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Airport Taxi Tribute: 1964 Plymouth Valiant Wagon

The Valiant was Plymouth’s leading compact car from 1960-76. Its second-generation would run between 1963-66 and included two station wagons, depending on trim level. This 1964 edition looks like it served as an early airport shuttle vehicle, but it’s been very convincingly decorated to look that way. Located in Farmington, New York, this interesting station wagon is available here on eBay for $16,950 (Buy It Now) or you can submit an offer. Another interesting tip from our sleuth, Larry D!

After a redesign in 1963, the 1964 Valliant’s would be minimally changed. Of those cars, 22,905 would be station wagons, either the V-100 or V-200 models (trim variations only). The seller’s wagon was only on the road for six years for being parked in a garage for another five decades. A bunch of work was done to revive the car mechanically, such as rebuilding the Slant-Six engine and push-button automatic transmission. But things didn’t stop there. The wagon was also treated to rebuilt steering and suspension components, a new gas tank and fuel system, a re-cored radiator, new brakes, and updated tires on all four corners.

What’s really cool about this vehicle is that the older paint – patina and all – has been dressed up to look like a service vehicle for New York’s Idlewild Airport, renamed John F. Kennedy International in the mid-1960s. The pinstriping and labeling work was done so well that I thought I was checking out the real deal at first. Rust is said to not have been a problem, so the wagon was a solid candidate for this transformation, which might be considered a cool, running prop.

We’re told the wagon drives out well and will do 75 mph without breaking much of a sweat. The interior was partially restored, with new upholstery and carpeting, although it could stand a new headliner where there currently is not one. Online price guides don’t take these cars much out of the $10,000 neighborhood, so the novelty of this “one-off” wagon would have to be the draw at the seller’s asking price.


  1. Pit Stop Pauly

    I love Valiants, but I prefer the earlier ones. But as much as I love them, 16k is a BIG stretch. I would even consider 10k a little much. I had a 61 and a 62 and loved their totally unique style. Both of mine were 3 on the tree, but I always wanted a push button auto. Good luck to the seller and buyer!

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  2. angliagt angliagt

    Anyone else tired of the phony lettering that seems to be
    overused like surfboards.
    I love ORIGINAL lettering on older fire vehicles,or those
    used by businesses.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Pick me! Pick me! Especially when overdone like this one. Way too much!

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    • A.G.

      I’d include fake patina and just about any car gussied up to look like something it isn’t.

      Idlewild was renamed JFK in December 1963.

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      • Gary

        0 1964 could have been made in the fall of 1963, so the airport name could be correct, but in the end who cares? So way over priced to say the least. Would be a better car with a three speed at a third the price.

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    • Shawn

      Yeah, this one goes way too far. Even the surf wagon from the other day was a bit much. I’d even bet the patina on this one was “enhanced.” Outside of the paint, not a bad wagon. Zero chance I’d buy it for 16K, but still nice.

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  3. Lothar... of the Hill People

    Note to self: Do not put fake lettering all over a car I hope to sell for more than $5000.00.

    Cool car. Just not THAT cool.

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  4. princeofprussia

    $17,000?!! baaaaaahahahaahaaaaaah!!!!

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  5. Chris Londish Member

    When the Valiant came out in Australia 1961 with 225 slant motor the R model was the first production car to do 100mph, so I am not surprised this one will do 75 and a nice looking example these are rare here now and bringing big money

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  6. chrlsful

    I had 2 of the 2nd gen (both waggy’s, 170 or 2.8 slantys). The ’64 motor went into the 66 (much better body bought for such) when the motor blew (drivin home from purchase, nother story, nother day) and that took me on a 1 or 2 yr drive around the parameter states of this ol hue hes hay. A yr or 2 in West by God = 300K mi and abandonment. Silly idea.
    BTW: the ’66 may have been this same color. Brand spankin new (lookin) a slightly lighter blue? Same interior I bet.
    Just picked up it’s replacement (w/wolwo waggys, a focus, falcon, & subie – all wagons) in-between, a fox wagon (’85 LTD). Several yrs later I drove this write-up’s grandsons in a livery fleet – the K-cars (Aspen/voltaire, etc) for their owner on…airport runs. All these cars were great except fr their ‘extras – knobs, sheet metal, alternators etc. All ways fallin off~

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