenzy. After spending billions….

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  9. Lance Platt

    Compared to the great classic 1955 Chevys, 1965 Mustangs and stylish personal luxury cars on Barnfinds, this Celebrity doesn’t generate much collector enthusiasm. But it does excel at being a 28 year old survivor that would make good transportation. I love the boxy ducking to get in the car and banging my forehead at drive-thrus. I loved the bucket seat with automatic transmission on the floor not a fleet car column shifter. I appreciated its front wheel drive for better traction on wet and snowy roads with the V6 over the drive wheels. It’s shape makes the car space efficient. Today, with remaining fewer passenger cars, we have only 4 cylinder engines and a roofline that penalizes back seat passengers and is hard for older drivers and passengers to get out of. Not very exciting but very practical and looks great for a 1985 model.

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  10. Matt in Flint

    Seller sure has put a lot of $$$$ into this car! I must asked, where does one get a quality repaint and pinstripe for $3k ???
    I truly like this car, have a nice “classic” car for under $10k

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  11. JoeNYWF64

    Try finding any vehicle new today (or made this century, for that matter) with an all blue interior. & comfy velour.

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  12. Cdice

    I had a 1982 Buick Skylark as a company car. Had the 2.8 V6. Swapped in an aftermarket soundsystem and it wasn’t too bad. Later had an 84 Olds Cierra ES with F41 suspension and 3.0 Buick V6. Still a company car but significant improvement over the Skylark.

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  13. Jost

    Nice find, you don’t see them any more so it’s a good trip down memory lane. You don’t see them because they were just utility cars, not worth preserving and not worth restoring. They were not bad cars, not so good either but what was good in the 80,s. I had an 84 Pontiac 6000 with the 2.8. It was ok, we had it a long time and saw it around town long after I sold it.

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  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    LOL – remonds me of the Celebrity wagon I once drove as a company car. It was nicknamed the “Rack-Mobile” because it was always filled with metal magazine racks that I would manage to convince store owners they needed in order to sell the trashy rags I repped.

    The 4 cylinder engine had a tough time keeping up with Greater Boston traffic especially when filled with racks. And anyone who has driven in Boston knows that you have to keep glued to the back bumper of the car in front of you to prevent another Mass-hole from cutting you off.

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  15. CenturyTurboCoupe

    GM nailed it with these A bodies! Not so much with the N’s and destroyed the J’s from 1995 onward.

  16. Bill

    I think v6 Celebrities were not fuel injected. Only the 4 cylinder.
    v6 injection started on some 86 models.

    • Jost

      I know that the 84 was was not f.i. As the 2,8 in my Pontiac 6000 had a carb.

  17. RStokes

    The last car my father bought new (and his last car): an 85 just like this but burgundy with matching “velour” interior. I always remember the sound of this engine (same in the V6 Pontiac Fiero and 6000), I think it was a Walker (Dynomax) from the factory with the greatest “burble”…and for 1985, the way the throttle was tuned it really zipped away from a stop. I wish I could take a shot at this one, in memory of my dad!

  18. Miguel - Mexican Spec

    This is what Mexico got for a Eurosport. You could also get it in a 4 door.

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  19. Miguel - Mexican Spec

    This is the interior of that car. You could also get an automatic.

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  20. Miguel - Mexican Spec

    The Celebrity was also sold in Mexico earlier than the Cutlass. Here is the interior of a super clean dark green 1985 model.

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  21. JoeNYWF64

    Steering wheel on car for sale here from Monte SS.
    What happened to all these cars? 1 or 2 computers & no body control
    modules – EZ to keep running. Did they rust out or were they redeemed for cash as “clunkers”?

    • Miguel - Mexican Spec

      The wheel was also used on the Eurosport package.

      As far as where they went, the US is a throw away society.

      The engine wears out and instead of spending $2000 to rebuild it, they go spend $20,000 on a new car.

      For $2000 they could get another 20 years out of the car, but they throw it away.

      I have heard so many stories where the car needed brakes or a head gasket and the car was junked.

  22. Bakes

    I had a 86 cavalier z24 that looked remarkably like this car from the outside – smaller obviously, but same paint scheme down to the pinstripes that I applied (orange and red to match the z24 script). Red velor interior though. Sure wish I could find one of those.

    My car also had the same 2.8 l V6 as this car, it was a snotty sounding little unit. Loved that sound. This looks like a damn nice car for the money, going to be hard to find one nicer if you’re looking for A bodies for some reason

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