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Bargain Roundie: 1968 BMW 2002

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At least here in New England, prices for BMW 2002s have been shooting through the roof. Even for rusty, long-stored examples, it’s not unusual to see an asking price approaching $10,000. This phenomenon is particularly strong with the round tail light models, for reasons we’ve explained on Barn Finds before. That’s why this 1968 2002 here on eBay and offered by a restoration shop is an appealing choice with a reasonable Buy-It-Now of $3,000. Thanks to fellow writer Jamie for spotting this one! 

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I always find it interesting when a shop specializing in a certain type of vehicle decides to let one of its projects go. Is it too much work? Not enough potential profit in the project? Who knows. It’s clear this 2002 will need lots of love to come back to top form, starting with the interior which looks largely incomplete. A freshly reupholstered rear bench will be included in the sale, but you’ll see to find carpeting and front seats to make it usable. A spare dash is also included, along with a new windshield.

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As you can see in the photo above, the paint inside the cabin and on the floors does not match the orange exterior. While Inca was a popular color choice for ’02’s, the seller is correct that the original Granada red is a desirable shade as well. Hopefully, this car will be brought back to its OEM-correct form. Although it was running when it entered into their inventory, it hasn’t run since that time. Based on the vehicles in the background, it’s a fair assumption that the seller works with high-grade BMWs on a regular basis, which may explain why this one isn’t worth it to them to restore.


I hopped on Google Maps quickly to see if I could spot any other vehicles in the yard, and to my surprise, I spotted the subject of our posting sitting in the exact same position as in the eBay listing. I wonder how many years passers-by have noticed this early 2002 and inquired if it was for sale – or did an in-person inspection scare potential suitors away? The seller mentions it will need a rear body panel, so some follow-up questions are definitely on the menu in order to get a clear view of why this early 2002 is so cheap.


  1. Howard A Member

    A roundie? Hmm, learn something new every day here. Well, it’s gone, but the reason it’s so cheap, is it’s a POS. Very, VERY cool cars, and the carb engine looks so much simpler than the fuel injected ones. This particular one will cost thousands in repair parts, ( ever price BMW parts lately? I can only imagine they’re as expensive, or more, than Volvo parts) and at 157K, it probably needs everything. As much as I like the 2002, I’d stay clear of this one.

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  2. Rich

    This looks like a heck of a deal! Body appears solid, interior not trashed and already has a manual in it. Some one got a great car! Mine was a basket case but I was able to bring her back to life. This one will be a piece of cake!

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  3. Horse Radish

    Why did no local buy this ?
    Because they’re cheap m…..f….ers.
    How do I know ?
    I can sing a whole song and dance about that.
    People don’t realize that old cars are a global market item now.
    All the rusted out ones back east or in Europe are gladly replaced by a sound CA car that needs paint, and interior and a mechanical refresh.
    BUT they do that ANYWAY, A F T E R they weld together a sorry carcass that they’re emotionally attached to…..

    As for Riverside , the downhill slide of that city is still going on.
    I bet this guy simply got tired of dealing with cheapskate after cheap skate to even try to extract the $3k asking price online.

    You see , it’s all relevant what is cheap, but everybody loves a bargain…..

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