88,000 Mile Carport Find: 1971 Mustang Convertible

At first glance, this Mustang convertible looks like a wonderful example of the largest ponycars, and even upon closer examination it seems like a pretty nice cruiser. It’s for sale here on eBay where bidding is currently at only $1,025 with no reserve. You can pick up your new (to you) Mustang in Henderson, Nevada after you buy it!

This is a picture of the car as found in the car port. The blue tarp has already been removed in this picture, exposing the original Medium Yellow Gold paint. It’s been kept like this since the 1980s according to the seller, but has been put back into running condition. One item of note is that the seller says a hub cap is missing, despite them all being present in the pictures. They’ve also noted, quite correctly that you will need to replace all four tires. At least you can look and see whether you prefer raised white letters or narrow whitewalls (or neither!) before you choose your new tires.

As you can see here, there are some issues around the top with chipped paint, along with a few other spots. However, the top itself looks pretty nice. We’re told that all the windows operate well as does the top. And with only 88,000 miles, that’s as it should be.

There’s some damaged paint on the hood as well, but nothing too horrible. The chrome even looks pretty decent.

The interior isn’t perfect, but there’s nothing you’d need to replace right away. The pedal pads tell an interesting story. It looks like the brake and gas pedals have minimal wear, but the parking brake looks like it’s done 300,000 miles. I’m thinking someone liked to drive and use it as a dead pedal, which is odd without a clutch. What do you knowledgeable readers think?

Under the hood, we have the venerable 351 V8 with a two barrel carburetor. We also have that all-important air conditioning compressor–at least for those of us in the South! With the car running well and supposedly being completely rust free, it’s hard to argue with this as long as it stays below five figures in my opinion. But I’m interested in what you think!


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  1. Joe Cat

    Nice car. Looks like back half may have been repainted. Some overspray visible. Chips also suggest newer paint. Same owner and seller as green 1967 Mustang posted here on 12/29. I was wondering about other background car visible in photos under tarp at that time. Now I know.

    Joe C

    • Jack

      Yea I noticed some overspray on the passenger b pillar, also looks like either the welds are seperating or bondo is cracking.

  2. Rick

    The seller is the same flipper as this: http://barnfinds.com/unrepeatable-1973-mustang-with-23000-miles/ Must have an affinity for Mustangs of the era..

  3. Joeinthousandoaks

    Jesus loves you but buyers apparently do not.

  4. Stang1968

    I don’t know for sure on a 73, but on my 68, that “dead” pedal was for the windshield washer pump. Beneath it was the high beam button. The 68 had a parking break handle. Pull out to engage, turn down to release.

    • Blyndgesser

      This is definitely the parking brake.


      1968 was the last year for the foot operated windshield washer pump and the hand e-brake. Starting in 1969 Mustangs and Cougars were equipped with a foot operated e-brake and you pushed the wiper switch in to operate the washers.

  5. D Grass

    I don’t understand why this guys flips keep getting coverage here. He uses his supposed affinity for Christ to con people out of vehicles they otherwise might get more money from elsewhere. Sorry, but as a Christian I take offense to the way this individual takes advantage of people, and I take offense at how this site continues to promote his sales despite knowledge of this.

  6. Tom Roberts

    $7600 at noon Monday with 4 days to go

  7. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    Pretty cool one! ’71 was before most of the emissions detuning, too, so that’s a “good” 351.

  8. Tom Driscoll

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an early mustang with power windows!

  9. Bandit

    Drives me crazy having had a 72 and 73 to have these billed as the largest mustang. It has almost exactly the same length and weight as the 2016.

  10. ROTAG999

    Right rear of trunk lid fits poorly like it got hit pretty hard…..

  11. Jason

    Why does BarnFinds continue giving this same flipper publicity? Is it a shared religious connection?

  12. JOHN M

    This is also the same flipper who sold this 67 Mustang Featured on Barnfinds. This is the third mustang these owners had stashed in that carport.


  13. Jason

    P.S. Same shady seller. Check out how he uses shadow as a natural mask to obscure the worst of the paint.

    BF needs to pull the plug on this guy or be considered complicit.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Jason, just FYI–I saw the listing, liked the car and wrote it up. No conspiracy. I was not the writer that wrote up the green one, btw. I do hear what you are saying though.

  14. johno

    the old swap hubcap to the side you are about to take a picture of always worked for me but hey they do say expect one missing !!!!


    The seller lists the car as having power door locks, it does not have power door locks. That was not an option until at least several years later. It is a common mistake made by people who really do not know how Mustangs/Cougars were built. On a car with power windows the master switch panel on the driver’s door has a switch marked LOCK. This is not to lock the doors. What this switch does it to lock out the three individual window switches, basically to keep the passengers (especially the kids) from playing with the power windows.

  16. John B

    Five negative feedbacks in one year and this guy is an eBay top-rated seller? I myself am a top seller on that site with over 2000 transactions in parts only, but I do read comments from buyers before I purchase anything and this supposed God-squad flipmeister would give me the heebie-jeebies!

  17. Rocko

    At least this one looks like a barnfind

  18. D Grass

    Reality and looks are two different things with this seller. Surprised Ebay has not yet cut him off.

  19. rich voss

    Sold for $14,900 ! Yikes. I’m guessing someone absolutely wants to have that era convert as a cruiser. Windsor, 2bbl, auto. Blah. I kick myself regularly for not having my ’71 Boss rebuilt.

    • Jason

      Interesting…the seller changed his ebay name to from jesus_loves_you_702 to classic-car-garage_nevada. Regardless, hope I never see any more cars from him here.

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