Best. Interior. Ever. 1967 AMC Ambassador DPL

I grew up in the era when it was Chevy vs. Ford as most of you probably did. A few lucky folks got to throw AMC in the mix and at this point in my life, that’s where I’m at. This 1967 AMC Ambassador DPL can be found here on eBay in Williamstown, New Jersey where the current bid price is just over $3,000 with no reserve.

I’m typically a fan of the underdog and even though AMC made some great cars over the years, it seems like they were always the least famous and desired of the big-three automakers. That just makes me like them even more. I’ve said it before, that I like every vehicle ever made and playing favorites is like asking someone who their favorite child is. But, if I had to pick a favorite child, it would be AMC, at least for the big-three.

This car looks like a great project, but the seller says it needs to be restored. It’s hard to tell without seeing this car in person or seeing detailed photos, but it sure looks good to me as it is now. Things like door gaskets are fried and I’m sure there are other issues, but it looks like a car that a person could tinker with it while they drive it. I mean, not actually while their driving, although every time I’m on the road I see people doing the craziest things behind the wheel. A two-door top-of-the-line (for 1967) Ambassador DPL? Yes, please.

It gets even better once you open the door! That brocade seat and door panel fabric would make Liberace jealous and that’s nothing to sneeze at. There are a couple of areas that need to be reupholstered but SMS Auto Fabrics is a resource that everyone should know about. In case you were worried, yes, this car has the rear seat throw pillows! The seller mentions some very, very minor rust in the bottoms of both front doors

This 280-hp 343 cubic-inch V8 looks much better and cleaner than I thought it would. Power steering, power brakes, cruise control, tilt wheel and AC are some of the features in this car. Those are no big deal now because most of us drive vehicles with those things every day, but in 1967 they were a big deal, at least to our family they would have been. They say that this car starts, runs, drives, and stops and I think that it would be a great first restoration project for someone. Are there any Ambassador DPL fans out there?


  1. JBP

    Im not a AMC. Guy, but this car is realy nice. I think it would be a shame to restore it. Imo.

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  2. Todd Fitch Staff

    An interior fit for a Queen… or at least an Ambassador. Looks comfy too. Climb in and drive to Duluth, unless you live in Duluth then you’d drive somewhere further away. Nice one, Scotty. AMC understood they had to differentiate to survive, and they made some really interesting cars, presumably for interesting people.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Ha, now I’ll have Bohemian Rhapsody in my head all day.. (kidding)

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  3. Rube Goldberg Member

    I truly hope Scotty gets his Rambler someday, he posts a lot of them here and always a treat. I DID grow up in “Ramblerville”, and we were happy being the #4 car maker. The mid ’60’s was the heyday of Rambler, just making the transition to AMC, was a step in the right direction, and this car was top of the line. Some sites suggest “DPL” stood for Diplomat, although other sites don’t care for that reference. Things were going great guns in the Beer City around this time. Everybody could get a job, especially in the “support industries” that popped up in Milwaukee. These were solid, well built, cushy cars, like Scotty sez, with everything all the other cars had, and then some. I think these seat backs still reclined into a bed,,kind of, a Rambler exclusive.
    As with years ago, AMC’s STILL don’t garner the attention they should, as if we’re #4 on the classic car interest chart, but at this price, for a car like this, you can’t go wrong. They were wonderful cars.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Rube, you’re right! Big-four was what I meant – for some reason I lumped AMC in with Chrysler which could not have been a bigger insult to AMC. My apologies.

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      • That AMC guy

        Back in the day they were frequently referred to as “The Big 3-1/2”. ;-)

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      • bone

        Sure you could have, you could have lumped them into Ford or GM !

      • PatrickM

        It really is a serious shame that AMC and Studebaker could not survive. They made some really good cars. My father liked ’em. He bought a ’57 Studebaker Champion for me to drive to college and later a ’60 Rambler Custom. Both were really good cars. I wish I had both of them back. Sigh. Sure wish I could bid on this one. Just about perfect for my current needs.

      • JBP

        good write up. lets see some more of These unusual cars..

  4. Joe

    I was under the impression GM, Ford and Chrysler were the big three. Most of my favorite card I owned were AMC products.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      You’re 100% correct, Joe. I mentally moved AMC up a notch.

