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BF Classified: 1978 Lincoln Mark V With 12K Miles

I can almost hear the jingling of gold chains and the strains of “Stayin’ Alive” as I take a trip back to 1978. And as one of the more formidable rides of that era, the Lincoln Mark V stands out above all comers. And here’s a beautiful 1978 example for review. Located in Haven, Kansas, it is available here on BF Classifieds for $13,000.

In keeping with the times and in an attempt to garner improved fuel mileage, some large cars started to shrink in 1977 but not the new Mark V. Produced between 1977 and 1979, the Mark V was the largest two-door coupe produced by Ford Motor Company. In full disco era regalia, this Mark V is equipped with a landau top, opera windows, a stand-up hood ornament, wire wheel covers and whitewall tires. At 4,700 lbs. and measuring out at 230″ in length, this Lincoln is not an obsequious luxury car. Many large autos don’t seem to wear white well but it looks fabulous adorning this big Mark. Best of all, in 42 years, this Lincon has only experienced 12K miles, that’s right, just 12K miles and that alone explains a lot of this Lincoln’s pristine condition. With a strong, deep finish, brilliant chrome and no visible road rash, this luxury coupe is close to perfect.  It needs nothing!

A really nice touch is the teal or “Jade”, as Lincoln refers to it, interior, not a shade that I would associate with a Lincoln. Red, saddle or white would have been expected but jade really sets this Mark V apart. The split-bench interior is covered in crushed velour, a very popular fabric in the late ’70s and ’80s and, as expected, it shows no sign of wear, not even a single scuff. The seller states that everything works as it is supposed to. Also noted is that this Lincoln is only missing two options, leather upholstery and aluminum wheels. I would say this Lincoln scored well as is without the leather seats. And of course, there is a moon roof.

Lincoln offered two engines in the Mark V in 1978, a 166 net HP 400 CI V8 or Mr. Big, a 460 CI V8, developing 208 net HP. The seller does not state which engine is domiciled under the huge hood of this Mark but if the statement regarding the missing options is on track, that would indicate that this motor is the optional 460. The standard transmission present is the typical Ford, three-speed, automatic. No word on how this coupe runs and drives but I’m forced to believe quite well. An inquiry can be made via the BF listing to get more details regarding the engine or any other facet of this Lincoln.

You will not see the likes of a car like this produced again, nineteen feet in length, two-doors, 6.6 liters + of V8 power and a pillow-soft ride. Here is a great opportunity for a buyer to relive the ’70s, or experience them for the first time in the event you missed them. You may not get a chance like this again, so what do you think, interested? I bet you can even get “Saturday Night Fever” on the radio.


  1. hartig@optonline.net Member

    It’s the 460, look at the upper radiator outlet, you’ll see the heater feed and the temp sensor on top of the thermostat housing. Curious as to why someone rattle canned the top of the air cleaner (wrong share of blue). Have a 76 Pucci and a 78 both with 460s.

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    • Aamodel

      “nineteen feet in length, two-doors, 6.6 liters + of V8 power”, being its actually a 460 that’s 7.5 liters! Lol

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    We look back 40+ years and shake our heads, thinking “why on earth did these sorts of cars — huge, lumbering, floaty, gaudy, overdone, inefficient, (I could go on) — even exist? Why did people buy them?” Now, do you ever wonder what vehicles we buy and drive today will bring similar “why on earth” comments in 2060?

    Back to the car itself. What a nice Lincoln. The jade velour interior is what makes the car. Would be a great cruiser.

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    • Fred W

      Hard to imagine any of the current plastic electric razor grilled cars and SUV’s ever being collectible. But you would have also said that about the ’78 crop.

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  3. Bob Mck

    If this car had an interior that was a color that I like and was leather, I would buy it today. Beautiful car. So wish the interior was different.

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  4. Jeff

    hartig@optonline.net is 100% correct.
    A 460 motor has a thermostat housing attached to the intake manifold, the 400 motor does not.

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  5. Solosolo UK ken tilly UK Member

    As for today’s cars Bob. I already think “Why on earth”

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  6. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    I liked these cars when they were new but not these days. Those doors a heavy and wear hard on hinges. Braking system is a nightmare, and electrical systems fail frequently.
    They float like a cloud though, you won’t find a much smoother ride.
    God bless America

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  7. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Ever since 1978 I’ve wanted one of these. But that fugly interior needs to go! Leather please, in a color that doesn’t bleed your eyes!

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  8. John Oliveri

    I have the tape, on 8 track to go in this car, live the thought of it, it that green interior is horrible, white leather would be beautiful and finish off that Disco look with nice Spoke Wheels and Vogues

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  9. David

    Our ‘78 F150 with a 460 returned 9 MPG. But hey if you’re ogling this Lincoln you already knew that.
    Personally I think the green interior makes the car. Just how much more ‘70’s obnoxious could you get? Excellent! And since the internal combustion engine is in its twilight I’m all for cruising this beast while you still can.

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  10. Stevieg

    Yeah, I am not a fan of green, and that interior doesn’t help, but I would still be proud to own it as it is. If you can overlook the interior color, or just appreciate it for the “unique” aspect like I would, this would make a fine cruiser.
    I am trying to liquidate a few of my cars due to a legal situation, and I am financially strapped due to many situations. But if it weren’t for those factors, I would be on the road, heading out to look at this beauty in person.

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  11. Ms325i

    Jock Ewing drove one of these on Dallas.

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  12. Jim

    Would like to come look @ it please call:402 750 9577

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  13. CVPanther Member

    Gorgeous hunk of metal. Not as sexy as a Mark III, but still a wonderful looking beast. And that interior just makes the car.
    The 70’s were a helluva drug….

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