Another 1-of-1! Survivor 1970 Dodge Charger

A few days ago, we debated the merits of a Ford Maverick sedan with a decoded VIN revealing it was one-of-one in its combination of options and colors. Well, fasten your seatbelts for another ride on the rarity train as we dive into a survivor-grade 1970 Dodge Charger here on eBay, which sports a set of options and colors that make it another one-of-one combination that’s driven the bidding to over $30,000 with five days left! 

We here at Barn Finds do not forbid people from purchasing vanity plates with our nameplate, but it sure as heck better be the best barn find there is! This Charger isn’t an R/T or a 440 car, but it does come with a V8 and impressively clean bodywork. Based on photos that show the old-school Texas license plate still attached, this Charger resided in a dry, pleasant climate that has kept it rust-free. Of course, its previous owner also did quite a bit to ensure it survived in such nice shape after all of these years.

The interior reflects what the seller promotes as 100% original condition. The build sheet is what tells the tale for this Charger being one-of-one, as it breaks down to reveal the following: a Charger built with a 318, an automatic, air conditioning, EB3 roof and body paint, radio package, 3-speed wipers / remote outside mirror / and power brakes is the only one of its kind. Now, there are a few other options that appear to play a role in this designation, but that’s all it takes for a Charger to stand apart from its Mopar brethren.

The 230 b.h.p. 318 isn’t an uncommon engine, nor is it the most desirable. However, that is not stopping bidders from pushing the price of this Charger quite high. Rarity is always going to be in style, but I’m not sure I could personally justify throwing this much money at one of the more ordinary Chargers. But then again, while I see this one as ordinary, another enthusiast might find one of the many 440 cars produced to be downright boring, because that’s the one everybody wants. Where do you stand on the rarity issue?


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  1. Klharper

    To me rare does not necessarily mean valuable. Sometimes it is rare because it was crap.

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  2. Rustytech Member

    The Charger was by no means crap. This was likely ordered by a young family man, the barn burning R/T was no longer practical, but he was not ready to give up on the sporty appearance. This is a good looking car, the motor is bulletproof, and will be an unusual entry at the local show. The price however is already well beyond affordability on my limited income. What a shame.

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  3. Howard A Member

    FINALLY, a vintage Charger that’s not some fire-breathing monster. Truth be known, there were far more Chargers equipped like this, than the neck snappers. Pretty basic, am radio, no A/C. As usual, I don’t buy the mileage, this car has many issues underneath ( leaking gas tank, leaking differential, and kind of rusty for an alleged low mile Texas car, over spray on exhaust manifolds, AND 50 year old fan belts??) Still a very nice car, but what is it at now,? 30 g’s?? Unbelievable.

    • DMCL

      Car has over 200k miles. two repaints, and was rusty all around just 2 months ago. Sold $15k in December:

      • ags290

        I think DMCL is right. Look at the VIN’s between the two adds along with all of the interior pictures. I really do think it is the same car.

      • Tom Driscoll

        …the sticker in front of the radiator torn in the same spot further confirms it.

      • Jack

        @DMCL Nice catch!
        Well, from what I can see from the pictures is the Galen report shows the same vin # that is listed for both vehicles. I also noticed on the car for the current listing there is a dealer tag on the rear bumper “Randy Aubrey Dodge Inc.” a dealer from Indiana that seems to have gone out of business, the dealer tag is not on the old listing pictures. How does that happen, added a used bumper?

      • JP

        I agree with Tom D, and the markings on the dash are the same. What a scam selling a rusted car as rust free.

      • moosie Craig

        Same State Farm sticker in the rear window.

      • Kevin In Iowa

        The trunk lid stickers are the same. The real clincher is the sticker on the far right, it’s torn/missing parts in the exact same spots. What is upsetting to me is how anyone can blatantly lie like this obviously filthy rich so and so. No conscience? Sneakily detailing, repainting and messing with the odometer/or replaced the speedometer, among other small things.

        His eBay auction…..description is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! WTF? Several of his pictures are blurry, you’d think a man with huge wealth would use a quality camera. BTW, all caps constitutes yelling and screaming and is at very least, RUDE. What an ass.

      • Franz Trost

        Have reported the car to Ebay. Nothing happend !

