Cabbage Patch Find: 1966 Land Rover IIA

Well, this is a go-anywhere, off-road, kind of vehicle so it’s sorta pictured correctly. But I imagine that this 1966 Land Rover never figured that it would give it up in a garden of all places. Let’s see if there is a story to this seemingly, ignoble ending. This Land Rover is located in Sarasota, Florida and available, here on craigslist for $5,000. Thanks to Patrick S. for this tip!

Land Rover has had a long history that seems to be most notable for its plethora of owners:

  • Rover 1947-1967
  • Leyland Motor Corp. 1967-1978
  • Land Rover LTD 1978- 1994
  • BMW 1994-2000
  • Ford 2000-2008
  • Tata Motors 2008-Present

Our subject car is a Series IIA “88” which was introduced in 1961; the 88 references the 88-inch wheelbase, the shorter of the two varieties available. Body styles included a two-door, four-door, and two-door pickup. By the conclusion of the original Rover era, around the time that this example was built, total production volume reached 600K units. The seller claims that this is a “VERY HARD” to find example because it is a left-hand drive version. Roughly 70% of Land Rovers built in its first twenty years were export models, but most went to Australia or African countries where right-hand drive was required.

There is no description of the powertrain or the interior of this Land Rover, contained in the listing, so I’m going to have to wing it. Power should be courtesy of a 2.25 liter, in-line, four-cylinder engine working through a four-speed manual transmission. It’s a pretty safe assumption that this is a non-runner, but how much of a non-runner, is hard to say, an inquiry would be required. The seller states, “Was in the Land Rover restoration business for 18 years, now retired. I also have parts and two other Series Land Rovers for sale.” With that being the case, you would think more details would be forthcoming in the listing as these are the basic things that one learns when selling vehicles/parts. As for the interior, besides the earlier stated left-hand-drive comment, there is a reference to four-folding rear seats in place, and that’s about it.

So what do we know about the exterior? Not much though it’s obvious that the hood-mounted spare tire is missing. There are plenty of signs of fading and some slight surface rust but the body is well aligned and it does not appear to be suffering from rot-through. The seller states, “Tropical roof with roof rack- too much to list everything.” Well, that helps a bit but not a whole lot. He also suggests that a full restoration is in order and that seems logical. There is a front brush guard in place as well as screen guards over the taillights so some off-roading was planned in his Land Rover’s past but it’s hardly a Mad Max vibe that this Land Rover possesses. Considering the paucity of details and images in this listing, if you were in the market for a vintage Land Rover, would you make an inquiry or just keep looking?


  1. scott reed

    You’re allowed to post 10 plus pictures on the list
    I’ll NEVER understand WHY these listers post so little
    Especially if this guy was a restoration shop

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  2. DON

    Aren’t the bodies aluminum ? My cousin in Scotland owned two of these 40 odd years ago and I seemed to remember him saying they were. which would account for the lack of rust

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    • Joe

      True but the frames are steel and are known to rust and considering the environment my guess this one is as well.

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


        You are correct, especially the frame “outriggers” where the body actually attaches to the frame. These often rust to the point the body rests directly on the frame rails. It’s VERY important to examine the outriggers for rust thru.

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  3. PaulG

    Had a ’59 almost identical to this, LHD and the Tropical roof. Simple vehicles and being in AZ frame and mounting brackets were rust free.
    Ask is at about the max of it’s value if the motor is free. If not worth about 1/2…
    Thank goodness it’s in FLA or I’d be a bit tempted.

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  4. JohnfromSC

    All LRs through the II-As are pretty straight forward to convert from RH to LH drive, especially if you are replacing the frame at the same time, which this one will likely need. So LH drive isn’t such a big deal.

    Only vehicle I can think of where the value actually rises with a replacement frame, as the originals were made with pretty poor steel at the time.

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  5. mjf

    I new Rover has trouble staying out of the shop , Lord knows about this one…

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    • David Sirr

      Older they are the better they are, except for the electrical system. And, maybe the four cylinder engine. Valves were a problem.

  6. No Fear

    And it even comes with a ‘wench’! That alone should be worth the $5000 asking price.

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  7. Greywollfe

    Have owned several series twos aNd hey just run not fast but f you ok with a rattle or two and don’t mind a bit of tape and lose wire then this is a workhorse if it’s concours you’re after then maybe better to join in the tractor pulls . Had one that was registered as a tractor had three point hitch on back and paid about $10 in tags .
    If anybody looking I have a full canvas top for series one . I am in houston Tx and willing to part finally down sizing .
    There’s are real good to teach the younger guys the basics as they don’t really need a lot of special tools and electronics . Can use then but really just need a bit of paper and a clip on light to set timing and a feeler gage for plugs and a semi sensitive finger to check for spark and a roll of brass wire to clean carbs . But like I said not speed . Plus beware of land rover knee the seat does not adjust so knees take a beating sat at 90 deg for long periods but a hand throttle helps . see nO not cruise control but a hand throttle maybe not legal here but let’s you set speed slow so you can get out and walk a bit and steer through the window and get loosened up .
    Favored film with LaMandy in it “ the gods must be crazy “
    Yes if I was closer to Florida would go look but her indoors say not till you get at least tw empty spaces . And really want a mini Moke no not electric but real one

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  8. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


    Agreed, anyone interested in the early Land Rovers MUST watch the original version of “The gods must be crazy” [but skip the later versions, not worth the time watching].

    Well on further consideration, if you like comedy and are a gearhead, do watch the original movie, the Land Rover is certainly one of the stars!

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  9. Trevor

    I’ve had three of these, frames are horrible rust out in the rear, easy to replace and fairly cheap. You will look cool going on the road however it is a tractor with a cab and do not expect anything more. Only got stuck one time and I could not reach the bottom of the swamp!

  10. Ed

    I am almost tempted to go and have a look at this one. I have wanted a rover for some time, I guess it would really depend on just how terrible the frame is. I had one years ago, and I had to replace the frame on that one.

  11. angliagt angliagt Member

    Had a Friend loan us one to set up the wiring for the
    Hoopa Hillclimb (sports cars,on pavement).Just put in 4WD LOW,
    & walk next to it.

  12. Steve Bush Member

    Seller Rick looks a bit shady here. He says he was in the Land Rover restoration business for 18 years so he likely knows every square inch of this one and many others, yet he provides little info or pics in his ad. Would look this one over very carefully.

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