Are You Dreaming? 1960 Corvette Survivor


This one might just be the real thing! Sporting what appears to be nice but not perfect original paint, this Powerglide equipped 1960 Corvette is said to be exactly as it left the factory. It’s for sale here on eBay and is located in Germantown, Tennessee. The buy it now is a tick under $60,000, but you are welcome to make offers lower than that. I’m not sure they’ll do much good, though.


It’s unusual to me to see a Corvette with “dog dish” center caps and no performance upgrades. Especially one that is supposedly wearing all it’s original paint, chrome and interior. The car certainly looks striking! I’d like to see some documentation that the car really is that original before bidding. I’ve noticed that some folks’ idea of original is “original type” or “original color”, but not “the actual part it left the factory with.” What do you call “original”?


The convertible top seems in splendid shape for an original one; I know any top like this for a British car would have disintegrated a long time ago!


I really like the light blue interior with the white. While I can’t say I’d prefer the Powerglide, there were certainly enough sold in Corvettes for me to believe the original purchaser chose it. I guess that’s another thing I’d like to see with a supposed survivor like this; what is the ownership history? The ad doesn’t sound like it’s being sold by the original purchaser or even their heirs–so what’s the story behind this preserved fantastic plastic car?


Here’s the original 283 engine, and as the seller tells us, the factory heads, intake, carburetor and air cleaner are all in place. A little bit of cleaning under this hood could work wonders, but it’s so pretty, I’d have a hard time convincing my better half that the car would be better off being cleaned than driven!


I appreciate the seller including under car pictures as well. All looks good under here, too. No, certainly not show quality, but I don’t see anything to worry about, either. Is it worth $60,000? As the seller states, they are only original once!


  1. RayT Member

    Since I can’t afford this ‘Vette — and wish I could — I’ll be nit-picky and say that the paint on the wheel (and in the coves) doesn’t seem to match the body. Could just be the photos, I guess…. Also the blue interior looks to be a lighter shade than I remember. Also, maybe, a quirk of the photos.

    But it’s the Powerglide that really curbs my enthusiasm. I’ve been lucky enough to drive maybe 20 ‘Vettes over the years, and not one had a slushbox. I’m too old to change my ways.

    See? I’ve saved myself a BIG chunk of money! And I’ll bet this ends up costing the new owner a good $15-20K over the current price. I hope it’s every bit as good as it seems!

    • CJay

      The wheels do look to be a brighter white.
      Is that a crack in the left front fender near the wheel opening?

    • 70kingswood

      always wanted to drive a 66 vette with the 427 powerglide combo, yes they made em that way!

  2. Flmikey

    I would like to think that the person interested in this beautiful car has the eye to know if this is all original..if it is all original, this car is history and worth every penny…

  3. Righteous Bob

    It’s all in the Timing, and the Timing is way off for me! I have been looking for a 58 to 62 Vette that my Boss (wife) would let me buy, and it has to be a Powerglide so she can drive it that 1 day a year that she would want to!! But as I say the Timing is way off, New roof on a rental, insurance due, and the list goes on…
    Ya, you single guys laugh. I don’t have to talk to myself… much..

  4. MH

    Looks a little to good if you ask me. Maybe a old restoration?

  5. Dolphin Member

    I’m no NCRS expert, but for evaluating this car I would definitely want an expert opinion.

    I could be wrong and the seller could be right in his claims, but I’m not sure about some of that original originality—things like the baggy seat vinyl, the too-white, possibly newly-painted wheels that Ray T mentioned, the really excellent looking white soft top, the brand new looking rad hoses, the partly redone-looking undercoat on some but not all of the underside, etc.

    NCRS expert opinion welcome.

  6. Bruce

    Even a survivor car would have had some maintenance over the years. Things like hoses and seals will deteriorate and need to be replaced. If I remember correctly the NCRS has a little give on items like that.
    I agree tho that without a NCRS stamp of approval it would be hard to verify the status as a true survivor.

    • Dolphin Member

      You are right about the rad hose. That’s a consumable part that has no bearing on judging whether it’s original or not. Thanks for the correction.

  7. Pete

    These cars just don’t come up very often or everyday. This car looks very original from pics. It will go past 60k is my thought

  8. Howard A Member

    You know, of all the Corvettes like this I’ve seen, this is one of the few with dog dish hubcaps, and I like it much better than the full wheel covers. While I think this car has been redone, it is just an amazing example of what you could buy in 1960. I missed this era by about 10 years. Maybe could dicker a little, but the owner knows what they have, and probably worth it. And if you buy this, you’ll probably look like this guy,,,”So long, dumbass”. ( Red Formans Corvette was a ’58)

    • Ck

      I’m with ya Howard Im a sucker for doggy dishes and when you see them on vettes of this vintage it just makes the car.