      • brian crowe

        also some of the pics in the new listing for New York also have pics in it with the same Texas liciense plate as the old listing. It does look like the guy has put some cash into it since buying it and moving it to NY but to flat out lie about it is just discausting to read and I feel sorry for the poor guy who puts out $30k for this based on those lies.

    • RS

      It has a/c.

  4. redwagon

    so my question is if you buy it for say 35k and create a 440 clone what is it worth then? to me this car is nothing special but with a bit of modification it may be worth a whole lot more.

    what is it worth as a donor car?

    • Howard A Member

      Hi red, I think the bottom kind of fell out of the MOPAR thing, and what seemed like every Mopar was going tor 6 figures a few short years ago, I see, most big block Chargers are about half that now.

      • Woodie Man long before the Tri-Fives take a similar dive? Can I wait it out or will I look like Mr. Natural by then?

        But I agree. This is basically a stripper for a Charger. Nice for the racy school teacher but….meh…

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  5. Mark70s

    Like many, I love these chargers, while reading through the Barnfind emails this one Caught my attention as it looks very similar to the one I bought 5 years ago.
    Amazing how the prices have jumped on these cars! At its current 30k bid it’s double what I paid for mine.

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    • Snotty

      Never did like the body lines on the Chargers, give me a Super Bee, anytime over a charger, after all it is the “Super B”

    • DRV

      Yours Is much nicer than the one listed.

  6. Jay E.

    When I was in High school one of the teachers drove an identical looking car. She parked behind the shop class and in the early 70’s this car was great looking, even then. We all knew it wasn’t equipped as a “muscle” car, but the color, style and presence of it made for a presentation far beyond that of a plain Jane driver ( and upped the coolness of the teacher considerably!) .
    It still looks great today, perhaps even more so. For my tastes I prefer this over what seem to be commonplace hotter versions. I can promise you that anywhere you drive this, you will be approached to talk about your car. It is a memory on wheels. I think it is worth every part of the bidding price and would love to have it in my garage. But the mile of dirt road to my place makes a beauty like this unpractical.
    Aren’t these the same style hubcaps that the Bullet charger lost so many times?

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Jay, close, the Bullitt Charger was a ’68. Some say as many as 6 wheel covers flew off the car in the 10 minute, 53 second chase.

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      • Chris

        I have one of those hubcaps that came off the Bullett car chase. I bought it many years ago at a flea market. The old man told me his friend lived in the area where the car chase was at the time. The faded pencil inscription on the back of the hubcap says so. Says date and that it was found from the set of bullet car chase.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      You are right, everywhere you go people will be trying to talk to you about your car.

      So you’d be best to record yourself saying, ‘no it doesn’t have a Hemi’, ‘no it doesn’t have a 440’ and save your vocal cords.

  7. Moparmann Member

    “COMPLETELY ORIGINAL BUMPER TO BUMPER”, no mention of the front seat being redone. Not exactly my idea of complete,(but just a minor quibble on my part). I purchased a base 70 Charger in this color from the original owner in 1974 w/ only 29k miles on it; A/M radio, A/C, 318 C.I., and the plainer hubcaps. No vinyl top or fancy steering wheel, either. I then proceeded to upgrade it with OEM items that it didn’t have: hood turn signal indicators, wheelwell trim, etc. Unfortunately, it was totalled in 1978, and I stripped as many parts as I thought I could. Knowing what I know now, I left items of value on it that went to the crusher! Oh, well! Nice car, but reserve NOT met at 30K? I wish them GLWTS, but overpriced IMO. :-)

  8. JW454

    I think I’d replace the interior with the correct type and color seat covers. I’d keep the rest of it the same for the time being. Later on I’d repaint it to the correct color and detail under the hood and underneath correctly.
    For me…No 440 swap, No Magnums, No bucket seat conversion, No dual exhaust. Just enjoy it as it is.

    • Ed P

      At least the front and back seat upholstery should match before calling it ‘original’.

      • Texas Tea

        Thank you! I was wondering when someone would spot that.

  9. irocrob

    I really like this car and would leave it all original. It is hard to believe but I think some Chargers in this style,maybe 1968 came original with a 6 cylinder. Hard to find a original Charger like this that has not been messed with. A true delight.