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Growing up, the landlord had one of these except it was a 4dr sedan. Thought they were a strange looking bird then and still do today.
    May not be my cup of tea but this one looks pretty good for the right person.
    Good luck to the seller.

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  6. angliagt angliagt Member

    I always liked the look of these.I know a guy who
    has one in a Charcoal color,with a set of American Torque-
    Thrust wheels.Looks really cool,& could easily be returned
    to stock.

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  7. That AMC guy

    Very cool! That flat-top master cylinder looks like the one AMC used on their early disc-brake models, so this may well have front discs. The usual caveat about “non-servo” rear brakes applies if so. Ditto for front-end trunnions, though if they were kept greased they may be OK even if original. Replacement door seals are available (see No mention if the AC works, so probably it does not.

    Being a NJ car, check carefully for rust under the front fenders and underneath! I would just clean it up, replace the bad door seals, fix the AC if needed, and otherwise drive it as is.

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    • Gary Evans

      I have a 67 Marlin with power disc brakes and that master cylinder has four flat “bails,” two on each side that secure the top. The master cylinder on this 67 Ambassador looks like it is secured by a single bolt. The ebay description says power drum brakes, too. I bought the car in 1970 and someone had taken an impact wrench to one of the fake lug nuts on the turbo cast wheel covers and then glued it back on. My 60 Ambassador had a pair of pillows that matched the upholstery, but not my Marlin (yet). I am glad this Ambassador is far enough away that I am not tempted to purchase it…

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      • That AMC guy

        Yes, I believe you are correct, come to think of it my ’65 Marlin has the master cylinder that originally had the bails to hold the top on, but those were lost somewhere along the way so now it has a couple of large hose clamps going around the master to hold the top on. One of those things to fix “someday” but there are bigger fish to fry on that car so to speak.

        Didn’t catch the power drums in the ebay description. Always easier to make the call when the cover reveals the chamber sizes!

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  8. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Nice car and well-optioned for the day. I like the pimp ride interior, too. Reminds me of how Foxy Brown, Shaft, Black Dynamite and Superfly would have dressed up their rides!

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  9. Kenbo52

    Would drive thru Williamstown on the way to Wildwood N.J from Philly in an
    old Rambler .With fold down seats for sleeping . Not sure of the year.
    Good Times were had. I would buy this baby . It’s only 20 miles over the Walt
    Whitman Bridge.

  10. Tom

    Back in the day I owned a 4 door SST (’68) which I thought was the top-of-the-line…can anyone educate me the on the difference b/t th DPL and SST?

    • Winnipegcarnut Member

      This might not be a popular thought, but it’s already half way to being a lowrider. Just saying…

  11. George Watts

    Hey there, this is my car and what a surprise to find it here. The car needs at least some work before it should be driven on the street. The tranny needs to be fixed. It barely moves in reverse and the rear window ( rubber gasket ) leaks. The chassis is solid, it goes down the road straight and the brakes are OK too. I suspect the a/c may work if it gets recharged. It does look better in pics than it does in person. New paint with some bodywork, definitely a new vinyl top and a couple of trim pieces and she’ll look good. I have the correct seat fabric to fix the front seat and the red vinyl is readily available. I’ve just restored an identical twin to this car this car ( I bought it new ) and had bought this car as a possible donor and assembly reference. BTW, this is not a NJ car. It was sold new iin and came from Colorado.

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    • JBP

      like you are honerst About condition. but what a good Looking car. i had also taken it for 3750$ if i had bin awayke..
      can you post a photo, of the car you have restored?
      i think im not the only one, who would like to see it : )

  12. schooner

    The best interior? Nah, that was the ’61. The front seats folded flat to the back seat.

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    • PatrickM

      So did my aforementioned ’60. I had a lot of fun in that car. Hahahaha.

  13. Mark

    Mine was a midnite blue coupe with white vinyl top with chrome reverse and lettered tires. very sharp. it had the same pattern cloth seats, buckets that reclined back with matching back seat pillows. DPL with 343-4 barrel, but single exhaust, which I ran strait pipe. Bad cam gear ate up distributors, so off to junk yard it went in 1979. Another car I wish I still had. Power windows with front and rear leaners. Fm converter. Could life ever be as simple or fun again?

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