  9. Wd62vette

    I’m no expert on Corvettes either, but I thought the dog dish hub caps came on the more performance models. There is some trim caps missing on the top door mouldings. My 1962 is a Fuel injected 4 speed and I have the small hubcaps. If it is the factory original paint it is great shape. If not, I still like it!

  10. JW

    These are the Corvettes I love next to the split window and of course I can’t afford either one.

  11. JohnD

    Are you dreaming? the title asks . . . Well, someone is. This car looked awfully familiar. It was gaveled sold (lot s107) for $35K at Mecum’s Louisville auction in September.

    They said original. I said rough.


    • Jon

      That really kills me.. A flipper !!! And i suppose some will say, more power to him… I say, this is what kills the opportunity to those that can’t afford these cars because of greed.. Disgusting… Now I also suppose I will get a bunch of thumbs down… What of it…LOL

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Jon, I know, I struggle with that too. Literally, over night, this car jumped several income classes. IDK if it’s greed. On one hand, whoever the flipper is had the resources to go for it while we all sat around wondering what to do, but on the other hand, it bums me that the car hasn’t “settled down” yet with a permanent owner, that will take care of it and DRIVE it, and people are still making money off it. Who knows, the next person may double THEIR money, and never turn a wheel on it, it’s that cool of a car. That, I feel, is the problem. Man, I’d be driving the HECK out of this car!! ( oh, whispering,,,I think the thumb downer got the message. Haven’t seen one today, yet)

      • Tony S

        What’s wrong with flipping? Why the hate? Every single car dealer does this every single day. We don’t live in Denmark for goodness sake! And on the topic of driving – yeah we all get it – cars are meant to be driven however isn’t it the owner’s choice what he wants to do with it? Owners don’t drive their Pebble Beach winning cars other than maybe across the podium or on/off the trailer. The cat that owns Corvette Grand Sport 002 actually built a replica to beat on so he could preserve the piece of history. Maybe save this car for shows and buy a junker to assemble one to drive the crap out of? Maybe he already has a driver quality car. Sheesh.

      • Tony S
  12. JohnD

    I really don’t have a problem with flippers, and I have a car in my garage that I plan to sell at some point. BUT I was there and even bought a car. And this wasn’t it . . . It was worth $35K and I didn’t even bid on it to get it there. I certainly wouldn’t have bid more. If someone drops $25K more in the seller’s lap, they will (or should) be sorry . . .

  13. geomechs geomechs Member

    My all time favorite Corvette (’58-’62). Unfortunately all I can do is wish. They are so far out of my budget that I cannot even consider buying one. However it doesn’t stop me from coveting. This one would look great on my driveway….

  14. Bob Baird

    I have to agree that the dreamer is the seller, but the many posts about thinking this car will go past even the $60K tells me that few have any idea what these cars go for. Do your homework before slapping down the bucks. I don’t mean to trash someone’s car, but all those unsupported claims merit some discussion. It is a “survivor” in the sense that it was around in 1960 and is still around in 2016. The dogdishes were used on the 5.5 inch “wide” wheels that were usually order for racing, along with the Big Brake package and FI. People are asking $2,500/wheel, so no chance these are 5.5’s. Powerglides are rare because few wanted them then and no one does now. Add a base engine and that makes for a driver, starter Corvette at best. The baby blue paint on the dash is not the right color. The silver front and rear emblems are service replacements. The taillight lenses are replacements. Headlights should be T-3’s. Seatbelts are replacements and good repros are expensive. I’d need to see the underside of the air cleaner, but I suspect repro. Groundstraps missing on engine mount. Trunk divider panel is the flat late 1960 style, not early. The leaf springs are replacements. The shocks in 1960 are smooth and not spiral. I’m leaving off a lot of smaller stuff like the radiator cap, etc, but you get the picture. Do your homework or hire someone who knows what they are looking at before laying down the cash.

    • 70kingswood

      did all 60 corvettes have the rear stabilizer bar? is this a big brake car with a base engine and powerglide? weird…

    • Tony S

      Nice work Bob.

    • al8apex

      this is exactly what kind of response I would expect …

  15. JohnD

    Good points all, Bob. Not to beat up on the seller, but, well, someone should . . . Besides this “all original” car, he is selling a Chevelle on ebay and describes it as ” … all original unmolested down to the original wheels, dog dish hub caps and 50 year old paint. Unrestored… New red line tires. New brakes. New alternator. New battery. New bushings… Not original motor.”

    So in his world it can be “all original” and not have the “original motor”? Oh, and the seats are velour when the tag decodes as vinyl. But it is all original unmolested . . .

    • Alan (Michigan)

      I don’t think that Chevrolet was installing tube headers in those days either. Sheesh.
      Hyperbole abounds!

      • Rocco Member

        Where are the tube headers? I see cast iron exhaust manifolds.

