50k Original Miles! 1957 Chrysler 300C Convertible

Chrysler began producing their 300 cars known as the “letter series” in 1955, and upon introduction, they were advertised as “America’s Most Powerful Car”.  Based on the New Yorker, the car lasted through five generations until 1966, or six if you count the one-year-only 1970 Hurst 300.  1957 was the first year model of the second-generation car, named the 300C, which added the more pronounced tail fins in the back and featured fresh-air ducts under the headlights to help cool the front brakes.  The tail fins have actually been claimed to help increase high-speed stability!  If you’ve been in the market for a 300 and like the drop-top models, this 1957 Chrysler 300C Convertible may be worth a look.  The car is located in Lee, New Hampshire, and can be found here on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $99,000.

This 300C was stored for many decades in the dry garage of the original owner until the seller purchased it from his daughter as part of an estate.  The car is said to be clean with only minor surface rust in a few areas, with mostly original paint and some small touch-ups here and there.  Some minor dents and dings are present, and the paint is wearing thin, but the seller says that there have never been any body repairs and that no rusted-through spots appear on any of the panels.

Performance shouldn’t be a problem, as the 300C is still equipped with its original 392 cubic inch V8.  The seller says that he has driven the car all over town and it runs great, although no word on whether or not the motor has ever had an overhaul, and no mention about the automatic transmission either. Actual mileage is listed as 50,700, so maybe this drivetrain really still does have some good life left in it.

Inside, everything seen is original right down to the carpet, and while it could use some help at least it’s all there.  The door panels are said to be in good shape, with the power windows working well, and the glass is stated to be good all the way around.  The original convertible top has been replaced with a correct black-colored top, along with the top motor, pistons, and lines.

Although nothing is specifically mentioned about the underside, there are some photos included that show things down below, and from what we can see everything looks solid with no obvious areas to cause concern.  And if you think the $99k price tag is a little high, there’s also the option to submit an offer for consideration.  What are your thoughts on this 1957 Chrysler 300C Convertible?


  1. Will Fox

    It will easily take another $100K to restore this, but no worries about the car losing value; the `57 300C is the pinnacle of collectible letter-series 300’s! However, IMHO the seller is a little high on his price, given the car’s condition. Something along the lines of $50-60K would be more realistic. An extremely rare find that begs to be showroom new again!

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    • JD DJ

      Will Fox
      “There Only Original Once”! Have you heard a vast following collectors who will keep this car as is with some refurbishment

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  2. Joe Haska

    Will it only costs a little more to go first class, easy for me to say. I do agree with you.

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  3. Shawn Fox Firth

    Clif Inmans ’57 Windsor custom comes to mind whenever I see one of these ,

  4. pickin Member
    • CJinSD

      And I filled up my car with 93 octane Top Tier gas for $21.48 on the same day. The dollar isn’t worth what it once was.

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      • Gerard Frederick

        Now THAT is a brilliant observation!

    • theGasHole

      Damn inflation!

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  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    99K? The world has gone mad. And 100K to restore it? Does it need restored?

    I have no answers, only questions.

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    • Beaner

      People with so much money they don’t care how they spend it. I keep hearing craziness about people driving car prices out of sight because the dollar is about to collapse. Did they ever stop to think that if that happens, who will be around to give you a return on your “investment” Just an excuse to spend by people who want to spend but tell themselves it is for a purpose, so they can feel less guilty about conspicuous consumption. If they are really serious, maybe they need to head for the hills and stock up on canned goods. Still, I do like this car. Singer Richard Carpenter has a perfectly restored one like this in his vast collection. Great car, great collection. Worth checking out on line, a lot of super nice stuff to look at. And, I am afraid that with these prices, that is all most of us can do, look.

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      • Steven E Clinton

        My brother worked in Sante Fe Springs and the warehouse next door was where Richard Carpenter stored some of his collection. He was not a very nice man, I’ll leave it at that.

      • CJinSD

        One hopes that they’ve already spent money figuring out where their food will be coming from, so they can enjoy telling one another about how they bought gullwing Mercedes for as many dollars as a quart of milk will be costing in 2024.

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      • Ike

        He sure liked his Chrysler products; just beautiful. Dad had a used 56 300 he used for his window cleaning business; if we only knew!

      • Beaner

        @CJsinSD, Inflation is mostly the people in economic control taking advantage. Their motto is to “never let any disruption go away without the excuse to gouge the already poor and sickly public just a little more”. Oil, and the petroleum people who control it and are making out like bandits, is up a crazy amount. While they are laughing all the way to their already bulging banks, the people whimper in agony. If there is one core reason (sort of) for inflation, this is it. (though even over these costs, I feel it is all other industries using that excuse to raise far above these new costs because they know they can get away with it and no one will pay attention) Now here is an idea. Stop exporting oil from North America onto the world market, and put on harsh tax penalties for short term oil speculation. That will make a big difference. Then, there is a bill in congress right now to make price gouging during times of national hardship a crime. We have to do something. Unfortunately, all we see from our leaders is a blame game for political points to try and sway simpleton voters. We as a people deserve better. I know the vast majority of the country is made up of fools who couldn’t tie their own shoes until 17, but even they deserve better leadership that looks out for all the people, not just a few well connected ones.

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  6. Harvey Member

    I could see me driving it,paying for it is going to be a problem:-)

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  7. Steve Clinton

    One of the few ’57 designs that weren’t slathered with chrome.

  8. Greg Gustafson

    Let’s start the controversy…
    If only it came with the “toilet seat” on the trunk lid… (of all the stupid comments I’ve had to endure on this site over the past week or so.) if you don’t like the continental kit/spare tire look, don’t buy it. Sheeze!

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  9. Shuttle Guy

    Yup it’s a rare one. 100K worth? Not even close!

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  10. Fritz

    perhaps an accidental zero?

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    • Gerard Frederick

      No Fritz. It´s called greed and avarice.

  11. Larry

    I could not inflict the level of damage that interior has seen in 50,000 miles if I made a concerted effort to do so. The seller notes that there are no guarantees of any kind, written or implied. Anyone considering buying this car should definitely keep that in mind when looking at the mileage. I would guess the odometer is on its third trip around.

  12. Heck Dodson Member

    Someone mentioned that this car was sold in 2020 for $34k and now seller is asking $99k? Flippers can ruin the vintage car prices for everyone. It’s It’s free country but that’s a huge markup. A great car but not at that price.

  13. John Minick

    There was a 1979 300L

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    • theGasHole

      And let’s not forget (or maybe we should) the 1999-2004 300M

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