BF Exclusive: 1954 Chevrolet Corvette Project

1954 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1954 Corvette was purchased in its current state all the way back in 1977! It was meant as a retirement project since the owner was already a classic car restorer and painter, but unfortunately his health has taken a turn for the worse. As such, the family would like to find a new home for the car and Justin, his grandson, has volunteered to help with the sale.

Corvette Interior

This is obviously a big project, but there aren’t a lot of these early Corvettes still around. Heck, there weren’t many produced in the first place! The original inline-six engine has gone missing, but there is a transmission with the car. There’s no telling what all will need to be sourced, but the body does appear to be in decent shape with only a few problem areas.

Corvette Frame

The frame is out from under the car and appears to be mostly solid too. Justin did mention one spot out front the needs attention though. This is one of those projects that you may want to inspect in-person so you really know what you are getting into. There are so many Corvette guys out there though that I’m sure someone will want to rescue this one.

Tail Fins

This car is one year short from receiving the now standard V8, but that is part of its appeal. I suppose that since it’s already missing, one could justify an engine swap though. What do you think? Justin is asking $25k and you can contact him here via email if interested. The car is located in Newark, New York.

Thanks for listing this with us Justin. We wish you and your family the best and hope that your Grandfather’s project goes to a good home. If any of you have a project that you would like to sell, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!


  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    Something as rare as that has GOT to have the Blue Flame six. No V8s in an early Vette until they were designed that way…

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  2. Art Fink

    Somebody please rescue this beautiful car !!!!

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  3. 68 custom

    interesting that it has a clutch pedal yet no 54s were offered with a 3 speed manual. maybe some 55 or later parts in the mix there? maybe plans were to install a SBC like the majority off 55s received?

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  4. Justin

    From what I can figure out it looks like the previous owner had a V8 in it. My grandfather bought it the way it is in 1977 and I’m just looking to get rid of it. Any offers will be considered. Thanks- Justin.

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  5. racer99

    May just be the pictures but it sure looks like the front of the frame is swayed towards the passenger’s side. That being said it’s still a good deal for someone who wants one of these and there are options for repairing/replacing the frame if necessary. Nice set of pictures leaves very little to the imagination. Don’t expect it will stay for sale very long.

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  6. Robert White

    It’s worth the asking price given resale value once it is reassembled.


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  7. Scott

    With only 3640 built availability of original parts is almost nonexistent, as a boilermaker for one of the big 3 railroads there are some fantastic fabricators out there for a price. This will definitely be a labor of love, if I didn’t have two other projects going at $25,000 I’d be on it, there’s really no downside Justin. I have no idea what your time frame is my educated guess is if you set on it long enough and put the word out as much as you can there’s more than one buyer out there. Good luck Justin & God Bless.

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  8. stillrunners

    nice for the price….thanks Justin for listing it first here….

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  9. Kevin

    A ’54 original unmolested car sold last month for $38,000. $12,000 below estimate. A nice running and driving car with clear title had been stored inside in a climate controlled building for the past 50 years and brought out to drive occasionally every summer.

    Someone got the bargain of a lifetime.

    I believe the low price stemmed from it’s location in the farming village of Lester, Iowa and not enough advertising by auctioneer Yvette VanDerBrink. She did the Lambrecht auction in Nebraska. I’ll bet the deceased owner, Paul Ageson (my friend) rolled over in his grave.

    The ’54 in this article is overpriced by at least $15,000, IMO.

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    • Scott

      Your saying Somebody ESTIMATED the value at $50,000 and sold for $38,000 a unmmolested driver stored inside for 50 years? I don’t know where they got that number from, but that’s a appraisal company I’d steer clear of, or get out of the business all together. That # is a joke I’d buy everyone I could find for that, and just haul it to a Mecum or Barrett Jackson auction put a $100 detail on it & more than double my money on it.

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  10. Nick Member

    email sent

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    • Justin Keller

      Nicki haven’t gotten an email from you yet…

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  11. Ru$$

    I’m restoring a 54′ Corvette myself, beautiful cars once they’re finished but parts are rare and incredibly expensive.

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  12. Dick in SoCal

    I owned a 1954 Corvette. This one is not for the faint of heart. Originality counts.

    All 1954’s had cast iron Powerglides. The beige dash brow suggests that it was originally a Pennant Blue car representing less then 20% of production.

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  13. ronebee

    had a chance to buy one of these in 1982 here in Rochester, guy worked at Rochester Producrts, so it had a 283/283 FI 1957 motor (with FI unit and distributor ) 4 speed behind it and resting on early torque thrust rims, cool as all get-out… father told me to “pass” because it wasn’t all original, I regret I didn’t buy that car

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