  10. Tim Hobbs

    Here’s my 1969 camaro. 1 of 1 all original except for a repainted a few years back. Only 42k miles. All documents since new. Second owner. Glacier blue with white painted top with white interior. 327 with power glide.

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  11. Mike

    Far from all original, front seat looks like crap, not worth $20K in anybody’s book that knows anything about Mopars. The shill bidding is out of control on this one. What a freaking joke!

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    • Bill Nagribianko

      Spot on. I don’t see one thing that makes this Charger “rare” or desirable. The front seat is wrong, don’t know where anybody found it and why they would put it in this car. There’s nothing unique or rare about a 70 318 column auto Charger.

  12. Rod

    The body style alone will command the dollars. The seller is trying to squeeze some extra cash with the “one of concept” unfortunately it is for the less sought after items. Not sure it will work in their favour but for me I would want to know these things anyways. When compared to the Maverick this one is the more desirable of the two and will get a much higher price so the extra sales technique might be worth the shot.
    It would be interesting to know if the new purchaser keeps as is or does some upgrading. I would think it will be an even split between both parties. Upgrade/keep as is?

  13. James

    A 318 Charger was the norm back in the day. This is by no means a one of a kind built. Could be one of very few left now…as most went to the junk yard. And that color combination was not anything special either. Falls into same category as 307 Chevelle….tons made…not many left!

    • RS

      I bet the 383 2v was a close second in ‘how many came with’.

  14. Brian R

    Very nice. Really love the color! I’d love to own this one.

  15. DRV

    I know I’m bored by the repetitive muscle cars. How many hundreds of times have we seen them? This is refreshing and draws more interest from me than a much more common to see high optioned one.
    Plain Jane’s are my favorites.

  16. 8banger Dave Member

    I do respect Mopars and love the hell out of the 2nd gen Chargers. I’ve had a 68 R/T, a few satellites, etc. How about those nylon-toothed cam gears? HAR!

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  17. Fred W.

    I agree with DRV, price aside, a Charger that looks the way most were originally ordered is a pleasure to look at- so few left.

  18. Jen A

    It is a plain Jane , right down to the not so great looking steering wheel , might I add never seen that wheel in any charger , But is it worth 30 grand no

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Hi Jen, the paperwork indicates a rim blow steering wheel. Only 256 installed on the 1970 Chargers.

      • RS

        After 46 years I’d bet the rubber is missing off the rim blow or that it just doesn’t work anymore. I’ve seen them a lot younger that were in that condition, let alone in the heat of Texas.

  19. Jeffro

    I do like some of the other vehicles it was on display with.

  20. Don Tennison

    What would you do with it, park it and wait for value that you will not realize or drive and reduce the value. I would like to have it and drive it but never at that crazy price

  21. Joe Haska

    I have see allot of car collections over the years, some I got, some not so much! I often dream of what my collection would be. Because of the last few days on barn find, I think I would want all these one of ones, like the Maverick, this Charger, and anything else that falls into that category.

  22. Cerbera67

    Personally I would have this as it is, just a Simple classic shape and nice driver, but the prices on some these are getting ridiculous.

  23. Rocko

    Mostly original, except for a new top and gas tank, Bill Rollick , by the way, has the correct thicker fuel sender lock ring to correct that nasty leak ! By the look of the door jamb , i’d say the roof was probably rusty. Congrats on getting it up the the 35k level, i don’t think it will ever be worth that. I prefer the R/T version, that uncomfortable front bench would be the reason for the low mileage, i would shelve the bench and odometer till resale and drive the heck out of it with late model buckets.

  24. DMCL

    Hi guys. PLEASE BEWARE. This is a fraudulent listing. This car has had at least two repaints. One older repaint, and one repaint with rust repair just a month or so ago. Car has over 200k miles according to prior owner. Check ebay, car was sold in Dec 2016 for 15k:

    • RS

      A better question, apparently, is ‘where do you stand on the seller honesty issue?’

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  25. Larry

    Has anyone noticed that the rocker panel pinch weld is/was red?

  26. BradL

    The 1970 Charger was available with around 155 options. With only 8 options there are over 40,000 different possibilities, meaning there could be 40,000 different 1-of-1 cars. This is why I give these “rare” option combination vehicles no merit.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Great point.

