C-10 or K-10? 1969 Chevrolet C-10 Stepside 4×4

We all know that 1 + 1 = 2 and a lot of us remember that A2 + B2 = C2 from our high school days. But, does C-10 = K-10 when it comes to Chevy’s 2-wheel-drive vs. 4-wheel-drive pickups? This 1969 Chevrolet C-10 Stepside is a 4×4, isn’t that usually a K-10? Whatever it is, it’s a barn find and it can be found posted here on Craigslist in Marcola, Oregon with an asking price of $5,000. Thanks to Andria A. for submitting this tip!

This patina-heavy 4×4 is either a conversion or maybe one of you will know if Chevy offered a version of the C-10 that actually had power going to all four wheels instead of the usual “C = 2-wheel-drive and K = 4-wheel-drive” scenario with these trucks. It doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, I was just wondering if there was some fine print that I missed over the years. It clearly shows a C-10 badge on the front fenders. The seller lists the VIN which is both nice and highly unusual for Craigslist. It checks out to be a K-series 4×4 so maybe it’s a case of someone putting a C-10 badge on the front fenders after painting it or something, who knows.

Whatever this truck is under the skin, that skin looks pretty good in some photos and pretty dusty or worse in other photos. The seller isn’t giving out too much info, here’s the entire listing: “Barn Find 69 Chevy Truck Corvette motor This truck Run’s Call Dave $5k”. The Stepside series isn’t quite as hot as the Fleetside pickups are and these second-generation Chevy pickups are hot right now.

The interior photos are a bit fuzzy but you can see a third pedal which is usually a good sign. I’m assuming that this is a 4-speed but I don’t know for sure, you’ll have to call Dave to find out. The floor appears to have some rust on it but the condition is really unknown on this rig. The second-generation C/K pickups were made through 1972 and just about any part that a person would need for it is available so don’t let that worry you.

The seller mentions “Corvette motor” but that’s it. What size is it, does it run, who knows. Again, you’ll have to call Dave to find out. Hagerty is at $7,200 for a #4 fair condition C-10 Sstepside and $8,500 for a #4 fair condition K-10 Stepside. Do any of you have a guess as to what this is and what it’s worth?


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  1. motoring mo

    Rust bucket.
    Hard pass.

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  2. Kj

    I’d pay maybe $1,800 to $2,400 for one in that shape less rust higher price and all half ton 4×4’s in 1969 and 1970 that were the base model were C/10’s regardless of being an actual K/10 or not I believe there is supposed to be an emblem saying it has 4 wheel drive. Although it doesn’t have A/C, factory shoulder belts, tach or, bucket seats those would greatly enhance the price of this truck if it had those although I could care less about those options.

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  3. Mark

    Does that badge under driver fender usually say engine size, like 292. Big 6 cylinder. Or 350 on it.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      It seems to me that there’s a badge on both sides that tells the engine CID. I think that Chevy used that until ’71…

  4. Mountainwoodie

    So kinda weird. My ’72 in the same Colonel Mustard color had a 3 speed on the column now converted to a floor shifter. I’m guessing it was a 3 speed unless the Corvette tranny went with the engine. Of course mine is a stovebolt and a fleetside. Sellers really ought to try harder. I know I’ve put my truck on here before but I can’t help myself :)

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  5. Mike Hackett

    I have a 1971 K10 step side and have played with these 67-72 trucks for years. The “C” on the fender with the “10” is the trim package, not the 2 or 4 wheel drive info. It stands for (custom) and the 10 is obviously a 1/2 ton. In the later trucks GM spelled out the word custom instead of using just the “C”. I’m not sure why GM called this trim custom, it is the base model truck. The Cheyenne was the all bells and whistles trim package.

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    • local_sheriff

      As I’m a K5 owner I’m not all into the pickup specs, but according to parts catalogs both the C/10 and Custom10 emblems would be correct for 69-70 models. Was there never a K/10 emblem for 4x4s?
      As for the name ‘Custom’ it’s obviuos this was used to bring some sort of glamour to the cheapest model – you wouldn’t expect a vehicle manufacturer to put names like ‘base’ , ‘lowlife’ or ‘bottom line’ on a fender…? ;-)

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  6. Gary Numan

    May I recommend that the author perform some homework. “K” is the designation for this truck and it is correct. Look at the serial number.

    Need to see the glove box SPID decal but based upon the poor quality images, this appears to be legit:
    – “4 Wheel Drive” emblems below the front fender side marker lights
    – “K” designation serial number
    – All had the “C” fender emblems then. Only the Blazer used the “K” fender emblems at this time
    – Floor shift boot and mounting plate looks correct for the granny low 4-speed setup. Not seeing evidence of a 3 on the tree column shift left in place to suspect this was converted

    This is a rare truck and would be very cool if restored to original condition in this color.

    Too bad it is in such rough shape!

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Gary, thanks for the public schooling. I admit to not knowing about all Chevy pickups having a C-designation whether they were 4wd or 2wd. That seems a little odd, doesn’t it? It’s like Chevrolet saying that “all Camaros are actually Impalas other than convertibles which were Camaros.”… The C/K designation is very odd and unintuitive. Thanks for the info.

      For the record, none of us are full-time writers and certainly none of us are automotive scholars, we’re just lovers of all vehicles like all of you are. We learn something new every single day, hopefully like all of you do, too. Thanks for reading!

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  7. ctmphrs

    Where do you get second generation for this series truck.What do you call the ADs and the 55-59 series and 60-66. Don’t they get a generation.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      This is a second-gen “C/K truck”, that’s what I was referring to, ctmphrs.

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  8. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Love the home made front bumper.

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  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    kinda a nice truck considering……….

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  10. Walter

    I would keep shopping, think there’s better 5K options out there.

  11. Brian Sutton

    Depends on where you live, in Indiana this isn’t nearly as rusty as most and the price in this condition isn’t out of the question. Hate to have to pay it, but if you dont around here you will buy a cobbled up rusty nightmare that will require every panel, mechanical and wiring to be done

  12. Tim W

    Gary, you’re right on target. I’ve owned maybe a dozen 69-72 Chevy trucks and Blazers. The “K” for 4WD was in the VIN , Only the Blazer put it on the fender as the K/5. Best looking Chevy Trucks ever built

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