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Blue ‘Bird: 1977 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

When we think of late-’70s Firebirds, many people imagine one of two cars: The Bandit Trans Am and Rockford’s gold Esprit. In this case, it’s more like the second one, and reader Ikey H. clued us in that it’s for sale here on craigslist near Boston, Massachusetts.

Firebird Fans know that their favorite car was brought to fruition in the 1960s, along with the Camaro, to battle the Mustang and Cougar for pony-car superiority. By the mid-to-late 1970s, though, the second generation of the sporty coupe had evolved with the times, and there were multiple contemporary models from which to choose. The Esprit was the luxury-level car, by 1977 standards, and could be had with a myriad of options. Standard, though, were things like dual sport mirrors, extra sound-reduction material, deluxe wheel covers, a V6, and chrome wheel-arch moldings.

With this car, we are treated to some rather good pictures, particularly one of the dealer window-sticker. In my mind, that’s very helpful, because we can see what was there from the factory and add that information to what we see and read in the ad.

The seller tells us that it has 49,000 original miles on its 5-liter V8 and automatic gearbox. It looks to be in rather nice condition, overall. Interestingly, it’s a “SkyBird” package car, and while I’m no expert, my eye sees that it has the “SkyBird” graphics on the B-pillars, but it looks as though it’s not wearing its proper two-tone color scheme. Also,  I don’t think that the “Screaming Chicken” on the hood is correct.

All in all, it’s a nice car, and there probably aren’t very many left, but I’m not so sure about the $12k asking price. I knew very little about the Esprit and this “SkyBird” thing, but researching to be able to communicate it to you has proven interesting. I don’t know much, but I now know more about the Esprit cars than before, and I know that the cars you couldn’t give away 10 years ago are starting to bring decent cash today. What do YOU think, would this blue ‘Bird bring you happiness?


  1. Dan

    “Muscle car?” Considering the half-strangled 2BBL 305 under the hood, that’s a dubious claim at best. However, it does have a certain cool factor, as well as a steep asking price.

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  2. Cockroach

    Sky bird package upgraded motor listed on right side of window sticker . Been few things changed on this car but seems to be awsome example . 8 k would be more realistic with personal inspection

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  3. Rex Kahrs Member

    I imagine a real estate agent named Phyllis driving this car back then. Picture her with a beehive bleached-blonde hairdo, red lips, and too much perfume. She’s 54 and wearing a gold miniskirt.

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    • M.Balmer Member

      Do you have Phyllis’ phone number? I’m 57 and she sounds like a fun Saturday night date,lol.I’ll buy her a carton of Virginia Slim Menthols and some Sutter Home white Zinfandel and I’m sure to get “lucky “😉

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      • Rex Kahrs Member

        Touche’ Balmer! Hilarious. Beer came out of my nose.

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  4. CCFisher

    Says “(SKYBIRD)” on the window sticker next to “Esprit Appearance Package”

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  5. M.Balmer Member

    Sorry about the beer,Rex.If I get with Phyllis,I’ll see if she has a friend for you so we can double date. 👍

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  6. Jwinters

    Phyllis looks like Flo from the tv show Alice

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  7. Steve R

    That color combination with the screaming chicken will make this a hard sell at the asking price. It may be rare, but rare doesn’t equal valuable. There are more interesting cars out there for the money.

    Steve R

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    • Healeymonster

      My next door neighbor and i were the same age of 17 when his dad bought this same color bluebird. I dont recall a chicken on the hood, but i do recall getting frowns from the ladies when we cruised it in downtown Los Gatos on Friday nights. His dad got the point and traded for a white T/A that garnered more respect! Lol

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  8. CJinSD

    If you read the comments in this old thread, there is a lady named Sherri who has a beautiful Sky-bird with a 350/4V that she decided to entertain offers on in last month. Might be worth a look if anyone wants one of these with more power and less screaming chicken.

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  9. Steve Gray

    A friend of mine bought one of these new in 1977… the screaming chicken decal was definitely not included as a part of her “Skybird” package. Otherwise, this looks very similar… just lacking the 2-tone paint treatment, but interesting that it retains the skybird logos on the B-pillars.

    • Shirley

      I had one for 10 years…they had to have added the emblem on the hood , after market . Mine was a 350 / 4barrel. The color is Lombard blue

  10. Rosco

    Not a high HP muscle car, but still a pretty rare Firebird. The price doesn’t seem that out of line considering where the market has gone for the second gen models. For those that don’t know, the silly “screaming chicken” reference went away many years ago! Welcome to the 2000’s!

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  11. Moparman Member

    There was also a “Redbird” and a “Yellowbird”, alledgedly intended to attract females. :-)

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  12. John Oliveri

    Ok, the Sky Bird was not two tone, it was that blue, that’s on the car now, sans the chicken on the hood, that’s gonna probably involve repainting the hood, which at 12000.00 and no power windows no 8 track, this is a no sale

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    • Rosco

      I’m pretty sure the Skybird Appearance Package, W60, came with the following: Two-tone blue paint, canopy stripes, blue painted grille liners and taillight bezels, and blue cast aluminum snowflake wheels. In the interior, a blue Formula steering wheel was used.

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  13. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Nice car for a girl or an old lady. While the condition is quite good, it’s got zero get-up-and-go. Not for me, thanks.

  14. Steve P

    Think only the trans ams had the crow on the hood, don’t see it listed on the sheet as part of an appearance package

  15. Randall Arnette

    The whole concept reeks of “hey, Powder-puff, you got your ears on?”

  16. TinCanSailor

    In 1978 when I was a young teen pumping gas part-time, there was a beautiful young woman that drove one of these and stopped once a week or so to fill up. She was always dressed as if she were going clubbing. She got full service from all of us – tire pressure, fluid levels – and she had the cleanest windshield in the state of WV!

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    • James Maass

      It’s in Oregon. Where are you I can send pictures. Email me

      • RH

        Need your email

  17. Steve P

    Yep, in. High school my best friend worked at the local gas station, he cleaned those windshields all day long😂

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  18. Little_Cars

    The screaming chicken reference, while dated, still makes me chuckle. I bought a base 77 Firebird and instead of a huge decal on the hood, original owner applied a somewhat smaller sticker (< 5"?) to the "beak" of the car. I figure it added 5 hp and lots of guffahs at the mall parking lot. As far as pretty girls and yellow, blue and red bird packages….none could match the TRIPLE orange Trans-Am being driven by a Jessica Simpson lookalike when I first came to Tennessee to go to college. Always wondered what happened to the car and the girl. I'm still here, is she?

  19. Steve P

    Bought a 76 Trans Am new, always called it the “crow on the hood”😜

  20. RH


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