Back Lot Find: 1970 Dodge Challenger

The Challenger was an all-new car in 1970, bringing Dodge into the pony car scene, although later than all the other players. It would share its platform with the Plymouth Barracuda for five model years but none of the sheet metal. This example looks to have been your basic Challenger at one time, with a small block V8 and automatic transmission. The seller describes this as a project, but that’s being optimistic. Located in Burlington, North Carolina, the bidding has reached $3,550 here on eBay.

First-year Challenger production finished at just short of 77,000 cars and would be the Dodge’s best showing. Nearly 37,000 of them were the “standard” Challenger coupe that came with one of several V8s, with the 318 being in a good many of them. That’s what the seller says is associated with this car, including a TorqueFlite, but doesn’t tells us if the drivetrain is even still present. There are no photos under the hood to confirm yes or no.

The faded paint on this Dodge suggests it may have been finished in Green Glo, to begin with, and there was once a vinyl top as well. Rust doesn’t seem to be a huge issue from the walkaround photos provided, but it could be lurking almost anywhere we can’t see. The seller has owned the car for at least five years and may have spent that time in the same spot in a back lot where it is now. It’s not drivable as the plug-in language from eBay says.

Lots and lots of parts are said to come with this Challenger, which has filled up the trunk and passenger compartment. Much of the interior pieces are blue which may have come from another car as blue and green wouldn’t have been a logical pairing of colors in 1970. We’re told the car will roll on its own, although steering and stopping the car is going to be a challenge when loaded onto the back of a transport.

Restoring this car is going to take a lot of time, effort, money, and patience but you’d have one of a shrinking population of a desirable vintage car, even with a basic drivetrain. Back to that optimism mentioned earlier, do you see this becoming a $30-40,000 car in the coming months or years?


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  1. Moparman Member

    If this car is green, then I don’t know what to make of the one behind it, LOL!. This is a collection of mis-matched parts, some of which will not be usable on this car (’72 grille), and a body w/ rust issues from the vinyl top. Even with the current low price of entry, there are so many parts that will be needed, and yes, I can see this becoming a $30-$40K car, ONLY after having spent $60-$70K to get there! (IMO) There are better and more feasible projects to be found.

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    • Ralph

      MOPARMAN, you are correct sir.
      This is nothing more than a parts car, and looking at it I am struggling to see many parts of value.

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    • DON

      Looks like Gold poly to me, but either way, this baby’s rough !

  2. Joe Machado

    My daughter asked me to sell her 1970 Barracuda, 318, auto, very cold R12, Lime, white factory paint top, not vinyl. AM 8 track, luggage rack, tow package.
    Well, loaded car. Special order. Build sheet. Drive anywhere. Zero rust and never had any to repair either. No modifications done to ruin the car for 42.

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    • Don Eladio


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  3. Fred W

    “Much of the interior pieces are blue which may have come from another car as blue and green wouldn’t have been a logical pairing in 1970…”

    Interesting tidbit: I read a post by an assembly line worker from that period. He said that at the end of the model year, they would have leftover interior pieces in certain unpopular colors and were told to install them in cars of non matching exterior color. They would be sent to dealerships who had no choice but to take them, and they often sat unsold for a lengthy time.

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    • Don Eladio

      Sounds like a tall tale to me…I suppose it could’ve happened but, likely not. If so, why have we never seen any pop up or be featured in a magazine? As with all of the other embellishments and bench-racing stories, I only believe what I see.

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    • piston poney

      theres alwayse that one weired guy

  4. JoeNYWF64
  5. Don Eladio

    Author, what in the heck is “Green Glo”??? Are we just making up names for colors now?

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    • DON

      There was Lt Green Poly for 1970, but I dont think this car was that color. Looks like Gold Poly . No Green Glo .

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  6. Gary Rhodes

    Don, I saw some oddball color combos over the years. 69 Boss 302 Mustang, Lime Metallic with a red interior. Mid 80’s Yellow Z28 Camaro, also with a red interior. They really didn’t look as bad as they sound. I’ve seen blue 70’s LTDs with green interiors, maybe they were cheap fleet cars and they used what was available? Never say never, especially back when they built Hemi Coronet 4 door sedans and 427 Ford Galaxy 4 door sedans. They built what people wanted, not like today.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      They are still doing that today – the problem is WHAT most of “today’s” spoiled drivers want – 4 doors ONLY, tv screens galore, dual climate zones, sitting high up, loaded with expensive options(heaven forbid no a/c or power windows!!), grandma’s down to the bumper trunk lid(even on Challenger!!), ridiculous tires & wheels, & original twilight zone “colors”(odd “color” combos are impossible today), & “gangster glass” on the few 2 seaters avail.
      Sure made it ez for me to decide what 21st cent vehicle to buy – NONE!
      If you take the emblems off most 4 door “vehicles” today, i would have NO idea not only what make they are, but how old they are: 1, 5 , 15 , 20 yrs old? Even the 2 doors – can you tell what year a modern chally is? Could be a 2008!
      Nor would i CARE who made the 4 doors – nor would want to ever see them again!
      & those under 25 don’t even WANT a vehicle(let alone a manual transmission) or even a license – just a ride.

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      • 370zpp

        “Modern cars – they all look like electric shavers”.
        Mickey Rourke in Sin City.

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  7. Charles Sawka

    Graveyard Cars might want it for a few pieces.

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  8. David

    no sign of or mention of the missing dash…..that’ll be a problem or vin swap. And clean the crap out of the inside so people can tell the condition!

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