Another One! 1957 Imperial Ghia Limousine

Barn Finds reader Ikey H. was kind enough to send in another Imperial Ghia Limousine, but this one is older and somewhat rougher than the beautiful 1963 model that Adam did such a great job of writing up recently. It is, however, being sold by the same seller here on eBay, so if you fell in love with the 1963 model but couldn’t swing the cash, perhaps this one will scratch that itch. Naturally, it is also located in Westminster, Colorado. Bidding is at half of the other car as I write at $29,999 but neither have met the reserve. By the way, there’s a bonus with this car that you’ll have to read to the end of the post to learn about.

The seller goes into a lot of detail about how they acquired the car, what they think they have figured out about its life, and what they would do next. There’s a huge amount of new, reproduction and used parts included but there are still some components that you will have to source. If you read Adam’s great write-up you’ll see that these cars were essentially hand-built and are rare; there were 36 of this particular model made.

There’s a fairly good amount of rust on the car but it appears to be surface rust. The seller explains that a large amount of filler and primer were used on these cars to achieve an extremely smooth surface and that the cars typically lose surface coverings as a result.

Wait a minute, some of those parts are new! That’s right, the seller is passing this car along despite already completing a long list of mechanical and cosmetic renovation:

  • rebuilt front suspension
  • new exhaust system
  • rechromed front bumper with Ghia correct polished 1958 grill
  • restored headlight pods
  • new dash pad (custom sewn unit, not as original)
  • restored/re-chromed dash face and installed glass lenses in gauges
  • rewired the dash and much of the car
  • repaired all electrical accessories including windows and divider
  • installed Ghia specific ornamentation on hood and trunk lid
  • replaced tail light lenses with Ghia specific new parts
  • new rear bumper garnish
  • rebuilt front and rear radio
  • repaired Ghia specific front and rear heaters and A/C
  • upgraded/replaced non Chrysler/Ghia exterior parts
  • correct A/C compressor and Ghia specific generator

You can see that nice new dash pad above, but unfortunately you can also see the torn up upholstery.

On a more positive note, that engine looks beautiful, and we are told the seller “repaired/replaced virtually everything that it takes to make this a reliable, drivable car”

So here’s the surprise: included is this 1957 LeBaron that “runs and drives very well.” The seller is considering this a parts car and that it includes a trunk floor that could be cut out to replace the rusty one on the limo. I’ll tell you right now, there’s no way I am cutting up this LeBaron — I’ll find a floor somewhere else! So what do you think, readers? Would you buy this one…excuse me, two cars that need some TLC but run well versus the one that was pretty darned nice? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    You might as well by the nice one because by the time your done this one will be more expensive. Personally I’d rather have the labaron, it easier to store will take up less room in your garage while your restoring it and would be better for personal use. It would be a dam shame to part out that labaron when floors are so easy to fabricate. I sure hope the new owner has the smarts to save both cars.

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  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Waaaay out of my league! ‘There’s a huge amount of new, reproduction and used parts included’. I am sure the seller is well connected in the Ghia market. Just hard for me to think there is a huge amount of anything around for this with only 36 being built. They do have some really cool rigs for sale. And I agree on cutting the floor. Insane.

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  3. Maestro1

    I would save both cars. An amazing point in American automotive design history.

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  4. Tony Primo

    Be careful that you don’t exceed you tip submission limit Ikey.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Maybe Ikey gets bonus comments for each car he submits?

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      • Ikey Heyman

        I was told that if I meet my tip submission goals for six straight months, I will receive an invitation to next year’s Barn Finds Annual Snipe Hunt! I already spent a small fortune on upgrading my camping gear, that’s how confident I am.

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      • canadainmarkseh Member

        Keep them coming Ikey your a great contributer to my addiction.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        LOL Ikey!!!!!! Still laughing! Take care, Mike.

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  5. Joe Machado

    I been on the road getting a Ferrari and missed the 63 Imperial. I have a 63 Imperial four door parts car from San Diego to replace the floors

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  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    “Ghia” is the creepy sound I’d make when sitting in that front seat.

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  7. Mountainwoodie

    Now that I think of it, perhaps Governor Pat Brown of California had a ’57 Ghia limo…not a ’63 ….I had a ’63 Imperial Southampton,,two tone cream over copper………have to find that picture

  8. Kenneth Carney

    Owned a ’58 Crown 4-door HT myself and
    I agree that the ’57 LeBaron shouldn’t be
    chopped up to feed the limo. If the limo
    is supposed to be roadworthy, then drive
    it to your local sheetmetal shop and have
    them install new floors in the Ghia! Never
    understood cutting up a perfectly good
    car just for the floor and trunk pans when
    a trip to a metal shop would suffice. Get
    both of these fine cars running and driving and enjoy them for what they are–
    a twofer!! Thanks Ikey! the cars you find
    wind up as subjects for my auto art business. It’s great to just come here to
    find a car to sketch instead of having to
    look it up in my library of books on the
    subject. You should see what I’m doing
    with the ’55 Ford Customline sedan you
    showed on Sunday. Thanks again for all
    those great finds! Always enjoy stopping

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  9. Dovi65

    Cut up the LeBaron?? HERESY!!! Unless there’s something drastically compromised with the [AHEM!] “parts car”, I don’t see the logic in using it as such. Both cars are worthy of saving, and should be.
    Many years ago, when I was in my early 20s, I stumbled upon a 63 Imperial [not a Crown, or LeBaron, just a ‘regular’ Imperial] she was solid, no serious rot, just in need of a good home, and some TLC. I fell in instant love. I later took my Pops with me to see it, hear it run, and get a general idea of what I was getting into! Alas, he discouraged me from bringing her home “What the he** do you want that for?” Since Pops always indulged me in my quests for ‘old clunkers’, I took a pass. It was painful seeing MY car sitting unloved as I passed it in my travels. Maybe Pops was right, maybe he saw something I was blind to [I never saw the flaws in any car I bought!] But damn, do I regret not paying the $400 for her. I hope she found a good home

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  10. Del

    Wow. He sure loves these

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