Another Dusty Old Chevy: 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe

A couple of weeks ago Brian wrote a great piece about a similar Chevy, except that it was a coupe. Bidding ended at less than the reserve, about $9000, so it did not sell but it was relisted and with the high bid of $13,300 still, has not sold. This 2 door Chevy listed on craigslist in Pottsville, Pennsylvania has a back seat but is perhaps more original and is listed at $8500. This is another example of more is less. It’s been parked for over 40 years, but it ran and drove when parked, of course. 

The interior shows signs of the 1970s influence with the shag carpet, door panels, and the non-stock seats. Removing the carpet will be easy but bringing the door panels back to original will need reupholstery in a more original material. Perhaps the original seats are tucked away in the garage somewhere. It does look better than the crazy upholstery in the coupe.

This old Chevy looks like a solid car. It needs a few things, like front seats and running board rubber. It would have been nice to have a peek under the hood. If there the barn floor isn’t showing under the shag carpet, perhaps this could old Chevy could be a great driver. That might even be original paint. If they had repainted it when they added the shag carpet and seats the color would probably have been something more colorful. It’s not a coup, of course, but it’s still a nice, solid old car.

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  1. Mark

    Front tire sunk under floor of cement or wood?

  2. Larry K

    No time, no room and no bread. What a great car. High on my never ending list.

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  3. Mark S

    I can’t help but compliment the sellers photography skills three pic’s of the front from the same spot, a fourth from a bit over, one crappy interior shot and two shots from the same side. Don’t be so lazy and drag it out into the sun clean it up and take some better pic’s. If I was buying this car the lack of descent pic’s would be a deal breaker. It’s a nice car maybe I think. Can’t tell with all that filth on it. Don’t people realize that a bit of effort might increase the value. Rant complete I now turn you over to our regularly scheduled sponsor.

    • Fred W.

      Why should they clean it up? All they hear is “Barn Find, Barn Find” with cars being dragged out of barns thickly coated with dust and supposedly worth a fortune. Don’t want to destroy it’s value, kind of like those people on Antiques Roadshow who won’t refinish furniture because it kills the value.

  4. Doug Towsley

    Love the front end view, the rest, not so much. Thats why I like the coupes. I got a 1/2 Pontiac-1/2 Chevy 37 coupe project.

    (Its a 37 Pontiac shell and I have it on a 37 Chev frame with a bunch of Chev body work-front clip, fenders etc. The eye brows had to be cut off a chev to make it work, so TRULY a rat rod.)

    Its also got a lot of bullet holes so no need for AC. Clearly not a restoration project. But cool as a rat. But my point here is I LOVE these style prewar styling points, and the seperate headlights. Just so cool.

  5. Doc Elliot

    Note the suspended modern brake/clutch pedals…..please, a coup is where chickens live….a coupe is a car.

    • grant

      No, chickens live in coops. A coup is a government takeover. If you must be the grammar police, at least be correct.

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  6. Per Member

    Totally agree, I saw it and thought it was something new.

  7. Jerry HW Brentnell

    yea suspended brake and clutch pedals floor shift thats one thing but the killer here being a master it has that garbage knee action front suspension .were junk when new! my father changed lots of these back to straight axles when these cars were 6 months old as you couldn’t line them up to keep front tires on them!

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