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Build It Your Way: 1966 Chevrolet Chevy II

Names sometimes get confusing. Take today’s find, it’s listed as a 1966 Chevrolet Nova. That’s close but it’s actually a Chevrolet Chevy II 100, as that’s the model designation for a two-door sedan. Regardless, this roller is a project so its potential going forward will probably be of more importance than what it currently is. Found by Larry D, this Chevy II is located in Carlisle, Iowa and is available, here on eBay for a BIN price of $10,500. There is a make an offer option too.

Traditionally, a Chevy II, first introduced for the model year 1962, was powered by a four-cylinder engine, and a Chevy II “Nova” received an in-line six, and then later an optional V8 prime mover. By 1966, the Chevy II still had a four-cylinder motor but larger engines were available and the Chevy II’s body styles were limited to two and four-door sedans and a station wagon. Meanwhile, the Chevy II Nova was available as a two-door hardtop and a four-door sedan and station wagon. Nova’s sporty calling card was the Super Sport (SS) two-door hardtop and they are quite collectible today. Actually, they were collectible years ago and as their prices have gotten outsized, hot rodders are more inclined to find a less pricey alternative such as this 100 trim-level coupe.

So what do we really have here? A fairly rough car actually, there’s surface rust and Bondo but little indication of rot-through. The bumpers are fair at best (the rear run has a center bend) and the minimal trim has been completely minimized (not that it matters for a hot rod). All-in-all, it’s pretty straight. The floors, however, really look shaky – there are no obvious gaping holes but they look soft. Oh, and the seller mentions that the rear window is missing.

The interior is mostly gutted save for a steering wheel and a shredded bench seat. What else is still present, such as the door panels, are shot. The missing instrument cluster could be problematic. The aluminum dash plate looks like a nod to a former drag racing past. These Chevy II interiors are simple, and its current state is not so surprising – it can be completely rebuilt, however, as the next owner desires but it’s still going to be work and expense.

As stated, this car is a roller and, over the years, it has probably had a myriad of different powerplants under its hood. As mentioned earlier, the Chevy II came standard with a 90 HP, 153 CI, in-line four-cylinder engine but buyers could opt for two different sixes and four V8s right up to a 350 gross HP, 327 CI V8 if going fast was on their checklist (and those  L79 cars do turn up from time to time). As to what originally powered this car, there’s really no way to know with certainty.   There’s no transmission either though a four-speed manual gearbox was in place at one time – there’s a large irregular cut in the floor attesting to its existence. The seller suggests, “Perfect slate for an L79 (327 CI-350 HP) clone or restomod“.

Hot rod, restomod, clone, etc. are all the most likely avenues going forward for this Chevy II but I think I’d lean a lot more on the “make an offer” option than I would the “Buy It Now” price, how about you?


  1. CCFisher

    A “111” at the start of the VIN would positively identify this as a 4-cylinder model. “113” indicates 6-cylinder or V8, with no further differentiation possible without documentation.

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    • Tom

      118 in the VIN = SS V-8, at least in’67, not sure about ‘66

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  2. ray

    He’d be lucky to get 5K for that mess

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  3. Carmanic Carmanic Member

    Back when I was about 17 I bought a ’66 2-door out of a kudzu-covered field in Georgia for $400, stuck a 250-6 and Muncie 4speed in it and used it to run my girlfriend and her friends down to St. George Island on the weekends. It was a spanking little car and life truly did not get much better than that.

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  4. Mike

    66&67 novas are my favorite cars besides 56-67 corvettes, but I can’t stand the rooflines on the 2 door sedans I had a beautiful 66 ss I painted butternut yellow i sold it for 20k back in 2014 the prices started going crazy right after I sold it unfortunately, this car needs too much work and it’s a sedan

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    • Tom

      I’ve fortunately held onto a butternut yellow ‘67 SS since ‘83. 327, 4 speed, 3.55 12 bolt posi with disc brakes. Not concerned about value any more because it’s part of the family at this point. They are fun cars!
      Hopefully you’ll get another one some day!

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      • Mike

        Thanks! I built it for wife to drive so we could go to car shows and cruises together I have a silver/ white 60 vette but she wanted a new car so to afford the car she wanted I had to sell the nova I’ve been looking for a good solid project one ever since, purchased a 67 chevelle ss very solid project car, as a retired mechanic I can do most of the work myself

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  5. Willam r HALL

    DRAG RACE SPECIAL. I used to work with a guy who with his son built a Nova like this into a quarter mile special. Stuff a built 350 and your favorite trans and you are ready for drag racing.

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  6. Tyler

    Back about 1979 or 80, I bought one of these, 6 cylinder with a powerglide, for $50. The body was very solid, interior decent, but the engine had a bad knock. I was planning on dropping a 350 into it, but sold it before I got that far. A friend of my father came along & offered me $100 for it & I said sold before he finished the sentence, lol! Oh those were the days!

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  7. Greg

    Say what you want about this car, I wouldn’t give them a 1000.00 for this thing

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  8. DavidH

    Sorry but with a BIN of $10,000.00, this is not “a less pricey alternative”. I really like the ‘64-‘66 Chevy 2’s. ‘66 being my favorite and the ‘64 was my first car but $10 large for this vehicle is depressing. Did he get his asking price? Probably. I guess I will have to save my pennies a little longer.

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  9. Rbig18

    I have a 67 SS. A 117 vin or a SS with a 6 cyl. It now has a pretty strong 350 and Muncie m21. My favorite 60’s muscle car period.

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  10. gearjammer

    People just call these cars Novas anyway, whether they’re equipped with the Nova option package or not. That’s the biggest reason Chevrolet dropped the Chevy II moniker after the ’68 model year.

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