7k Mile Survivor: 1970 Road Runner Superbird

It’s the stuff of legends – the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird, in that unmistakable 1970’s Lime Light Green with only 7,964 miles and never, ever titled because it’s still under dealer plates. So, with a quick PayPal payment of only $325,000, you can officially be the first and only owner of the legend found here on eBay.

And a legend it is. Literally built for racing, the Superbird was the 1970 successor to the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona – both with outrageous tails and extended snouts that are now iconic of these special editions. It was in 1970 that NASCAR increased the number of vehicles from 500 to “2 cars per dealer” – requiring Plymouth to make just south of 2000 Superbirds. With less than 1,000 thought to have survived, and most far from this A1 condition, it’s no wonder collectors have clamored over this lineage for years.

Original in every aspect, its certified to be only 1 of 65 of the FJ5 Lime Light Green color – making it a virtual unicorn among unicorns when it comes to Mopar Muscle’s that still remain. Personally, the lime green hue is my absolute favorite, followed by Vitamin C orange (out of the other options Alpine White, Blue Fire Metallic, Petty Blue, Lemon Yellow, and Tor Red). But it’s not the color and cute decals that I desire – it’s’ what’s underneath.

This version has the highest output version of the 440 Super Commando Six Barrel V8, and creates that guttural rumble that is all but gone in any modern car. It’s get-along is helped with a 4-speed manual, a much more authentic NASCAR experience (in my opinion) than the popular 3-speed automatic Torqueflite. Either way, you gotta’ admit – being the first to officially own this legend would just about be the greatest car collectors dream come true!



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  1. Ben

    Great. Now I have a mess to clean up. You all shouldn’t show porn of this quality here.

    • caribneptune

      I would not like to be seen in one of these

      • Mark S.

        That’s why it only has 7900 miles. Anyone should be embarrassed to be seen in it. I don’ t get the attraction.

      • KEN TILLY Member

        If I bought it the first thing to go would be the stupid, for a road car, rear wing!

      • SRT8

        I wouldn’t be seen in one either, because I’m broke and my friends are in worse shape but if I had 325k I would drive it every day the sun shined.

  2. Derek

    How much would it cost to just sorta borrow it for a couple days? On a weekend of course.

  3. Steve R

    He must have cornered the market, he has a total of three Superbirds and one Daytona currently listed for sale on eBay.

    I like the drivetrain, 440-6 and a 4 speed.

    Steve R

  4. Alan

    I will say it again ‘ Stupid prices for Stupid people’ In my book complete Insanity!

    • spacelifer Member

      Not stupid at all (the people or the price). If someone is worth millions, this will bring much more joy sitting in their garage or on the road than a few hundred grand sitting in a piece of real estate, or on the stock market (especially today!). Any amount it goes up or down isn’t even a blip on the radar as far as their net worth is concerned. The fact that it makes these unaffordable for the rest of us? Tough, it’s not their problem. God damn bless America and the free market!

      • Alan

        In the name of ‘free market’ stuff or cars or anything thing should be x100 or x1000 or x10000 their actual price!! Very Cannibalistic and Unhuman Ideology

      • Steve R

        Alan, what’s the alternative? Do you want some outside entity to determine a limit as to what someone is allowed to ask for their property? What is your solution?

      • Frank

        Spacelifer, you nailed it my man. This car is gorgeous at any price. The free market is always right whether it’s stocks, bonds, real estate or Superbirds. I scratch my head about Porsche 356 prices, but the market calls the shots. If someone doesn’t like these prices, theres plenty of Kia’s for sale.

    • Nrg8

      I guess one could pay stupid money for low milage nothing cars, that were not worth a mention in automotive history. Well except for the new owner who believes they were and continually reminds everyone……..

  5. Gene Parmesan

    Like the Daytona from this seller that was featured once in October and again this month, this Superbird was featured in October and is making the rounds again. Same seller. I keep recognizing that rad Dodge van in the background of some of the pics.

    Not complaining though. I absolutely love looking at these wild winged machines.

  6. Dolphin Member

    The good news is since it’s not a ’70 Hemi Cuda convertible it will be a lot cheaper than the approx. $2.5 million those bring.

    The bad news if you are a buyer is that this ’70 Superbird 440 Six Pack car is still worth about $173K based on recent auction sales (SCM Guide).

    The other bad news is
    1) the seller has almost doubled that and wants $325K
    2) you can keep it in a climate controlled, secure garage and maybe maintain that value, or drive it to enjoy, and lose value
    but not both.

    • Steve R

      Does the Superbird you are referencing that sold for $173k also have 7,000 miles and has never been registered?

