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LeMons Material: $500 Triumph TR7

'79 TR7

Where you looking for a sub $1K project today? In Rio Rancho, New Mexico is this 1979 Triumph TR7 for $500 OBO. This project is listed here on craiglist and was a reliable daily driver until just recently.

'79 TR7 dash

Here are some of the reasons this is now a project according to the seller: a leaky fuel pump, the oil is drained for some reason, and the oil filter is missing and needs to be replaced. The mileage is unknown and the seller goes on to say the engine may need to be replaced in the near future. Was this TR7 driven without oil in the pan? Blown engine alert!

'79 TR7 right side

We don’t know why the wheels on the right are not the same color as the ones on the left? Whitewalls are on the left and not on the right and the car is in black primer. When this was a daily driver the seller says this Triumph was getting around 30MPG. The radio is missing, the tread is said to be good on the tires, there is a new distributor cap, rotor plugs and wires. There has been some work done on the shocks and brake pads also. If the offer is the right price some racing seats will be included. Hmm, perhaps this could make a good 24 Hours of LeMons entrant!



  1. Jim

    a beautiful gas station find with it’s classic patina protected with a coat of protective primer

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  2. van

    This could be fun
    These cars have a bad engine and bad wiring. If there
    The engine if half a Stag v8, and has the same bad head.
    Excellent candidate for a restomod
    Check out website British V8
    Lots of help for conversions
    You name it you’ll find a ford or chevy V8

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  3. DREW V.

    There is a $500 spending cap for the cars that enter the 24 hours of Le Mons… And it’s not necessarily regulated by your stack of receipts but by the race organizers access you have spent…This car has ate up all of your budget just on purchase price, Iif you already have a market for them you might be able to offset the price cap by selling un-needed parts…

    Price cap rules for 24 hours of Le Mons cars.

    US$500 limit to prep car. This includes the purchase price of the car, any modifications made to it, and other assorted expenses (such as labor and sponsorships) are figured into the cost. Approved safety equipment (see below) plus brakes, wheels, and tires are not included in the US$500 figure.
    Items sold off a car can be deducted from the total spent, so it is possible to buy a more expensive car and sell off parts, or sell parts and buy better equipment. (i.e. selling off parts from a BMW or other similar luxury car to circumvent/comply with the $500 rule.)
    If the event organizers feel the car has exceeded its $500 limit, they assign what is called a BSF (Bullshit Factor), where every $10 the car exceeds over the $500 is docked one lap.
    Car must have four wheels and have been legal for highway use at its time of manufacture.
    Event organizers have full rights to buy the car for $500 at the end of the race.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Considering that they let a legitimate TR8 race against us in Class C last fall, I don’t think you’d have a problem with the TR7. Several run on LeMons now.

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  4. Rancho Bella

    Gawd…………make it stop

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  5. Glenn

    The TR7 played a large part in the demise of car manufacturing in the United Kingdom.
    If I never saw one of those pieces of junk again it would be to soon!

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  6. Alan (Michigan)

    Who on earth just drains the oil, and does not refill it? Maybe that, and the filter were both full of metal…? The craziest thing to do to a car prior to a sale that I have ever seen.

    The seller is batting 0.000 with that, and I read no further.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      The only thing I can think of is that TR7’s have an old-fashioned paper canister filter. Sometimes they are hard to find.

      Ok, I’m grasping at straws…

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  7. Dave H

    The oil filter is easy. Its finding a decent engine to mount onto the filter that’s harder!

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  8. van

    Remember drive the wedge

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    • Chad

      One of my favorite car commercials. The wedge car for the wedge garage owners.

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