  27. Tom Driscoll

    I suspect the sellers is bidding the car up. Crooked enough to represent this as a 31k mile car, when one month ago it was listed with 200k. It’s easy to see they are the same car…one month ago 31651 miles, now 31699, same 1st 7 digits of the vin, and the kicker, look at the lens mark on the speedo at about the 100mph mark…they ARE the same car.

  28. Tim Rusling

    Come on guys, it’s really nice, technically not a “survivor” – but a great body style which will always be desirable and it’s a scarce-spec example. If all the mentioned negative points are that important to you, don’t buy it and just move on. Someone out there will love it for what it is, and if they happen to find the price agreeable, then it’s fair to say that the right person bought it..

    • Tom Driscoll

      Tim, I think many of us would agree it’s a great body style. The negative remarks relate to the seller’s representation of this as “an original 31,00 mile survivor”, when we’ve shown that just one month ago it was represented (honestly), as a 200,000 mile car with a poor interior, multiple rust-thru spots, and no vinyl roof. The buyer might not be too happy to find that out after winning the bid.

  29. John B

    I really miss the old days when you could add options to a new car almost one at a time…mix or match. Sure made for some crazy combinations!!

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  30. Tim Rusling

    Yes, I did get that, Tom – if the refurbishing was done to a proper standard, that’s one thing. An owner BS’ing or hiding a car’s previous condition is another thing. I’m hoping a prospect with that kind of disposable income will have the smarts to properly evaluate whether this car is worthy of his/her money outlay. A lot of formerly crappy cars have been properly rescued, and now go for big bucks. But they’re not normally bench-seat, small block cars. In my 47 year driving life, I’ve never seen a bench-seat Charger. I can see this kind of money, possibly, for a genuine, unmolested, near-perfect survivor [in the correct sense]. But these Chargers will never be made again and someone will have to decide if this is the right car for them. I just hope they do their homework.

  31. Jeff Staff

    Great detective work here. Shame if the seller isn’t representing the car honestly, as some bidders seem quite interested in it. If he’s not being honest, than at this price point, I suspect the winner will simply walk away or take him to court.

  32. Peter Vanderhaden

    Anyone else notice that the pic shows a current New York license plate, not Texas?

    • moosie Craig

      Current E-BAY listing shows Suffern N.Y. as location . Seller is crooked as a dogs hind leg.

    • Howard A Member

      I wonder how NYDOT feels about that?

  33. Cory

    B.S !

    Rear panel around the lights are Black on these,total repaint !! Cheap restorations they don’t use the proper black around the tail lights..

    These low mile cars all have over 100,000 on them..

    5 digit odometer meaning after 99,999 it goes back to 0..

    I know way too many 200,000 mile Mopar’s that are in better condition and look like they are restored..Interiors look new,paint looks new and engine bay looks new..

    Too bad they never had more than a 5 digit odometer,then people would see Granny’s mint old car that looks new in/out has 260,000 miles not 60,000 !!! Littl Ol Ladies were not Little or old when they bought them new,people think they were 80 when they bought them in 1970 and 88 when they died in 2017 !!

    Rear panel is painted Blue…They were all Black !

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Just a heads up, option A73 Special Value Package equipped cars received the Body Color Taillight Treatment. I prefer the black myself. Not that it matters, A73 also included an electric clock. This car seems to have the tic toc tach. Which I always thought was a stand alone option. Anybody?

  34. Kevin Wernick

    I’m still trying to figure out why these tinny flimsy mopars bring such big money. Good motors, I admit, but not much else

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    • David Lundquist Member

      I had one. Loved it at first but it turned out to be a piece of CRAP. Pass anything but a gas station, burned phenomenal amount of oil (quart/500 miles), whole back of the car was always oily black. Dipstick tube rested ON exhaust manifold. Carburetors were defective and had to be replaced along w/ the warped spacer between intake manifold and carb. Dipstick tube finally just broke off. Major effort to replace front two plugs, just too much engine crammed under the hood so overheated. Headlights wouldn’t open up first time out. I could go on and on. I hope it was crushed.

  35. Tim

    Nice touch how they’ve even added an “original” dealer tag below the taillight. Unfortunate deception on an otherwise very cool car.

  36. NMCarNut

    I love this 1 of 1 hype. Anybody actually read the Galen Registry report? The numbers are accumulated from the cars in the registry which is a fraction of the cars actually produced. Extrapolating the numbers the report states there is a 15% chance of finding another Charger identically equipped. So maybe rare but not the only one.