      Steve R

      • GP Member

        If someone registers a 1970 car for the first time in 2018, Does it make the car not old? Can you be a brand new owner of a not brand new car?

    • Dolphin Member

      Steve, the Sports Car Market Guide reports the median of the recent auction sale prices for particular car makes/models/years.

      I know it sounded like I was saying that this particular car was therefore worth that same median sale price, but that wasn’t my intention.

      My point really was that you can pay up for a low mile, never registered car, but then if you register it and put miles on it, that will likely reduce the car’s market value to collectors who think that a car never having been registered adds a lot of value.

      As for the never-registered part, that doesn’t add value for me. I’d just rather drive the car.

    • walt

      If I was going 2 spend all that $ 4 a super car I personally would invest in something nicer/newer, like a Ford GT. Meantime I’ll keep my 69 Mach 1, daily driver, that’s in my budget now.

  7. David

    There’s a guy in Canada who’s collection of Superbirds is One of Every Color they were on a TV Show on the Velocity channel and he wants to sell them all in one shot!
    They were unreal.

  8. Chuck Simons

    OMG!!!! I salivated over these as a permit licensed teen…..But with dealer plates? .

  9. Classic Steel

    Look at the other cars for sale

    Four birds with two 440 six packs and only one four speed in variety of colors

    Damn one lucky retiree or inheritance person

  10. Mike B

    I usually prefer the Charger to the Roadrunner in standard configuration, but if the Daytona seems absurd somehow the Superbird with a cartoon Roadrunner decal makes perfect sense. (if italics were accessible I would insert “beep, beep” here)

  11. ccrvtt

    First let me say that Superbirds/Daytonas are the most outrageous cars ever built, followed closely by the winged Countaches. I love them. But why would you post pictures with the hood half-cracked?

    And it always seems that the wheels/tires look so undersized in comparison to the considerable bulk of the bodywork. The real NASCAR racers seem to have bigger rubber.

  12. Jeff

    So if this still belongs to the dealer then when you buy it do you get the original warranty too?

    • Dick Johnson

      Not from FIAT. All of our 5/50 MoPars far exceeded the warranty in the 60’s. Not so much in the 80’s. Don’t know about the 90’s. The Intrepid ate a trans pump just before the warranty expired in the 2000’s. So did a few RAMS.


  13. Alan

    I must admit even if I owned 100 million dollars I Never think buying this or other Ugly things! Thats just my personal opinion and as saying goes ‘ one persons treasure is another’s garbage’

    • Nrg8

      Enjoy your Concorde

  14. glen

    Approximately 166 miles per year, if I did the math right. I wonder why the hood is in that position, and, yes, I want it.

    • Mister319

      My guess is they opened the hood for pics but didn’t want to shut it without gloves or something to keep prints off the paint.

  15. J Paul Member

    But guys, don’t you know that it’s worse than a modern Camry in so many ways?!?

  16. Tim Deal

    I just do’nt see what people see in these cars I think they are ugly.

  17. redwagon

    what the heck? a bench seat? sorry not for me. i’m waiting for a bucket seat version of the 440 six pack with 4 speed. nothing else dammit. oh yes, in that lime green color too. and don’t come back until you find one – with under 5,000 miles.

    this car sure is pretty.

  18. BarnfindyCollins

    Seeing this car here takes me back to when my wheels were a Redline BMX bike. One of these were parked next to a brand new 1983 Guards Red Porsche 911 cabriolet at the golf course I played at. Of course the new Porsche caught my eye and made me want it, but that Superbird even in its scruffy condition had a certain presence about it. It looked the part and delivered it. Still drooling…..

  19. Paul Kelchner

    I have been a mopar guy all my life, and I would love to have one of these!!! But alas it will never happen. This one w/bench seat and 4 spd. clicks all the boxes for me. The six pack is just a big bonus!! I am just happy to have my 69 340 dart swinger bench seat 4 speed car.

    • Neal

      Paul, personally I would much rather have the 340 Dart. I wouldn’t mind if a friend had the Superbird and wanted to take me on a fun ride, though. But personally these birds seem too ostentatious. Dart’s more my style. Enjoy!

      And I agree with an earlier commenter about wheel/tire size looking too small.

  20. Troy s

    Not for shy people, you are gonna get all kinds of attention, even noncar people will stare at you and wonder why it looks kinda like an airplane! No wonder they were a tough sell back then, even with Richard Petty roaring around in circles in one at break heart speed and many others. The win on Sunday-sell on Monday did not apply to these winged warriors, or Talladegas and Cyclone Spoilers for that matter. Museum piece, for real on this one.

