Bench Seat GT: 1965 Ford Mustang GT

This 1965 Mustang GT received a full restoration around 10-years-ago, and it has survived in very nice condition. It is a well-equipped car with the slightly unusual bench seat option. Barn Finder Roger referred this classic Mustang to us, so thank you so much for that Roger. it is located in Rocklin, California, and has been listed for sale here on Craigslist. You can park this Mustang in your driveway today for $23,500 OBO.

The presentation of the Mustang is nothing if not impressive. The Rangoon Red paint has a fantastic shine to it, and it is hard to find any significant flaws in that respect. The chrome and trim also look quite good, as does the glass, and the original GT wheels. The owner says that when the car underwent restoration, any rust issues were addressed at that time. None of these problems have reappeared, and a life spent in California will certainly have helped its cause. The reality with this car is that it is not a pristine example, but I would rate it as an extremely good daily driver that would attract plenty of attention and positive comments.

The interior is where this Mustang reveals its major point of difference, and that is with it featuring a bench front seat. This was a $24 option back in 1965 and does give the interior a distinctive look. The owner claims that around 15,000 Mustangs were built in this model year with the bench, and this gels with the information that I have. Interestingly, it appears that the vast majority of these were fitted to the Fastback, and the lowest total (2,111) found their way into the Convertible. Just how many found their way into a GT coupe is not clear. The condition of the Mustang’s interior looks very good, with only some fading of the carpet as an indication of the vehicle’s age. The interior is essentially unmolested and features Rally Pac gauges and air conditioning.

The presentation of the Mustang’s engine bay is extremely tidy, and it is here that you will find the 289ci A-Code V8. A 4-speed manual transmission, power steering, and disc brakes round out the package. The A-Code produces 225hp and endows the vehicle with quite spritely performance. The car has received a recent full service, along with a fresh set of disc brakes and a master cylinder. It also appears as though it has recently been treated to a new Holley carburetor with an automatic choke. It sounds like the next owner isn’t going to find themselves bogged down with mechanical work with this car.

Setting aside the bench set for a moment, this Mustang really has a reasonable number of attributes that will have a positive impact on its potential future value. The first of these is that it is a GT. Add in the A-Code engine, 4-speed transmission, air conditioning, and the Rally Pac gauges, and it isn’t a bad package at all. The fact that it is rust-free is a huge bonus, and to me, that makes this a car that is perfect for the person who is seeking a tidy and distinctive classic that is ready to be driven and enjoyed immediately.


  1. AnalogMan

    This is the Mustang I wish I had in high school in which to take my girlfriend to drive-in movies.

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  2. gaspumpchas

    yea Analog, this one has all the goodies. Depending on the presence or any rust and the quality of the paint, it should have no trouble hitting the ask of 24 large. Would love to rip thru the gears on this beauty! Good luck to the new owner.

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  3. Mr.Doubtfire

    I’m thinking this isn’t a true G.T.. The G.T.’s I’ve seen had the Pony Deluxe interior option, not the standard interior. And the true G.T’s only had side stripes. Unless there’s a data plate to suggest otherwise, I believe it to be a clone.

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      Without documentation it is impossible to know. A good amount of info can be gleaned from the data plate, but the seller doesn’t show that. Even the VIN would be of some help, though neither the data plate nor the VIN would tell you if it is a real GT, though some data can reveal if it is NOT a true factory GT.

      On the Deluxe(Pony) interior, that was optional on both GTs and non-GTs; it was by no means standard on GTs.

      The Shelby stripes are an add on and not factory for a GT.

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  4. Del

    I know I live in the Boonies and do mot get out much, but I have never seen a bench seat Mustang before. Neat.

    Thanks Barn Finds

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    • Greg Y

      I bought a 1965 Mustang with a bench seat somewhere around 1970…it wasn’t a GT but a standard Mustang with a 200 ci six and automatic. Not really fast but handled very well in the California mountain twisties and I outran a GTO once on one of those roads…and it got very good gas mileage. As I remember, the bench seat also had a fold down center arm rest and was very comfortable.

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  5. Troy s

    15000 out of nearly half a million, guess it wasn’t that popular of an option. Not a bad idea having a bench seat to enjoy with that special someone,
    Never seen one ever in person or in Mustang Monthly, or any other publication really, learn something new everyday here at Barn finds!

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  6. local_sheriff

    It’s fascinating to observe one actually needed pay MORE to get the bench seat rather than get a deduct…!?
    When one of my classmate’s dad retired he bought himself a ’65 base HT red with black interior. OK; so far it doesn’t really get more mainstream in the Mustang world than this…? However his example was an I-6, 4spd, bench seat. Bone stock, all options verified, rust free unrestored Oregon vehicle. It was sold off to another old car guy after him passing not long ago, so it should still be alive out there

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  7. Stevieg Member

    In general, I like the car (whether a real gt or a clone). But for me, I would need a different base body color. I’m thinking dark blue.
    Well, I would also need the money, the space, so on lol…..


    A great car and I really like the bench seat. My ’66 hardtop just has the standard buckets with no console and the carpeted hump is kind of a wasted space. I wish mine had the bench. The seat backs look like buckets and with the armrest folded it is easy to miss the fact that it is a bench. The bench not only provides extra seating for a kid or for getting close to your SO, but the fold down armrest is a nice place to, well…rest your arm, of course. I also really like the Palomino interior color(mine’s black inside).

    A correction on the production numbers. My info says 14,905 hardtops with benches and 2,111 convertibles. The bench was not a factory option in the 2+2 fastback(not sure why not), but I imagine it would be an easy bolt in. No idea how many of these cars were GTs, but since the GT package wasn’t available until Spring of 1965, probably not a lot.

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  9. kevin

    i own this car. it’s a real gt.

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  10. Kevin Bradley

    Here is a YouTube video of the car in action.

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