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Beefed Up 318 V8: 1973 Plymouth Gold Duster

As a compact, the Plymouth Valiant wasn’t exactly an exciting automobile in the late 1960s. To draw younger buyers into dealer showrooms, the powers-that-be created the Duster fastback in 1970 and it quickly became quite popular. While it shared the Valiant’s front clip, the Duster had its own body from the cowl back. The seller has a ’73 model with the A64 Gold Duster Package which brought some extra bling to the party. Located in Mission, British Columbia, this nice survivor has a 318 V8 that has a few extra horses. This Mopar is available here on craigslist for $22,000. Another fine tip brought to us by Pat L.!

The Gold Duster was one of several trim variants offered during the Plymouth’s seven-year run. Others included the Space Duster, Duster Twister, Feather Duster, and Silver Duster. With the Gold Duster, you got your choice of the 225 cubic inch “Slant Six” or 318 V8, a canopy vinyl roof, upgraded interior time, and special gold paint (but only if specified). The seller’s car has all these things, including its original Golden Haze paint which still looks good, though it has a few scratches and dings (hey, after all, it’s 50 years old).

We’re told this Duster is a turnkey Mopar with 82,000 miles.  The engine has been “freshened up” but we’re not sure what that entailed, though the intake manifold and carburetor have been replaced so the 318 now sports a 4-barrel. The motor is paired with Chrysler’s venerable TorqueFlite automatic transmission. As a result, this Duster should be more spirited than the day it was new, though not up to what a Duster 340 would be capable of.

The main flaw is the snakeskin canopy roof whose material is largely gone now. But, the seller has already acquired its replacement (for $800) but the buyer will have to get it installed. A bit of rust is also present in one of the lower rear quarter panels. The interior is original except for the dash pad and package tray. The tires are new as are the brakes, so this looks like a nice find that comes with various paperwork that includes the broadcast sheet. Is this Duster right for you?


  1. Bick Banter

    I hope that’s Canadian dollars, which translates to $16,280 USD. Even that seems a bit high to me for a 318 Duster that has a few flaws. But for the right price, this will be a nice car. I just caution everybody not to overpay right now. You will regret it in about a year or so.

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    • John

      Indeed… But the way people are these days. Overpaying is the norm. Maybe 1 out of every 1000 I see on here is sold at a fair price. Can’t blame the seller. Get every penny you can if the buyer is that foolish.
      But it’s not like they are paying a few hundred or even thousand over. I see them paying 10 to 15 grand for a hunk of rusty VIN because it says Chevelle or Camero. Absolutely shameful.

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      • Check Your Spelling

        Even more if it says “Camaro”.

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      • Glemon

        This one is, to me, looking for a $10k premium, and all it says is “Duster”. My dad had one, not a Gold Duster, but anyway, not a real special car or model. They are fine, don’t hate them, it I just don’t see the “Gold Duster” name commanding a premium.

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  2. Neil R Norris

    Buddy of mine had a gorgeous black over black Challenger. With wides in the rear and side pipes … and the tragedy of a 318 under the hood. It just seemed … wrong.

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  3. Shuttle Guy Shuttle Guy Member

    I’d buy it. Nice car. Just not at this price. A little high.

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  4. Paul Fulton

    Decent looking Duster, but not nearly as nice as the one I currently have on Detroit Metro Craigslist…. for only $3k more than this one.
    Mine is a ’72 model with a stroked and modified 340 engine.

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    • Roger D Brown

      Can we ser yours. I miss my 4 speed 340 duster. R.brown

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  5. Joe Haska

    I was interested in this listing ,just to see what people thought of the price. I was a little surprised, most seem to think it’s HIGH. I am looking at a Ford F-100 , same year, 2WD, SB, 302,std 3 speed, A/C and 92 K miles. It is about the same price and it seems fair to me. Maybe I am a little more generous than most of you.

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    • Smokey Smokerson

      Go look at prices for mid 90s Supras. Makes the old iron look downright cheap. I would even dare to say, a bargain. But 20 something’s today don’t like the old iron.

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      • Supply/demand

        There are also alot less supra’s even tho they are a much newer car

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  6. Cal Manley

    Everyone disses the 318 as not being the 340. Meanwhile you can do almost everything to a 318 you can with a 340. they have the same stroke with only a very small change in bore. Interchangeable in almost every aspect a 318 can produce plenty hp and torque

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  7. Zen

    That’s a lot of money for a 318 Duster with no A/C, and considering where it is, it would have to have never been driven in snow to avoid rotting away, which most of these did. I know of two that literally did rot away. Well, one was deliberately sent over the edge into Long Island sound, and then crushed by an oil barge into the mud below. I doubt if anything’s left by now.

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  8. Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

    I bought a beautiful model from a dealer 300 miles from home but after driving it for about two hours my wrists were very painful due to the steering wheel being far too high. Fortunately a guy passed my shop a couple of days later and HAD to have it so I sold it. He immediately stripped it in order to Hot Rod it but another club member wanted to buy it so off it went in parts. Guess what, that was in about 1998 and it’s STILL in parts! One magic car now just boxes of spares and I’m sure that the body is scrap.

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  9. Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

    Hey Guys, and Michelle. Can we please have the edit function re installed, or is there a good reason for removing it?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      We didn’t remove it.

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      • Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

        Hi Jesse. Well, it isn’t available on my system anymore. Could it have been removed by your programmer?

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  10. Chill-driver

    Best factory wheels ever. That looks like a nice ride, so why is he trying to sell it for that much? Price might be covering something. Fifty Canadian winters? I wouldn’t touch it without putting it on a lift, then looking and probing hard at the bottom side. If it passes, maybe $10,000. Wonder what international transfer would cost.

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  11. Norm1564

    I’m a GM Chevy guy but there are certain Mopar models I do love that remind me of my younger days & this car is 1 of them b c my aunt had 1 many years ago ; this Gold Duster seems to be in good shape needing just a little TLC; but not much more & being gold can be labeled top model ?! And w a 318 being a good reliable Mopar engine can be punched out a little more depending on the persons visions ?Or save the 318 & throw in a worked 340 & have some fun

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