Beetle Truck: 1969 Volkswagen Kit Car

I don’t know how to feel about this, but the more I look at it the more I think I like it! It may be a little odd, and a little disproportionate, but this Beetle pickup conversion looks to be well done and well cared for. My first thought was this: how many of these are out there? As it turns out, there is at least one more done up very similarly to this on, and we featured it in 2016. You can find that article here! Both this 1969 Beetle truck and the previously featured 1968 Beetle truck appear to be wearing the same wheels and same nosepiece. Find this 1969 Volkswagen here on eBay in New York with a Buy It Now of $8,800. Thanks to Matt W. for sending this our way!

In contrast to the previously found 1968 Beetle truck, this 1969 Beetle has seen gentle use and lots of care including recent freshening up of interior cosmetics. The styling of an old Beetle is always refreshing; clean, simple, functional. The heater and defroster are not functional, nor is the aftermarket stereo in th dash. Perhaps with a little work, these could be properly addressed and made to function, though if the new owner thinks like the seller it won’t be an issue: “like any of my old cars this one comes out of the garage only when it is sunny, dry, and warm.” Though this Volkswagen will need some love and care, it is functional and ready to be enjoyed!

The nose of this car has been grafted onto the original hood, much like most Beetle kits. If you haven’t begun to wonder yet, here is where I address the elephant in the room: how does one access the engine? As is well-known, the Beetle is a rear-engined rear wheel drive car. Unmodified Beetles have a hood that opens on the back to reveal the engine. This Beetle has a truck bed! Though there appears to be an access panel above the rear bumper, it looks to be placed quite far back from where the engine should be. Beetles are fairly easy to work on, and its enough to make me wonder if this Beetle truck is a challenge to repair.

In this photo, you can see what is presumably the engine access panel. Maybe it is the perspective of the photos, but that looks like one would have to lean far under the bed in order to make repairs! I also can’t help but wonder what visibility is like out of the small rear window. Regardless of functionality, this is a funky ride that is sure to turn heads and create confusion anywhere you go! In overall good condition, this could be a turn-key weekend funmobile. Would you drive it?


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  1. jdjonesdr

    I kinda like it, but not with those wheels.

  2. Brakeservo

    Well this beatle won’t bug anyone with a sense of humor.

  3. Jeffro

    I’m a die hard VW fan, however, I have no love for this. I appreciate the effort and craftsmanship, but no.

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  4. Fred W.

    I’m suspicious that you may have to pull the engine to do something as simple as replace the generator. Maybe you can fit your whole body in that access panel and crawl up in there to service it, but it wouldn’t be fun at all.

    • GearHead Engineering

      Fred W,

      That may be, but if I remember right it’s pretty easy to drop an air cooled VW engine. So maybe it’s not too bad.

      – John


    I see nothing but haters on this site lately, what’s up with that?

    This thing is cool man and the workmanship looks great!

    Like 2
    • Jeffro

      No hate. I appreciate the time, imagination, and craftsmanship. The car/truck is just not appealing to me.

  6. Rick

    Those Bus bumpers are worth half the asking price….

  7. T Mel

    Not trying to ‘hate’, just don’t like it.

  8. michael streuly

    Nothing special just another stupid looking v-dub.

  9. peteplaster

    If it was a perfume , I would call it “Essence of Studebaker”

    • Bob

      I worked on v w for 20 years and I used to take the generators and alternators out the the front easily.out and in 50 minutes

  10. canon

    It reminds me of The Yellow Submarine.

  11. KEN TILLY Member

    Best looking VW Beetle I’ve ever seen! Great!

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  12. Mark

    From the side it looks like the melding of a a Studebaker and Honda Ridgeline. It’s different, but I don’t think it works. But then, I don’t like Studebakers or Honda Ridglines.

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