Cheap 1967 Porsche 912 Project!

Cheap Porsche 912

We featured this sad 912 almost a year ago when it was listed with a very optimistic asking price of $6,995. The seller has now stuck it here on eBay with a big price cut. The $3,995 BIN almost seems like a bargain with the way Porsche values have risen lately. Well, almost. This thing is a complete wreck and it’s about ready to collapse in on itself. Perhaps, someone could recoup their money if they parted it out? I’m all for scrapping a car if it can save others, but I’m not sure if this one makes financial sense just yet…

Flat Four

Obviously, there isn’t any good sheet metal here. There appears to be a set of decent fenders in the photos, but everything else is garbage. I’d like to think that the engine could be saved or at least a few of the auxiliaries could. Everything is covered in a thick layer of rust though, so I’m not sure if 912 parts have gotten valuable enough to justify all the penetrating oil that will be needed here.

Gauges And Radio

There’s a full set of gauges and even a radio in there! They will need rebuilt though. The steering wheel and shift knob could bring a pretty penny if they weren’t bent and corroded. Lots of open spaces in this car though! Perhaps the seat frames could be salvaged? I wouldn’t bet on it though.

Serious Rust

At this point, I bet the dealer would accept any amount offered them. Well, after sitting on this pile of rust for almost a year, they probably should. It’s doubtful that this poor Porsche will ever see the road again, but for a grand it might be worth getting a tetanus shot and digging in with set of old wrenches. The internet makes it easy to find buyers for just about anything. Just be sure to watch those shipping fees!


  1. David Frank David Member

    Apparently things have cooled some since I wrote about it.
    I’m just now writing up a decent, mostly rust free 1966 with an asking of $14,000 and it’s likely overpriced.

  2. Bill

    I would be embarrassed to even post photos of such a mess, let alone ask someone for money for it.

  3. daCabbie

    A hundred dollars and a six pack of beer and I’ll haul it off for them…. trying to resell parts from this 912 seems like a good way to get negative feedback.

    Sometimes you need to know when to give up… listing fees have burned up the equity here.

  4. AndrewM

    The seller would get more money posting a video on YouTube of this heap being crushed.

  5. sparkster

    Did they mention which lake floor this was dredged off of ? perhaps the same lake as the 22 window VW bus that was featured earlier in the year.

  6. David Frank David Member

    There have been 356s listed that were little more than rust circles for more money.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Great photo!

    • Hitman

      Yes, but a 356 is worth way more than a 912, which is basically a buget priced 911.

  7. Van

    All I see is few pieces of glass and a disposal fees.
    On the up side, the only tool needed is a can opener.

  8. Don

    I think that the 69 Camaro found in the lake in Oklahoma a few years ago is in better shape than this

  9. Alan Brase

    I think the true value of this is just like that Bug from the lake in Switzerland (the one Mullin paid $370,000 for): Leave it exactly like it is, call it art. Might be hard to find a glass table big enough to hold it, tho.
    Also, more like $1k, not $4k.

  10. Art Fink

    May It “Rust” In Pieces……….

  11. cj32769

    It looks like it escaped from the crusher already. Kind of like that one renegade chicken you see riding on top of all the cages in the chicken truck. I’ve wondered if that one chicken managed to hang on all the way to the processor; does someone catch him and send him in too? Or do they think he’s made it this far let him go he wants to be free.
    I think the owner has the second thought process in that it’s lasted this long let it live.
    But the reality is send this one on to the slaughter.
    It has served it’s purpose maybe it can be recycled into something useful like a chicken cage.

  12. Gary

    WOW…REALLY? Lemme guess! Ran When PARKED?

    • Bill Owens Bill O Staff

      Don’t do just hate that statement, “ran when parked”? Pet peeve of mine when I’m looking at car listings. Maybe this one really didn’t, though. More like rolled when parked.

  13. Dan h

    Oh come on, really guys??? You need a fireplace poker to sort through that thing!!

  14. John Alley Member

    I bought a 1972 911t that was very rusty but the core body was not bad. I put a 959 fiberglass body kit on it replacing all fenders, hood and rear lid. It would have been smarter to use a rust free car but I did not want to ruin a good Porsche.

  15. David C

    I’m just curious about one thing, what Lake did it come out of?

  16. sir mike

    So is it true a fisherman hooked this while deep sea fishing??

  17. Jack Quintrall

    Must have been fished out of a lake!

  18. Old geezer

    I would crush it into a 2ft cube and set it on top of a marble coffee table. Spray clear all over. Sell it as modern Porsche “art” for $15k. Not only would it sell immediately but you would get deposits for more of them.

