Classic Drop Top: 1965 AMC Rambler Classic 770 Convertible

Reader Michael has really been busy and found some interesting cars today including this nice Rambler droptop. This was American Motor’s attempt to move on from sensible to sporty. You’ll find it listed on Craigslist in Wells, Texas. That’s about two and a half hours southeast of Dallas in case you’re thinking of having a look. The seller was very creative in making the car look great in his pictures. They make it look like it may actually have only about 25,000 miles. The dreamy “Soft Focus” and selective views can do wonders for the appearance of a “twenty footer”. The only flaw in his presentation is in the upper right corner where it says “$17,500”. That’s even a bit higher than the NADA high retail number. This is a really nice convertible, but it’s not a Chevy. It is said to be an original and rust free car that has always been kept indoors. It runs and drives very well.

Just look at this beautiful interior but don’t look for too long though. The bright red and the soft focus may just give you a headache. This is the deluxe vinyl interior, a $24.50 upgrade. This upholstery isn’t everyone’s idea of sporty or even good taste but it does look original and in great condition. Does anyone remember when you could cruise with your girl snuggled next to you? The front seat looks perfect for that. When shade or shelter is necessary the new top will rise under its own power for the occasion.

Now here’s a really clean engine compartment. It looks nice even if there is only a straight six in there. Could that really be original paint on the engine?  It even has the original Rambler water bag and sticker on the air cleaner.  The engine is a 232 CID six rated at 145 HP according to the window sticker. It’s connected to a three-speed manual transmission. This powertrain won’t smoke the tires or impress the girls but it’s enough motivation to at least make for a nice quiet cruise.

This peek of the underside looks great from here, but this picture doesn’t tell us much. Could the undercoating have really been silver? Someone must have thought a silver differential looked cool or perhaps it is just a bit of overspray. Would they really have used bolts that long on the gas tank straps? The underside has received some cosmetic restoration. Hopefully, it’s not hiding any rust.

The chrome is shiny and the paint looks nice. It’s hard to find fault with this convertible except for the price and, well, it’s a Rambler. It would be incredible if it is in anywhere near the condition the pictures show. Could there be someone out there looking for exactly this car and willing to pay that much money? Remember, a car is worth whatever a buyer with the most money is willing to pay, not what tire kickers think its worth. Perhaps a buyer with a big dose of nostalgia would help. It might be a choice between this perfect car or, for similar money, something from the big three that needs work. I guess I’m lazy in my old age and I do like to be different so I’d take the rambler. Mostly, I wonder what kind of condition this droptop is really in.


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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Pete and Repeat went up the hill, Pete fell down the hill. Who was left?

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    • RayT Member

      I was about to make an appointment with my optometrist! Double vision is really weird….

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    • Dallas


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  2. John D.

    According to the article leiniedude posted about, this is the car’s third Barn Finds appearance. Could that account for the price?

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  3. glen

    Forgive me, but I don’t see how being a Chevy makes it more valuable.

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    • Don Diego

      In lawyer speak, “You see how not being a Chevy makes it less valuable”.

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    • Ron

      A ‘65 Impala convertible in similar condition would definitely command a higher price, it is what it is, but some folks just never get it.

  4. angliagt angliagt Member

    Did you give your proof reader the week off?

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    • Howard A Member

      What proof reader?

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  5. Jacob

    “Would they really have used bolts that long on the gas tank straps?” Yes, yes they would have… Have you not ever noticed this before?

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    • Ike Onick

      Good point. We have had three chances to examine every detail of this Kenosha Kan.

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  6. jw454

    This place starting to remind me of the oldies station I used to listen to. They played the same songs over and over.

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    • Howard A Member

      “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray :)

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  7. Scott

    This car was sold by MJCClassics about a year ago. Additional info and pics still remains on their site.

  8. Leon Labuschagne

    Half of $17.5k is where you’d be wanting to start on a price.

  9. Mountainwoodie

    Everyone makes mistakes….come on guys…..finding interesting cars and writing them up is time consuming and occasionally folks will not catch an already featured car. …..of course if you kept a simple alphabetical database of cars written about,……jess sayin….

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    • Leon Labuschagne

      I never saw it before. I’m new. I’m sure I’m not the only new person! Give the editors a break you grumpy, crusty “old timers” ha ha.

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  10. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Here it is again! We knew it was coming! Even on the second or third go-round, this car is not a “barn find” in the traditional sense. And not why I subscribe to BF. Cull something really interesting from Craigslist instead of Corvettes, Porsches and stuff like this offered by dealers in its fully detailed glory. Give us the real stuff sitting in barns…maybe the prices will be slightly lower. A man can dream, can’t he?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      We are doing our best Alexander. We have increased the number of finds and until everyone is used to the increased output, we are bound to have a couple repeats. Be sure to send in your “real” barn finds so we can get them featured. Happy hunting!

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      • Howard A Member

        No need to go on the defensive. If Alexander doesn’t like it, then move on. I’m just glad the repeat was a Rambler.

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    • Jacob

      I don’t know how you can be complaining about this being posted when there is junk like 1990 Hondas and super late Toyotas also bring posted on BF. I think that kind of stuff is way worse than this.

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  11. DaveMc

    I love the old ramblers.
    As for being an oddball car, give me a Packardbaker any day.

  12. ramblergarage

    nice car but the price is way off. My boss sold one that nice for 6500.

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  13. wuzjeepnowsaab

    “Car gets posted again; Internet goes crazy”

  14. PatrickM

    I like it as is. But, just like everyone else says, it is a bit pricey.

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  15. Wrong Way

    Very nice Rambler, however the price is way out of line! Someone will dicker and get it down tho! Or someone did buy it for that price because the post is deleted!

  16. Cool_Cadillac_Cat

    As the owner of a 1966 660 wagon back in the mid-80s, this has zero appeal.

    That price is insane as well. Even dropping the first digit doesn’t help.

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