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Cheap 1958 MGA Roadster Project

This MGA project looks like a bargain and the next owner could even follow along with us as we restore our coupe! It’s not going to be an easy job, but at this price you could probably come out ahead if you did most of the work yourself. In fact, if it were closer, I’d be headed there with a trailer right now! It’s a wire wheel car and everything is supposedly all there. It still needs some bodywork and paint, but at $2,850 how could you go wrong? It’s located in Mahtowa, Minnesota and is listed here on craigslist. Thanks goes to Greg F for the tip!

MG 1500

The engine is claimed to have been rebuilt about 200 miles before the car went into storage. So, in that department, you might be further ahead than us. The white paint on the inner fender makes me wonder if this was even painted Old English White like ours! These cars are great restoration candidates because they are a body on frame design and are fairly simple. The bodywork can be a pain if it’s not straight, but this one looks promising. The seller claims that even the leather seat covers are salvageable.

Roadster Project

This isn’t a project for someone with little time or money so please evaluate your situation before getting too excited. We would hate to see this sit for another decade before it gets to someone with the resources to complete the job. It may not look like much here, but after a full restoration, someone will have one of Britain’s most iconic roadsters for a modest investment. Wish it were me, but we have enough going right now so I wish the next owner the best of luck. If any of you guys pick it, we expect updates!


  1. Dolphin Member

    Looks like more than the asking price just in parts there, and the CL listing is still up…for now. I don’t think it will be for long.

    If the plywood floors really are solid and original, then this should be a good car in terms of how solid it is, but it will take work and patience to get the welting right between the panels and all the gaps looking good.

    I’m not so sure about the engine rebuild 200 miles before the car was put into storage, since the carbs and also the area around and between the openings on the top of the valve cover look oily and dirty. But since the seller has been turning the engine over every so often during the storage you could at least get a cold compression check on it to see whether the pressures are even and suggest a healthy engine. Bring a battery and cables.

    I wouldn’t bet money on the 58 year old leather being nice and supple if it’s the original tho. Better plan on an upholstery kit.

    These are now selling at auction for a median price of about $27K and it looks like you could get there from here if you could get this car for $2,850. That’s not something you could say about a lot of the cars we see on BF.

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  2. Bob S

    I’d bet this is sold or the seller is now holding out for more. Looks like the type of project Brit car people salivate for.

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  3. Diavolino

    I’d get it running and get it back together and run it as-is. Very cool car.

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  4. Neil E.

    Listing has been deleted

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  5. Alan

    Looks like a great project car. All parts available. Floorboards are easy to do as long as the metal flange they screw to are solid. Even then, new ones can be welded in. Heck, it’s already apart. Take the front and rear clips off and really do it right. These are fun to put back together. Rewarding to drive too. I want it.

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  6. Graham Line

    Wonderful cars that are easy to maintain if they aren’t infested with tin worm. Completely disassembling the body is a bonehead move. Much easier to leave the center intact and work on one corner at a time. Mine was a great 1960 1600, Old English White.

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  7. Tony L

    A couple thousand miles closer and you would see my trailer in front of this car. A lot of British car for the money.

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