    Art is very subjective and expensive

    • D. King

      Old geezer–that’s exactly what I was thinking! I see a few coffee tables here, all with glass tops. Probably $40-50,000 here if marketed well! ;-)

  19. Moe G

    This car has been for sale for a long long time .. Someone needs to realize they aren’t getting their return on investment. I would pay 1000 bucks for it and cross my fingers that motor spins

    • Alan Brase

      Maybe somebody could make a fund raiser out of it. Or take bets on its engine spinning over. The odds against it are pretty high.

  20. Chris A.

    Is your tetanus shot current?

  21. Jonny the Boy

    A very creative photographer could take this pathetic pile and make a photo titled, “My Poorsche”, or something along those lines. It could become a garage poster that would sell quite well!

  22. Kris

    Everyone is missing the point. This is a VIN number and title that you’re buying. The junk pile itself would be stripped of anything usable and the crusty remnants will get cubed.

  23. Alan Brase

    Caption this photo.
    1. Needs some rust repair.
    2. Next time, buy the rustproofing.
    3. Body man special.

  24. SunbeamerStu

    Change the oil, pump up the tires, and drive as is. It’s the latest fashion.

  25. Alan Brase

    I don’t think a 1967 912 coupe VIN and title will bring $500, let alone $4000. Maybe you have STOLEN similar car that needs paperwork? Good luck with that. Just a 67 912 that the owner died and paperwork trail is lost? Many states have procedures for that which do not involve committing felonies. A state officer comes out and verifies the secret numbers and runs them thru their computer. The VIN, tag, title and stamped chassis sections are worth little.

  26. JagManBill

    this is a joke…right?

    “matching numbers”…its so rusty, how could you tell?

    • Horse Radish

      Numbers match, hahaha,
      I had to laugh at that one.
      Wouldn’t the car have to be in one continuous piece (all parts connected ) ??

  27. Luki

    It will buff out.

  28. mankosan

    Wow. Finally one I can almost afford to purchase.

  29. moosie Craig

    VIN Tag ?

  30. Chebby

    It would be hilarious to get it running.

    • Alan Brase

      Hilarious? Not quite the one word description I would choose, rather my favored would be “difficult”.

  31. Zaphod

    Have a raffle, sell a million tickets at a Dollar each and, when the winner sees his prize, give him his Dollar back.

  32. Horse Radish

    Beverly Hills Car Club : what does a sale (at this price) say about the integrity of the business owner (and his dealings) ?
    Why even bother ?
    Is the name and reputation to offer this worldwide on Ebay for $3995 only worth exactly that much ?

    I guess only money talks…. even only at that amount

    This is not a car anymore, it’s a joke.
    This guy is making a joke out of anybody even considering buying this.
    Even the VIN is tainted after all this advertising.

    • Horse Radish

      Then again, it is fascinating to look at from an artistic or other point of view.

      What is the biggest lucite block ever made ?
      If you could captivate it exactly as it is in the photos it would be great.

      But given it’s been offered for a year or so it probably doesn’t even look “that good” anymore.

  33. nessy

    Do we really expect anything more from the low class dealings of Beverly Hills Car Club? Their reputation is not pure as snow as most of us already know….

  34. Jubjub

    A friend of mine tried to freeze a Nova in a giant ice cube on Houghton Michigan. Unfortunately it wouldn’t stay cold enough and it didn’t work right.


    I think that it would be a neat piece for a Porsche restoration and/or parts business to use as an advertising tool. Place it in front of the business much like the Nash on American Pickers. Then you could place a sign with it saying “Yes, we can fix this. Yes, we have the parts to fix this. No, we are not going to fix it, it is perfect as is.” Think how many people would stop just to see this car, they would probably want to have their picture taken with it too. It could be a good draw for business, although I am not sure it would be worth the asking price. But I have no idea what Porsche parts are worth. If someone does go for this idea just be sure to have the car transported enclosed, that way you will be sure to get all the parts and no littering tickets.

  36. Andre

    Drove a 912 a couple of years ago during a carshow, bit disappointing a 4 cylinder, but it’s a Porsche

  37. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I remember reading about a similar Porsche turning up in a river, a decade after hurricane Agnes [1972?]. Sat submerged in mud & silt, car fell apart when they tried to pull it out. I suspect this might be the same car.

  38. Andrew

    it would be easier to just build one from scratch. The only thing of value would be the registration… if it has one.

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