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Amazing Survivor: 1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Sometimes a car comes along, and you only have to take one look to understand just why it has generated significant amounts of interest. This 1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible is just such a car. It’s a stunning looking car, and it appears to have a very solid history behind it. It is now up for sale, and this is a chance to park an award-winning car in your driveway. Located in Itasca, Illinois, it has been listed for sale here on eBay. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $39,000, and with the reserve having been met, it will soon be on its way to a new home.

If you ever want to see a testament to careful ownership, then this GTO would appear to be it. Apart from the front bumper, the rest of the paint on the car is said to be original. That Cardinal Red paint has a fantastic shine to it, while the tan power soft-top also appears to be in really good condition. The rear window has recently been replaced with a glass item, so there’s no chance of you having to look through cloudy plastic with this car. The owner says that the car is rust-free, and there certainly isn’t any sign of rust or corrosion with this GTO. Obviously, I’m not the only person who is taken by this car, as it has picked up the Survivor Gold Award at the 2014 Nationals, among others.

The amazing condition of the GTO continues as you move inside the car. The dash pad has been restored, and that’s it. The rest of the Sandalwood interior trim is said to be completely original, right down to the carpet. I think that I can spot some wear on the kick panel on the passenger side, but otherwise, the interior trim looks about as good as it must have looked the day the car rolled off the production line. As well as the previously mentioned power top, the GTO has also been optioned with a hood tach, rally gauge cluster, floor console, an AM/FM radio, and a tinted windshield. The car has covered a verified 67,000 genuine miles, and comes with documentation back to 1972, along with the Protect-O-Plate, and the original Build Sheet.

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get much better, the time has come to open the hood. What you spy is immaculate presentation. Look further, and we find that this is a full, numbers-matching car. It rolled out with a 350hp 400ci V8, an M20 4-speed transmission, and a 3.55 Posi rear end. In 2017, the engine was detailed, received hardened valve seats, and a full set of new gaskets. At the same time, the carburetor was rebuilt, a new clutch was fitted, and a number of hoses were replaced to ensure reliability. I won’t say that it’s perfect under the hood, but I will say that no matter which surface you picked under there, you could certainly eat off it.

There’s so much that you could say about the GTO because it really is an amazing survivor. However, I can sum it up with four simple words: “I really want it.” The condition is amazing, and I’m sure that when it rolled out of the factory in 1970, that the car’s builders probably didn’t envisage the car looking this good 49-years down the track. There’s no doubt that this is a beautiful car, and I hope that the next owner cares for it as well as the current owner has. Of course, if the next owner is one of our Barn Finds readers, we know that they will.


  1. matthew B steele

    What’s not to like.wow

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  2. ccrvtt

    To paraphrase CapNemo’s comment on the Alfa GTV – “I find great difficulty resisting this…”

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    • Bob McK

      Truly a stunning car! Love everything about it.

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  3. Coventrycat

    As car porn goes, that’s centerfold material.

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  4. Stillrunners


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  5. Greg Eagle

    I owned a very similar car, (a few more options, auto, Sierra yellow/ white top/ sandlewood interior . My wife found it, and said buy it. Bought it in 1990 and sold it in ’99 to buy a boat. I miss that car everyday. As one young admirer said to me in a parking lot, “that is a work of art”.

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  6. Troy s

    Nice car to cruise the beach towns in, top down, smiles galore with the background music of the dual exhaust growling away…plenty of attention it will draw so you gotta like it.
    Back in ’70 it was just another one of Those cars, you know, the one everybody shook their fingers at, old people curling their noses an rolling their eyes, ha..and by 1970 standards it was pretty tame compared to what was lurking on the streets. Really nice ride, but please don’t wreck it….

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  7. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’m in love with a dream. Can’t afford it but I can dream.

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  8. Jim

    “The rear window has recently been replaced with a glass item, so there’s no chance of you having to look through cloudy plastic with this car.”

    I had a ’68 GTO ‘vert and the back window was glass.
    Does that mean the top has been replaced? Does that mean that my ’55 Olds with 69,000 REAL miles on it that had the front fenders and hood repainted fifty years ago is a survivor too?

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  9. Mountainwoodie

    Now we’re talking original.

    The original woman owner must have been quite the dish in 1970! :)

    IMHO well worth the money.which of course, I don’t have!

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  10. Howard A Member

    What a beautiful car, and to think GM named that Daewoohoo after this? ( GTO was still a fancy LeMans) For shame,,,

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  11. OhU8one2

    This car should tell you the reason I’m a diehard Pontiac fan. The styling, the power, the driving experience will be like no other car can muster. If you don’t see it, then I can’t understand your thinking. Little GTO……..

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  12. MathieuB

    A friend of mine have one similar to this one. Unlesse the interior color, the 4 sd manual and the hood tach. What a beast to drive it!
    A real head turner!
    This one exemple is in way better original condition.
    This one will brings high dollars.

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  13. mainlymuscle

    I have a 70 Judge vert,carousel red (orange),parchment interior like this,and a tan roof.I’ve had it 15 years and put more miles on it then all of my collector cars combined (50-60).I have over a dozen brands from almost as many countries.The reason this one sees so much use ? There is simply no other car in the musclecar genre that drives even close to as well.
    “by 1970 standards it was pretty tame…..”
    My actual seat time ; faster than my 6 pack Superbird,or 440 Gtx.Run circles around 70 Mach 1, 67 390 Fairlane,or 67 GT 500,or 65 L79 Vette.Not quite as quick as my LS-6 Chevelle,or Rambler Scrambler.None of which matters.The car has no squeaks or rattles,drives very smooth,handles and stops decently,and has been maintenance free.Visually, it still creates a stir everywhere I go.If you would like just ONE car,and you like American muscle,THIS is your car !

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    • Troy s

      Outgunned by some of the the other GM products in 1970, we all know which ones, but never outclassed. Never.
      Funny you mention the ’67 390 Fairlane, did anyone out there ever have any luck with one of those? In a speed contest of course, getting lucky in other ways is for a different forum.

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  14. Woody

    Very cool ride here,love the interior looks great with the red paint! It’s clean and ready to drive!

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  15. Jimmy

    IMHO Pontiac was a much better car than Chevy.

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  16. Mike Fuller

    I’ve seen this car, and can say that it is likely nicer than the seller describes. This seller is a bit eccentric… has a obscene car collection…and always has good stuff for sale

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  17. sg

    Beautiful car with great options, but I can’t help but notice the “original paint” overspray on the door and trunk latches, door hardware, sides of frame kick up, etc. Looks like more than “lacquer blending”.

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  18. John Oliveri

    The pinnacle of muscle, yet not a handful to drive, gentlemens muscle car, I would add A/C and console mounted 8 track, and it would be perfect

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  19. 71Boss351

    Now that’s a great looking GTO! I would add a/c and 8 track as well. The convertibles handled much better than the hardtops due to reinforced frame.

    Love the hood tach. Hope it sells north of $50K.

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  20. stillrunners

    Funny….it was on the Dallas CraigsList as well…….listed I thought for $45,000

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  21. Steve

    Wouldn’t a Firebird, which used the same 400 CU engine, be faster — as it was smaller and lighter?

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    • Steve

      — and also — it is just me, or does the car sit low like it has been lowered or perhaps the suspension is a bit saggy.

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  22. 71Boss351

    It sits lower as a convertible.

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  23. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Apr 16, 2019 , 9:34PM
    Winning bid:US $42,600.00
    [ 28 bids ]

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