    And never mind if a survivor or not, this car is not at all desirably equipped. Take note, there is no A/C. Not only is the hardware absent in the pictures the Registry report also states that it is number 19 of 53 accounted for in the serial number series that DOES NOT have air conditioning.

    Hopefully whoever is bidding is correctly reading the report . . .

    • Jeff Staff

      I noticed that on the “disclaimer” language on the report. Basically stating, if it’s been crushed or hasn’t been documented previously, we don’t know about it and can’t verify the authenticity of this report.

      • NMCarNut

        Precisely. Considering the Registry has only documented slightly over 1% of the 318 2BBL Charger Sports Hardtops produced means there could easily be a few more identical cars in the 98+% remainder.

        And how many 318 Chargers did “Dukes of Hazzard” send to Charger heaven??

  37. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    wow….they even added a dealer tag on the rear….

  38. Mike Dennis

    If you look at the Galen Govier report the serial number on this car matches the serial on the car that sold on December 14. This is criminal and they should be reported!

  39. Tyler

    Here is one of the other 5 with the blue bench seat, of the 16 with the A04 radio & of the 60 with a column shift. Not in near as good condition though…

  40. Mike C

    Well gentlemen I sent a message to the eBay seller concerning the VIN as so many of you have noticed and special thanks to DMCL. Here is what I asked the current seller:

    New message to: crvette123

    Im very concerned about your car. You state it is a 1 of 1 car but the exact same car was sold here on eBay slightly different optioned car with the exact same VIN you have listed on this car for sale. Can you help me understand how two exact cars have the EXACT same VIN See previous ebay listing for reference

    I will keep all of you up to date as the seller gets back to me

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply.

  41. Texas Tea

    The buyer will be very disappointed with this purchase.

  42. RicK

    Would still rather have the Charger than the Maverick any day

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  43. Classic Carl

    The seller is a professional con man. Most likely the bidders are his buddies cranking up the bids to catch some poor fella. Luckily not much gets past the barn finds crew. Good looking out friends…

  44. milotus

    So…..with all of the changes,is it still
    “One of one”?

  45. Jay E.

    I hope this is not what buying 70’s era cars has come to, completely fraudulent (but believable) representations designed to fraudulently extract a premium form unsuspecting buyers. I was really interested in this car, and if circumstances were different may have bid on it, believing the sellers claims. My trip down memory lane had this car used by a teacher to commute to work for 10 years or so before the gas crisis had her downsize to a Honda or something. The car sits in her carport until recently when her estate put it up for sale as a survivor. WRONG. Instead it is a batent rip-off, a 240,000 mile, rusty, worn out chassis with a value about half or what the dream car is worth. I would probably never have known this if it weren’t for Barn Finds. Perhaps there needs to be a new website started, “BS”, to help expose these types of cars. There seem to be more of them every day. I guess it is a sad sign of the times.

  46. Neil Reynolds

    I bought a 72 numbers matching Plymouth Cuda 340 , and it was because I love Mopars and I am a normal working guy and don’t have $100k.
    Why does everyone want a 71 cuda ? because it’s got 4 headlights and some fender gills ? Yes we would all like something with a Hemi motor, but I like to think I made a sensible choice as an individual.

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  47. Mike C

    The seller is spooked. He didn’t reply to my email and just lowered the reserve to sell the car. If any of you are bidding on this watch out.

  48. Pat

    Had to find out for myself …. yes I agree, its the same Charger!
    I’d redo it in a perfect manner but leave the 1 on 1 look. But its way overpriced now.

  49. George Mattar

    These cars are beautiful. But truth be told, they were built like crap. That is one major reason American buyers got fed up with with the Big Three and buy imports. These cars were rotted out by 1976. I know. I worked at a Dodge dealer then. There are some very smart readers on this site catching all the fraud. The buyer of this car did not use the two eyes God gave him. So much fraud today especially with 68 to 70 Chargers. I know of a B5 Blue 70 R/T rotting on the front lawn in upstate NY. The house is run well. Obviously the owner needs money. Junk all over the place. Gonna fix it some day. Car is off RT 8 near 5he Chobani factory. Saw it in Feb covered with snow. Sad.

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