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Ain’t She Grand! 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville


You might be able to tell from my recent posts that I have convertiblitis–that need for a topless car for the summer! I’m hoping to be able to get my Spitfire out of storage any day now, but there is something to be said for a great big American convertible to tool around in, especially in these $2.00/gallon gas days! This Pontiac Grand Ville either has 27,848 or 127,848 miles and it’s located in AMC territory in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It’s up for sale here on eBay, and with bidding opening at $1,000 and no reserve, I’m pretty sure it’s going to find a new owner soon!


The Grand Ville was only in the Pontiac lineup from 1971 to 1975, so this is one of the last ones. The story goes that the car was taken off the road and stored well in about 2004. It’s essentially sat ever since, although the seller, who recently purchased the car, has taken it up and down the road, so at least it is driveable.


I like the burgandy color, and I’m hoping it would respond well to buffing. The seller was told it’s the original paint, and I can’t see any reason to doubt that looking the pictures over. I do recommend reviewing the feedback of the seller though, as some folks love them and some folks, well, not so much. If it stays close to the price it is now, though, I wouldn’t worry!


Interior wise, it’s pretty dirty and I’m guessing there’s not a lot of good upholstery under that gray mat. The ad also states that while the top mechanism operates well, the top itself will need replacing.


Although it’s obviously been tarted up, the engine doesn’t look that bad, and that all important air conditioning compressor does turn freely, but you know that belt was removed for a reason. Still–this might be an inexpensive way to get my convertibilitis taken care of–what do you think?


  1. rmward194 Member

    My family had one of these in the early eighties along with a 1975 Eldorado convertible and a 1966(?) Ford Galaxie convertible with a 6 cyl. and a three speed manual. Wish I still had all of them.

    The owner of the Pontiac dealership I worked at as a porter when I was 16 ordered a 1975 Grand Ville convertible with every option in triple black. He never titled it and never removed the window sticker. He since passed, but the family still owns the dealership and the “brand new” 1975 Grand Ville.

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  2. piper62j

    These were great cars.. Built on the same platform as the Olds Delta 88.. Terrific highway cruisers..

    Nice car…

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  3. Terry J

    Well Jamie, Here’s a way you could have a great summer top down ride AND spend time with your Spitfire. Put it in the trunk of the Grand Ville. :-) Terry J

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  4. Eric Dashman

    Up to $1910 now and running until Sunday evening. I have to say that the pictures look great and it’s a fully optioned car, even though it needs a top ($1500-$2000 I’d estimate). I’m always leery of northern vehicles, but the pictures don’t suggest there’s rust to be found, unless something is hiding under that stainless steel rocker trim. I’m convinced that the engine was out of the car recently. The engine paint wouldn’t be that sparkly at 30K or 130K miles. In addition, the badge on the firewall has been painted over. While Pontiac likely had black engine compartments (my Mom’s 67 LeMans convertible did), I’m almost certain that the badge should have been clean metal. That said, at anything under $5K this would be a fantastic buy. I suspect it’ll wind up going for something closer to $10K.

    Go for it, Jamie, but wait until Sunday evening (is that 8pm CST?). Transporting it to Idaho will be a challenge. A road trip could be in order :-)

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Actually, Eric, I’m in North Carolina!

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      • Eric Dashman

        Ooops. It’s Jesse in Idaho. Still not much better getting there from NC.

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  5. Bubba Smith

    I had a Red on White 75 in high school. (1988)…It was fully loaded and had a 455. I got it from the original owners wife when he passed. The car was fantastic in every regard. Foolishly I wanted a Corvette and sold it…sure wish I still had it.

    The tops are expensive and it’s getting hard to find someone who’s actually familiar with the scissor mechanism used on this platform. However if it stays below 5k it’s a steal! Hope it goes to a good home.

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  6. BOP_GUY Greg Member

    After having fun with my first car at age 16 (a 69 Riviera GS) for about a year, I had that itchin’ for a convertible! On my way to buss tables at a local restaurant, I passed a corner always filled with different people’s cars for sale. But this time, there was this pristine convertible boat, green with a white top. It was a 72 Grandville being sold by an elderly woman. I bought it for $3000 (1989) and enjoyed for 2 great years, then on to the next one. Definitely one car I regret selling! By 1975, all the horsepower was drained from it. But I’m sure that 455ci still has a lot of punch for the buck!!

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  7. Tom Driscoll

    Paint looks pretty well shot to me.

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  8. George

    wow, if I had a spot for that I’d pick it up right now!

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