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’78 Corvette Pace Car Replica Warehouse Find


It’s unusual to see a 1978 Corvette Pace Car Replica that hasn’t been coddled it’s entire life. This car was put away in 1991 and has been just waiting for someone to wake it up! It’s located in Brooklyn, New York and is listed for sale here on eBay, where the buy it now is only $6,900 and lower offers will be considered.


As we have discussed on this site recently, I think C3 Corvettes are one heck of a bargain, and this one is no exception. It’s even possible that the 42,721 indicated miles are legitimate. If you look around the other cars surrounding this one in pictures, it’s pretty obvious someone deals in C3s (apart from the lone, sad looking Triumph TR6 parts car). I wonder why they aren’t refurbishing this one?


The paint actually doesn’t look too bad, especially for a driver. I’m guessing some judicious cleaning and polishing would go a long way! The seller tells us that in the mid 1990’s, someone started some engine upgrades but did not complete them. The nose and tail are still soft, and there doesn’t seem to be any cracks in the fiberglass part of the body, either.


Interior-wise, the car is dirty but I’m guessing those seats would clean up nicely. The carpet may be a lost cause, but I’d sure give it a try as well, maybe even dying it. Note the steering wheel and nice, uncracked dash! And, most importantly, what’s that in the center? A genuine manual transmission!


Unusually for a storage find, the engine compartment looks better than the interior, although you will have to finish assembling the upper engine components. I believe the manual transmission means this is an L48 spec engine rather than the higher performance L82 (correct me if I’m wrong) but we are still talking a Chevrolet 350 V8, the easiest engine to get parts for and improve the performance of in the USA. I sent a note to the seller to see if they’d throw in the Triumph as well–I’ll let you know what they say! Would you bring home this C3?


  1. RandyS

    Those are Vortec heads (center bolt valve covers) so it’s not the original engine – or at least heads. Replacement new aftermarket carpet is inexpensive, don’t bother trying to clean that moldy mess.

    If I was in the market for a C3 I would rock this. Like!

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  2. Mike

    I’m not a Corvette expert or, even a fan for that matter, but isn’t 1978 the 25th anniversary edition? It may have been a pace car but the colour scheme and badging was anniversary issue.

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    • Kincer Dave Member

      I believe that in 78 there were two special models, anniversary edition and pace car edition.

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    • moosie Craig

      Mike, ’78 Silver Anniversary was Silver / Gray, ’78 Indy 500 Pace Car was as shown, Black / Silver.

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  3. Van

    Cool car, 4spd with air.
    With the wrong engine I wouldn’t worry about it being original. Maybe add an LS3?
    A set of black header side pipes?
    Otherwise keep everything else original.

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  4. jaymes

    no tops?

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  5. Rick

    All ’78’s were “Anniversary Editions” with badging. The PC was simply a dealer option color package. Make sure the VIN matches a PC code…

    Interior can be totally redone for around $3K from carpets, seat covers to door panels.

    Interesting mix of options if they are original, especially with the manual box.

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  6. 68custom

    The vortec heads will wake up a smog 350 so after it is all back together it may be a runner! 4 speed is also nice. remember when these were going to be a real collectors item with prices to match? that never really happened..

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  7. Howard A Member

    IDK, I think I’d rather have that rusty POS ’73 from last week for $8,500,,,bet that guy feels pretty stupid, and I hope no one bought that thing, when you can have this for $6,900 and I bet that is negotiable. Not a big fan of Corvettes, so to me, a Vette is a Vette. Like I say, a bunch of Corvettes out there, and I always liked the color scheme on these, even though, I don’t like black or silver cars. Seems like a good deal here.

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  8. Mike

    I hate it when somebody starts engine upgrades and never finish them, has this motor been open to the elements if you look the intake bolts are missing, so how much playing around did they do? I think I would want to do a complete rebuild on the engine alone!! Where are the t-top panels, has the car been sitting out in the weather and for the interior, I would say a compete replacement, if this car has been sitting outside with out the tops, no telling what shape the underside of the carpet will be like, look at the door handle on the passenger side it is molded, so I will tell you the rest is molded. I bought a car onetime that had mold like this showing, and I thought I could just clean it up but on a hot day that car smelled bad, so I gutted the interior, and found mold in the floor pans, inside the seat foam, everywhere, so after a total gut, and good cleaning the car was much better.

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  9. Bill

    East Coast flood car? I’d be wary.

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  10. Michael D.

    I wouldn’t touch that roach even if it was free. C3’s (and I know there are some fans out there) imo, are the worst cars in the Corvette line up. Had several C2’s, One black ’78 that I would rate as the worst car I ever bought (new) and I had this pace car. Lucky I flipped the PC before delivery. If you go to the sales, the low mile one’s are bringing a little money, but that money, even after the market crash in ’87 would have returned way more in stocks than this junk. Ugh…..

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  11. Doug Towsley

    If it was local I would be seriously tempted, but only after a FPI by myself or someone i trust. Flood car IS a strong possibility. Also looks like the brakes are stuck, note the skid mark behind the one tire. If not a flood car this would be a fun project but would mandate going thru EVERYTHING. Heres the rub for many markets. Might not apply to others but in our area ANYTHING 1975 or earlier does not require DEQ/EPA semi annual inspections and testing. (Smog tests) You CAN modify to some degree but it still has to pass the sniffer testing. So any car pre 75 brings a premium. Oregon still has this law. Washington got rid of it. Calif is still very stringent. As to mold, dealing with that right now on a 2000 era Ford Exploder. Shame as its a Eddie Bauer edition and leather. Its been tough to vanquish.

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  12. Prowler

    Don’t you normally clone a valuable car
    I remember in 1978 when these came out…they were in the wall Street journal as blue chip investments
    Guy’s were paying $50,000 to get one…there were bidding wars at dealers to be 1st on
    The L-82 cars were solid gold any only 200 made with a 4 speed were the most sought after
    That flame burned out rather quick and to find a real pace car in the wrappers is not very hard even today
    And for not a lot of money
    I think this guy could have found the real deal for about the same money

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  13. Paul R

    This era of the C3 Vette was a good car but it was way down on power. The L-82 option only produced 220 hp. What makes them attractive is they can be bought cheap if you look around.
    The 350 has good internals and decent heads, the low compression and wimpy camshaft profile kills the power.
    Rebuild and add a set of flat top pistons to get the compression numbers up to around 9.5 to 1, mild porting on the stock heads and a performance camshaft and you can get easily in the 300 or better HP range on the cheap. A 383 crate motor is always an option also for big horse power and more dollars.

    They handle great and look good. One of the cheapest 2 seaters to own that will out run and out handle most other cars of the same years.

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