AMC, Ford, or Porsche: Take Your Pick Trio

When you find multiple cars on the same property owned by one party, they usually have something in common. In the case here, the seller has three autos laying around on the side of his house from three different manufacturers. So, what they have in common must be their need to be restored and that they once went fast. From El Cerrito, California, this trio of Ford, AMC, and Porsche projects is available here on craigslist for $6,500 to $14,000 depending on the one you want.


No reference is made to the model year, but we’re guessing either 1968-69. The body looks okay, although we don’t get to see the passenger side because it’s so close to the house. Rust doesn’t seem to be an issue, so a new paint job would do wonders. The matching interior, however, has seen better days. The emblem on the rear fender says the motor is a 390 cubic inch V8, the biggest available in the 2- seater. We’re told the motor has been rebuilt and the car goes quite fast, even with an automatic transmission. But the alternator is out of commission and being addressed. The asking price? $14,000.

Ford Mustang

We’re told the car is a Mach 1, but it no longer has any exterior markings to identify it as such. Again, the model year is not mentioned, but it’s between 1971-73, the last year of the first-generation ponies. The engine compartment has given way to a low-output 302 V8 that we’re told runs well with an automatic that shifts correctly. The body will need work and the driver’s rear corner has been smacked pretty good. To repair some of the car’s ills, new fenders, trunk, and one new quarter panel come with the deal, including a bunch of parts. The asking price? $8,500.

Porsche 914

Given that the motor is this German car is a 2-liter that puts it being built somewhere between 1972 and 1976. This car has been taken apart so it can be painted and all the parts are there somewhere, bagged and tagged. Its mileage is 89,000 but no mention is made of the condition of the drivetrain. While the other two cars have titles on-hand, the one for this car is on order. The asking price? $6,500.

The seller says his bark is worse than his bite as he comes across as an old grouch in the listing. But as long as the cars are what he says they are, who cares?


  1. Bwana

    Forced sale by the local neighborhood beautification chief? This would in most places not be allowed visible from the street.

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    • Mike D

      More than likely you are right. I wouldn’t give $159. for the whole bunch!

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  2. Ike Onick

    Based on what I know about El Cerrito, he has probably been charged with not having enough junk in the hard.

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    • Ike Onick

      “yard” And I proofread it too. No wonder BF didn’t hire me to write for them.

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  3. Moparman Member

    That 3/4 view of the Mustang has to be the least flattering, as it shows how bloated the car had become. GLWTS!! :-)

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  4. Big Len

    2 Liter 914’s came out in ’73 – 76. The VIN sticker says ’73, but it’s also marked SOLD.

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    • Mike

      That 914 may be in pieces, but looks surprisingly solid.

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  5. Jackie Hollingsworth

    My choice of the three…..None.

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    • James

      The AMX is priced well, assuming it is solid and complete. 390 equipped AMX’s are rising.

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  6. John M. Stecz

    I like the A M X especially if it has the original 390 in it but who knows

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  7. Danger Dan

    You guys again?
    Leave me alone to sell my stuff

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  8. Danger Dan

    Barnfinds still hangin around my stuff?
    You guys never buy anything.

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  9. Emel

    AMX’s were souped up Javelin’s I believe. Raced a few of them.
    Usually never lost…..but it could have been the driver. No balls no glory.

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  10. V8roller

    The 68/69 AMX is on my bucket list, but a right-hooker please… which probably means it will stay there.
    Looks as if it was shot with primer, then left. Takes some focus to actually finish things, that seems to have been lacking here.
    ‘Bits of this bits of that, never finish what I’m at’…
    I see Edelbrock heads, intake, good… but oh dear the interior, even the wheel is cooked.
    Could be worth the ask. Need to sell it while the generation that cares is still around.

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    The one close up photo of the lower area of the front fender of the Mustang shows the remains of the Mach I lettering. Of course that still does not make it a real Mach I, only the VIN will do that.

  12. JLHudson

    The 1968- 1970 AMX was not a “sooped” up Javelin.

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