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Brainerd Buckaroo: 1968 Ford Bronco

1968 Bronco Project

Over the weekend, we asked if anyone was interested in writing for Barn Finds and were surprised by the amount of applications received. We are currently working through them, but one of the most promising came from a long time reader and commenter that you may know as Scotty G. We like his style, so we are going to run his stories and see what everyone thinks. Here is the first of his two stories submitted: We all love old Ford Broncos, don’t we; at least nice, running examples? This non-bucking Bronco, listed here on craigslist in Brainerd, Minnesota, will take some work to get out of the gates again under its own power again, but given the recent prices of restored examples, the asking price of $1,900 seems reasonable.

Body Needs Work

The owner states that it “has been sitting a while” but that the “underneath is surprisingly in good shape”, two things that don’t usually go together on a vehicle with this much visible body rust; especially one located in central Minnesota where road salt is a necessary evil for half the year. There aren’t any good engine shots, but supposedly it’s there – a 6-cylinder which should provide enough power for this 4WD truck, especially with a 4-speed manual to be able to use every horse.. er, horsepower.

Front Seats

And, there’s a bonus: there are “seats in front”! Wait, aren’t there usually seats in front? The interior doesn’t look that bad for a 48-year old truck; it looks like it could be cleaned up, as does the underside and most of the body.

Ford Tailgate

A portable media blaster may be your best friend on this project for cleaning up the surface rust and old paint (no pun intended). All in all, this looks like a nice project, especially since most parts are available for these classic Broncos from several suppliers. So, is this one worth saving or should it be sent out to pasture?


  1. rancho bella

    errrrrrrrrr, they came from the factory with a three speed manual, only

    Even if cleaned, there are guys like me that will never invest in vehicles with pitted metal.

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    • Scotty G

      Oh no! Nice catch, rancho bella! I was just seeing if everyone was paying attention.. No, I automatically saw 4-speed in my head when I saw “manual” in the ad, my apologies. Needless to say, that will never happen again.
      Trial by Fire, class is now in session!

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      • rancho bella

        That’s o.k my friend. There is guy that comes on here that knows more about early Broncos than I ever will. I learn from him.

        But, there was a fellow in that period that was installing after market Ford top loaders at his business. Sooo, you ain’t to far off.
        Let’s call it good.

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    Good first write up,Scotty! I like you already since your first one is about a Bronco.

    I think this one is a ’66 though. It has the ’66 only front seats, ’66-’67 dash with ’66 knobs, ’66 rear shocks (angled forward), ’66 tail lights and that brace between the inner fender and inner cowl is one year only as well.

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  3. Tom McCord

    ’66 and ’67 did not have side marker lamps. This has the lamps and they came out in 1968

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Side marker lights came out in 1970. The reflectors on this one are obviously not OEM.

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      • Puhnto

        Todd, do you mean side marker lights didn’t come out until 1970 on Broncos, or all cars? Because our 1968 Cougar had them and the 67s didn’t.

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  4. Glen

    You are a good writer, and all the subscribers here are very knowledgeable. They can, and will, politely “fill in the blanks/ correct any errors” so to speak. Keep up the good work.

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  5. Rich

    Yup. Great write up. Love Brainerd! Don’t love the salt though!!

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  6. TRP

    Good write up. I’m a little let down that you didn’t mention the bullet hole in the windshield. That seems like it was a mandatory call out.

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  7. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Nice job, Scotty!

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    • Scotty G

      Thanks, Jamie!
      And, thanks to everyone for being so kind on my not-100%-perfect first post! I’m pretty sure that the Barn Finds team knows that I’ll be even harder on myself for any mistakes than anyone else might be.

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  8. Scot Carr

    Scotty G. – proper start !

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  9. PhxBarbie

    Great job Scotty! Who doesn’t love an old bronco? That rusty patina and bullet hole are just the icing on the cake!

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  10. Scotty G

    Ha, I debated mentioning the bullet hole, TRP; I should have for sure. And, thanks for all of the good info on the year: ’66, ’67. ’68. etc.
    Thanks, folks, you’re too kind!

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  11. JW

    Great job starting with the first generation Bronco. This one will cost as much to get looking good and safe to drive as buying a complete one that just needs some TLC. If I was younger I might have jumped on it for a mudder toy that doesn’t have to look pretty.Here’s a pic of one Ford put on display at the Chicago auto show that might be coming back in to production by 2020.

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  12. John S.

    Nice job Scotty!

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  13. geomechs geomechs Member

    Congratulations Scotty! You’re accomplishing what a lot of us would love to do: write about cars, etc. I’m sure you’ll do well. Just don’t let anyone know that you drive one of those P-words…

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    • Scotty G

      Ha, thanks, Geomechs! They definitely know it here and, believe it or not, they keep letting me back in the club! They know that the reason that I drive it is for business, not pleasure; which isn’t real surprising to anyone who has ever driven one.

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      • Mike H. Mike H.

        There’s absolutely nothing wrong with driving the P-car from day-to-day. My daily ride is a Honda Civic, and what it lacks in style and finesse it makes up for in fuel economy and a comfortable ride.

        I’ll take it for the 50 mile daily commute, especially when it rains or snows.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        No, there sure isn’t anything wrong with driving a Prius; you run what you brung. Years ago I drove a T-word pickup. I sold it to a local contractor, who drove it for over 30 years until he retired and has since passed away. I still see the rusted remains of that Hilux in the alley behind the guy’s house and often get the urge to buy it and restore it.

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  14. jim s

    the lack of a title is an issue. run hard, put away wet, and used for target practice. fate was not to kind to this one but i hope a new owner will be. nice find. great first write up, looking forward to many more. thanks

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  15. Todd Zuercher

    @Puhnto – I was speaking strictly about the Broncos. Broncos got side reflectors (down low on the fenders) for ’68. Other cars may have gotten them in other years, but I know the Broncos had to change for ’70 due to FMVSS standards.

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  16. Jim Z

    Excellent write up style, even with errors. (corrected and/or debated by purists)
    Welcome Aboard!

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  17. Howard A Member

    Now this is more representative of a typical “up nort’ ” truck. Best thing for this, is getting it running and stopping and use it around the ranch to haul logs out of the woods.( it would do it) Way too much work to restore. While I generally hate this phrase, “it is what it is”.
    Also, Brainerd, Mn., brings to mind the NHRA drag races typically at the end of August ( 18-21 this year) If you’ve never been, a place called “the Zoo” at BIR, will bring a smile. Don’t give a Minnesotian a welder and a spare weekend.
    (BTW, I knew Scotty G. before he became a famous writer for BF’s, good show ol’ chap) :)

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  18. Bobsmyuncle

    I have a feeling some of you folks don’t know how much these are worth right now.

    This seems to be in VERY restorable shape and definitely financially viable. This is a no brainer.

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    • TBall

      Bobsmyuncle – I could not agree with you more. In fact, should I have $2k my bride didn’t care about, a trailer, some time off work, and a garage stall – I’d already be inbound to MN. Scotty G – fricken awesome start, what a great platform to begin with, nothing beats a 1st gen Bronco. My first deer hunt started in the back of one, would love to add one to my collection – especially of this era. Plenty of parts availability and from the photos, this one highly restorable, hope it lands in a good home.

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    Keep it up Scotty, were pullin for ya. Did you pick that truck to write up or was it assigned to you?

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    • Scotty G

      Thanks, AMC STEVE (and, all).

      I found it all by my lonesome. I love old Broncos, and also old (insert any car, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, or boat ever made here)..

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  20. MountainMan

    In my best Bevis voice ” you drive a Prius, he he he he hmmm”

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