Cars, Parts, and Tools: Shop Liquidation Sale

Here’s one we don’t often see on Barn Finds. A situation where the seller is letting everything go, from cars and parts to tools and possibly even the building and property all this resides in/on. You may be able to buy one of these or two or those from the seller, or you could get it all for $1,000,000 (we assume this is a real number and not a placeholder). Located in De Soto, Illinois, this by piece or package deal is available here on Facebook Marketplace.

From the looks of things, this seems to have been a business that has closed. There is no signage inside or out that would indicate what used to operate out of this space. Perhaps they focused on British sports cars, as there are at least three MGs or MGBs pictured. The two inside the building look like works-in-progress while the red one outside might be complete and may even run. There is also a newer domestic car inside the building, which could be a Ford or Chrysler product.

It’s hard to tell what all is there because there is no indication of the square footage of the interior of the building. Besides the cars, there are all sorts of tools and other tricks of the trade scattered about. Trying to ascertain what’s there might be better accomplished by ruling out what might not be there. The seller says everything must go and if something here strikes your fancy, make him an offer. After all, he says he’s a fair guy. Or you can decide if you want it all and decide if $1 million is really what the seller wants.


WANTED 1977 to 1982 Ford courier I am looking for a 77- 82 ford courier 4×4 pickup, or parts for a courier 4×4 pickup Contact

WANTED 1970 or 1071 Ford Torino squire wagon Looking for nice car ready to drive. Might consider rust free car to build. Contact

WANTED 1972 Yamaha G7S (80cc) These are now referred to as “cafe racers”, although we never heard of such a term in 1972. Contact

WANTED 68 Chevrolet chevelle no 4dr car a Contact

WANTED 1976 Dodge Colt ISO any condition 2 door 4spd preferred complete car. Located in FL will travel. Contact

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  1. LMK Member

    Ha , ha, ha… No words needed…

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    • Ganjoka

      only 3 ha’s? I think it’s worth at least 5

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  2. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Seriously? You’re gonna try to land a buyer at $1mil by advertising on Facebook?

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  3. Scuderia

    “Tools, cars, and parts Everything must go, so you see something , make an offer, I’m a fair guy”

    He might have just as easily used $123,456,789.

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  4. RJ

    I didn’t focus on the price – that might be C1 frontage on a busy road. Maybe it’s just me, but I see somebody that might have reached their limit dealing with cars, or their owners. I started wrenching in the late 60’s, working in a independent VW shop, with a great boss that taught me from the ground up, so to speak. I went in to work one Monday and he told me to pack my tools. I thought I was being fired, but he had just burned out and was shutting down cold. He was behind in my wages for only a week, but he told me to go into the parts room and “pay yourself, and take a nice bonus as well”. Sad thing was he was the nicest guy I ever worked for.

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  5. Frank Farrell

    Imagine if you inherited that and were tasked with getting rid of it. What a nightmare. It all looks like junk. In fact, I have nightmares thinking about getting those weed whackers working.

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    • Steve R

      I have several friends that have gone through that. It’s one of the most unpleasant experiences most have gone through. They had to spend evenings and weekends, sometimes more than a year cleaning up the mess, often with siblings who lived outside of the area or not willing to lift a finger breathing down their neck. On top of that they’d get crap from the peanut gallery that was all too happy to chime in, telling them how they should deal with their deceased relatives belongings. It’s more often than not a no win situation.

      Steve R

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    • Bill McCoskey

      In 2000 I closed my restoration shop after discovering the underground storage tanks UNDER the building had been leaking for 30+ years.

      I had a 15,000 Sq Ft series of buildings, on 4 acres of land, and about 150 vehicles in the back [my own private junkyard]. Had a full selection of mechanical, body/paint, upholstery, woodworking, parts department, and a small machine shop.

      I held a big auction and sold off everything except the tools I would need to finish my own cars, & most of the parts department. I kept 6 cars, and retired to my farm.

      I don’t miss customers who ran out of $ before the job was finished [even if we were under budget], people who would simply show up and want to wander about the shop and cars, and dealing with very creative employees who often had substance abuse issues. [And those were the few guys who wanted to work.]

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  6. piper62j

    I know the feeling RJ. I burned out wrenching for money years ago. Closed the shop and went to school nights for computer technology.. Best move I could have made back then.. Now, I only wrench as a hobby on classic cars.. Not too many of us left out there that understand them.

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  7. Howie Mueler

    How much is the red funnel hanging on the wall? And are willing to ship?

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    • Frank Farrell

      No, go with the scissors, they’ll ship easier.

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  8. ChingaTrailer

    Red car in front is a late rubber bumper MG Midget, as close to worthless as ever left Abingdon . . .

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  9. grant

    I have a rubber bumper Midget. Cheap yeas but fun as hell. I like cheap fun.

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  10. Tom71mustangs Member

    That pack of steel wool looks to be NOS, and should be cheap fun. Should ship cheap, too.

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  11. Thor

    So for only a million I could take over his life? Does it come with all his failures or just business ones?

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  12. fordor

    Checked out location on Google maps; the town is tiny, so land price is insignificant, and I see NO expensive machinery in the pix. I would imagine that even at 1/10th of his “asking” price, it would be a big pay day for this person

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  13. Kenn

    In all seriousness, since there is a building and land included, $150K would be a fair offer, possibly $200K if evidence shows land is worth more in that town.

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