Cartier Edition Survivor: 1992 Lincoln Town Car

This 1992 Lincoln Town Car shows just under 38,000 original miles and is the top-shelf Cartier trim edition. These big-body Lincolns are coming back into focus as movements like Radwood shine a light on iconic 80s and 90s vehicles, and time is smiling on preserve-grade cars like this. These were the grandaddy of luxury cars in the 90s, and now they represent the final fling of a bygone era. Find the Town Car here on eBay where bidding has reached $7K with no reserve.

I find this Town Car, clad in Woodrose Metallic paint, absolutely gorgeous. Combined with the handsome mesh wheels and landau roof delete, this is as good as it gets for a Town Car from the mid-90s. Other than a more imposing color like black or blue, I’m not sure I’d order it any other way. The Cartier edition trim is an added bonus.

The interior remains absolutely sumptuous with generous leather seats, enhanced with seat heating and a digital dash cluster to stare at. An upgraded JBL audio system is also on board, perfect for belting out hits from Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. The carpets show zero signs of coffee stains or other soiling, and the driver’s seat doesn’t show any obvious wear.

The engine bay looks surprisingly modern, presenting a transition period between bare engines and the current look of hiding all exposed mechanical parts under plastic covers. The seller 4.6L V8 hums along nicely, and with such low mileage, it’s not going have any major needs for quite some time. This is a car you can drive and enjoy, without losing much value.


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  1. KSwheatfarmer

    Got a friend who got one of these thrown in on his last pickup purchase at a local used car dealer. He fixed a few minor problems and now uses it to drive to church . I bought a 96 about ten years ago with the transmission out for two hundred dollars,overhauled it myself for less than a hundred and drove it for a few years,it needs paint and is not much to look at but still a good ride. Watch out for window regulators,they are a bear to replace.

  2. RedBaran

    Love, love, love this car! Brings back memories of driving around with my grandfather in his big Cadillac. I can almost smell the cigar smoke again…

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  3. 70SuperSport

    Not cool. Keep your negative comments on minor stuff like this to yourself.

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    • Ralph

      I care.

      Oooh. look another ad trying to sell me a subscription to this site for $9.99 a year or something, such a bargain…….

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  4. Kenneth Nace


    How long have you been around Lincolns. as my ex and several of my family and friends have had 1990 + Town Cars with canvas sail roofs, others with the vinyl roofs and yes they even had the half vinyl roof that was seldom ordered, In Florida, there are plenty of Town Cars here with full vinyl and canvas sail roofs. And if you don’t like the site then don’t click on it, there are plenty of other sites that are better suited for you

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    • Ralph

      Been around a lot of them for them a long time, those canvas and vinyl roofs were mostly dealer installed with the exception of some of the green and white Jack Nicklaus editions that did have a white full canvas top, not a landau style top on the rear half of the roof like the 1980-1990 Lincoln Town Cars did.

      I’ll re-state again, contrary to what your anecdotal evidence is, there is no factory landau roof on any 1990 and up Town Car, there is a full vinyl top that was only available a few years and the full length canvas top on some limited special editions.

      Anything that’s an option by the way is not something that can be “deleted”, another over used term that people don’t understand the proper use of.

      I kinda like this site, what I don’t like is lazy poorly researched articles with bad details that people are getting PAID to write, if you don’t know something, look it up or leave it out.

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      • Bryan

        Comments like this are petty and unpleasant. Let’s not take ourselves so seriously.

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      • Will Fox

        Ralph, you set your tweezers down and stopped plucking wings off of flies to post THAT?!

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      • Ralph

        I was on a union break…..

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      • Michael

        I’m on Ralph’s side

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  5. Bob McK Member

    I owned one of these with 75K miles on it. Seems like everything started to fail. After spending a fortune fixing everything, I sold it for $900. She looked so good, but was so bad underneath her skin.

  6. jeff

    Hey Ralph we enjoy this site for all that it is. We’re not here to make you feel smart…
    Take your poor life attitude and hit the bricks.

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    These are great riding cars that should have NEVER STOPPED being made, just improved along with the Crown Vic’s. BTW watch out for the blend doors, they are notorious for breaking on these platforms.

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  8. ccrvtt

    Some years ago I had the great good fortune to be picked up at the airport by one of these. I remember thinking, “This is a really, really nice car.” Whoever ends up with this will not be disappointed.

    Unless they had their heart set on landau bars…

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  9. Sherminator

    Ralph needs a Snickers. Great memories riding around in the back seats of these beasts, just not sure I’d want to drive or own one, though this is an exceptional example.

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  10. Will Fox

    You REALLY dug mega-deep to find that nit to pick. As if you’re some Lincoln aficionado…..You must be the dolt that dug up the supposed 8 year old racist “Tweet” on the young man donating $1M he raised for the children’s hospital. Living in your Momma’s basement really DOES give you excess time on your hands, doesn’t it…..

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    • Ralph

      Nah, I’m more of a Cadillac guy myself, I’ve always sort of considered most Lincolns to be Fords in a wedding dress. These Town Cars were nice cars though.

      The rest of your rant, I have no earthly idea what you’re talking about, but feel free to yell at some clouds if it makes you feel better.

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  11. David Payne

    I had a 1994 Lincoln Town Car with a half roof …Navy in color. with white.

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  12. Andrew

    Ralph needs to apply and show all of us how to do it. Be a sport Ralph. I want to see perfection.

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    • Ralph

      I did, apparently they knew they all would be clearly out classed when they read what I submitted and they never replied back to me…..

      Though I could send you some of my work if you would like to peruse…..

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      • Andrew

        Sure thing. My wife has a PhD in literature. She’ll review it.

      • Oregon_Guy78

        Ralph is bitter because he wasn’t chosen to write for this site. Start your own site Ralph, but lose the arrogance

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      • ccrvtt

        “outclassed” is all one word in this application.

        You’re welcome.

  13. Bernie

    In 1990 or ’91, I rented a Town Car for a weekend, and man I was impressed how smooth and quiet that car was! It handled like it was smaller and lighter while delivering 17 mpg which I found acceptable for the level of luxury it offered and how well it handled. This one tempts me to relive that time by putting it in my garage.

    We’re here because we enjoy this free site (thank you very much), so, hopefully we keep our comments focused on the listing and not on any person(s). It’s possible to note errors without being accusatory or defensive.

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  14. g Wentzell

    I had a 1990 Signature, my folks had a couple of Cartiers (Cartii?) The car rode very smooth and handled surprisingly well. I was told to watch out for transmission issues after 120K. I have been trying to find another, but the ones I have located are trashed, are way overpriced, or both. I like this example and due to the low mileage, priced fairly. Curious to see what the final sale price will be.

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  15. CanuckCarGuy

    Whew, lots of hullabaloo over a faux top, I’m just thankful it’s not riding on 22″ gold spoke rims and hydraulics. A beautiful colour combination.

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  16. Bakyrdhero

    This is a beautiful car. I enjoyed the write up just fine as usual. As a paying customer, I’ve been involved in so many great and interesting threads here on Barn Finds. This isn’t one of them, but that’s ok.

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  17. John

    I like Ralph…., But I love my Town Car more.

  18. John

    Hey, does anyone know the color-code for the car pictured?

    And – if you have the PPG code…. well – you would rock the Casbah!

    And mine is this base color with a brownish color below the trim. So it’s gold top brown below….. If you have both color-codes… well, by-god…. you would be the Champagne Super Nova in the Sky!!!!

    Thank you for your time.
    PS – This post is serious — the tag on the inner D-door is unreadable.


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