      • Alan (Michigan)

        Rocco, that was a reference to the Chevelle mentioned by JohnD.

        Basically a reality check for how believable the assertions of the seller are.

      • Rocco Member

        Gotcha. Thanks.

  16. Jon

    My wife can only drive an automatic and I’m sure would love to drive the wheels off of it. But unfortunately the seller has put it out if our price range

    • Tony S

      Get out there and find one you CAN afford! Don’t hate on “flippers” because of your failure to locate a vehicle in your price range…

  17. Tony S

    Actually, as far as “driving the wheels off” the C1s aren’t that rewarding. The chassis is basically a 1953 standard Chevy. They drive like tractors. I happen to have a ’60 that my dad left me and I don’t like to dive it because 1) It drives like a tractor, and 2) Every time you stop seems all people want to know is “what’s it worth?”. It gets tiring…

  18. ruxvette

    I think he got a deal at $35k. I think the buyer at $60ish will be okay. Besides what has been mentioned I would say nitpicky stuff like wrong screws on valve cover, air cleaner top, ign shielding, etc. Then…those hub caps are wrong for the car. My guess is the wheels are wrong, too, and don’t have the “bumps” to hold the stock wheel covers, the driver seat has been redone, and, if it is truly complete, where is the hard top (holes in the deck).

  19. Tom Marinshaw

    The 1959 Vette could be had with sun visors as an option and all 1960’s had them as standard. This one does not have visors. I think this and the other comments regarding non 1960 items leave me wondering ” what’s up”.

  20. Dolphin Member

    Like some others on here, especially Bob, I still don’t think this car is the “True Survivor Convertible”, “original and unmolested” car with “Everything on this car is the way it came from Chevrolet in 1960” that the seller claims.

    Even leaving aside the hard sell and the evasive “99,999” mileage that’s given in the Ebay listing, it just doesn’t add up, more so if it is the car that was sold by Mecum a few months ago.

    The Ebay auction ended with a sale at $59,900. The SCM Guide has these base ’60 Corvettes selling at auction for a median of $73,900 recently, so the buyer didn’t do too badly…..IF he’s OK with the Powerglide, and the dubious claims made by the seller, and if the values don’t pull back ever more.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      No. The car was not “sold”, at least via eBay. The auction ended this way: “This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.” What that means is anybody’s guess.

      • Alan (Michigan)


        The lister has zero feedback as a seller, only as a buyer, and from over a year ago. Caveat Emptor.

      • Dolphin Member

        Listing ended because NLA usually means the seller ended the auction to sell the car to someone off-Ebay to avoid having to pay Ebay fees.

        But not always. As you pointed out, the car was relisted right away. Who knows why he ended it early saying it was NLA, and then relisted it quickly?

        With a joker like this seller, who cares?

      • Rocco Member

        I thought you just paid one price to list on e-bay. I tried it a couple months ago, and it was somewhere around $110-$125(?) I think. Whether it sells or not. Mind didn’t reach my reserve.

  21. Richard Love

    Back in ’64 I bought a car just like that except it was blue with white coves. 283 with Powerglide. I remember someone telling me they only made 200 of them in ’60. Sounds low to me. Traded in a Corvair Monza Spider for it. Passed on the XK120 that was in the lot. A fun car. One time driving from Albany to Worcester, MA on the Mass Turpike I had a “statie” in his Chrysler 300 wagon make 3 runs at me by going by, turning around on the center median and coming up behind me again. Finally stopped me and commented that I had a pretty good rear view mirror. Actually the auto trans worked out good. Albany had a lot of hills with cobblestone streets back then. When the leaves fell and it rained the streets got very slippery. A big engine with a clutch would have been spinning the tires bigly.

  22. ccrvtt

    When I first saw the picture I was in lust, then I read the comments from those who know (Bob Baird, Tony S) and it sure put a realistic perspective on this car. That’s what so great about this site – you can get an education with so little effort. Thanks for the insights guys.

    But seriously, who can resist the back end of the ’58-’60 Corvettes?

  23. Rocco Member

    I guess I don’t know much about ‘Vettes, ’cause I thought all Corvettes had Corvette valve covers. Someone educate me, please.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Rocco, I believe the base motor received the stamped steel covers and the optional motors came with the Corvette aluminum cover.

  24. Jeffro

    For some reason after looking at this Vette, I feel a strange impulse to roll thru Dairy Queen and order a pain vanilla ice cream cone. Sprinkles anyone?

  25. Roger

    Somewhere I have the dealer invoice for the 1960 Corvette my Dad bought brand new. He said it was white with white coves and a blue interior. Nice to see one as the red versions are more common place. $3800 brand new with a $280 heater option and a four barrel. He traded in a 1957 Nomad for it, but was short lived for him as a white Corvette in Montana, in the early 60’s, wasn’t exactly practical. Been nice if he kept it though.

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