  21. Tyler

    The father of a high school buddy had a white Superbird. Black interior, 440 with automatic. It was pretty low mileage, & enough money finally convinced him to sell it about 10 or 12 years ago when the market really started heating up. He also had a 69 Camaro pace car edition he sold not long after. Personally, I would have much rather had the Camaro.

  22. JACKinNWPA Jack in NW PA Member

    On my all time top ten list, color, engine, 4 speed, miles, pric…er not price.

  23. Miguel

    I wonder if by design he does not have a hemi car or he wanted it that way.

  24. TD

    Never registered, but how do you prove that? Title only indicates ownership. The new owner likely won’t register it either, nor any future owners to keep that marketing strategy. As long as you have a dealer friend to lend you a plate once in a while for a joy ride, you’re good to go.

    • John D

      To show ownership, he has a ‘manufacturer’s statement of origin’ or in the industry lingo, MSO. To transfer ownership, he will have to endorse it and show transfer of ownership. The buyer does not need to put a plate on it, but to show he owns it, he will need to apply for a title. He will have to choose between the pleasure of the Yee-Haw time on the road or the value of the low miles he paid for. My guess is, this is now a trailer queen. Nah, whoever can afford this will use a transport truck.

      I’d rather have something I could drive and not worry about weather. I’m not into Q-Tip detailing (see preceeding sentence).

      As for the warranty, it may stay with it. That is something to ask. I’ve had a couple new cars have birthdays in my showroom and they got their warranties.

  25. Poseur Member

    Seems like a reasonable price for the condition & mileage & originality

  26. Tort Member

    I realize they I worth a lot of money and would have been a great investment but they are beyond ugly! Like to have one to sell but I wouldn’t be seen driving it around the block.

  27. Danton J A Cardoso

    How is it that it has a “clear title” when it has never been titled? Shouldn’t it just have an MSO?

    • TD

      Ad states it’s never been registered, not that it’s never been titled.

  28. gto4ever

    Lots of haters here on cool cars, but I guess you had to be alive and young when these cars where prowling the streets. Never considered myself old until now.
    I guess I had the good fortune to be young when you used to wait to see what Mopar, Ford, Chevy and the rest could pull outta there — to catch up to Pontiac lol!! Anyway, its one of those,”You had to be there” moments to understand, and by the way, they never look cool until your passing them hitting 3rd gear on a 1/4 mile roll. Seriously, in person these cars are way cool!!! This was a time when even Ford could make a car like the Maverick cool and fast calling it a Grabber and stuffing a 351W under the hood.
    I guarantee this if it was affordable, even the haters would find it in their driveway and be tickled “lime green”!
    To bad the greed mongers made these beauties outta touch for most of us motor heads, a 21st century car guys plague for sure!

  29. glen

    Apparently, most don’t understand what homologation is all about. These weren’t built to be pretty, they were for racing!

  30. PeterK

    $325k and no Hemi? A bit overpriced I’d say. A friend of mine has one in Lemon yellow with the Hemi and I know that its his retirement pkg.

  31. newfieldscarnut

    There was one of these on Tanner Street in Lowell Massachusetts (junkyard car lot) back in the 70’s for $1,200 . Those were the days …

  32. P Wentzell

    These were always fun to me. When these were new, I recall a dealership in Atlanta with a dozen of these on the front row. Sigh.

  33. ACZ

    Not my first choice, but I’ll bet it is for a lot of people. Price? How do you put a price on a piece of history (especially one this nice)?

  34. Rob S.

    My friend just found one in a lean too overhang. 440 6 pack 4 speed. Missing motor. Very solid bird!! Lucky guy!! Geez, some guys have all the luck.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Rob, is this car in Southern Wisconsin? Looks familiar.

  35. Tony

    For 325K, I’d by buying me a 2006 Race Red Ford GT. JMHO

  36. Ron

    This car is very well know in the Wing community. I always scratch my head when people b!tch and moan about a make an offer price on an auction when there is the make offer button right below it.

    • Ron

      Sorry, meant to say b&m about a buy it now price when there is the make offer button.

  37. John b

    I wonder what the mpg is with all those carbs?

  38. Matt steele

    I can appreciate the car but for 300000 plus I take a 63,67 vet ,a 69 Camaro,a 70 chevelle, A 1950F-1, a 60 bubble top & 59 retractable

  39. Kenny Burns

    Well I own one of these fine machines. It is a 440 4bl.with a automatic. It’s Lime light green also. It was a badass ride back in it’s day n still is. For those of you who think they are ugly. Your Chevy or Ford only saw the rear of the car anyway. And the saying goes if you are in 2 or 3 the view never changes. So quit whining about this badass car that you can’t afford to have anyway.

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